July Spreadelicious: The tvn Boys

Yeay for the boys! Park Seo-joon, after finishing his noona-killer stint as Yoon Dong-ha in Witch’s Romance, is featured in ELLE’s July issue while Seo In-guk, taking over the baton as the lead of the new Mon-Tue drama High School King of Savvy, lends his cheeky smile for the July edition of Instyle. Enjoy the eye candies, ladies!



parkseojoon+elle+jul14+3 parkseojoon+elle+jul14+4 parkseojoon+elle+jul14+5

seoinguk+instyle+july14+5 seoinguk+instyle+july14+4 seoinguk+instyle+july14+2 seoinguk+instyle+july14+3 seoinguk+instyle+july14+1

EDIT: Park Seo-joon is also featured in High Cut Vol 129. Dayum.

parkseojoon+highcutvol129_1 parkseojoon+highcutvol129_2 parkseojoon+highcutvol129_3Source | ELLE | InStyle | HIGH CUT |

4 thoughts on “July Spreadelicious: The tvn Boys

  1. I haven’t seen Witch’s Romance yet, but plan to, soonish, so I may soon be swooning over Park Seo Joon like everyone else! 😉 Seo In Guk looks so adorable in these pix! ^^

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