Ha Jung Woo & Ha Ji Won, Everyone!

Seriously, I’m at a complete loss for words right now. How can these two look so compatible and so beautiful and so lovely together? If their presence is not a good reason enough for me to check out the movie Heo Sam-gwan/ Chronicle of a Blood Merchant, now I have more excuses to do so. Haha! Thank you so much CINE21 and HIGHCUT for featuring these two, bringing them up close and personal with each other for their magazine spreads!

2hjw+highcut+vol142+3 2hjw+highcut+vol142+2 2hjw+highcut+vol142+1

2hjw+cine21+vol987+1 2hjw+cine21+vol987+2 2hjw+cine21+vol987+6 2hjw+cine21+vol987+5 2hjw+cine21+vol987+3 2hjw+cine21+vol987+4

All hail the king and queen ❤ a.k.a. Nation’s Actors Ha Jung-woo and Ha Ji-won!

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3 thoughts on “Ha Jung Woo & Ha Ji Won, Everyone!

  1. The shot with the green dress… I can’t express the “sexy desperation” kind of feeling…desperation coming from the guy and sexiness from the woman. Just awesome!

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