Choi Ji Woo in Monochrome for GQ

After starring as Ha No-ra in hit cable drama Twenty Again, actress Choi Ji-woo has reached another peak in her career following the widely popular melodrama Stairway To Heaven back in 2003. The tvN drama garnered high ratings and much positive feedback throughout its run. In the recent years, she has also made guest appearances on variety programs Three Meals A Day and Grandpas Over Flowers. This time, we get to see her featured on GQ magazine in black and white. The monochrome shades show her distinct features; she’s one gorgeous lady! ❤

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Temptation: Episode 8

You’ll never know how a person feels until you put yourself in that person’s shoes. We can only give suggestions and advice to people with problems but the person himself knows it best how much it hurts to be stuck in such situation. The same thing goes for this drama: as much as I wish for the characters to be happy, they have experienced things which can’t be wiped off from their memories easily. Even if it’s hard to swallow, the most painful decision might be the best for the people involved.

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Temptation: Episode 7

I’m still playing catch up with this series but what I have seen so far makes me think it was a good idea for me to give Temptation a chance and sticking with it until now. Maybe it’s too early to say anything but the direction of the story might be better than what I expected when I first started the drama. Getting your guesses right when watching a drama is good but finding out that the drama exceeds your expectation? It’s something that won’t happen every day! Cheers to you, drama!

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Temptation: Episode 6

Sometimes, what you thought to be the best solution for your problem turned out to be the worst, yet no one actually knew what would happen next. The space between a fighting couple might tear them apart instead of bringing them closer. Doing something thinking that you can handle it might take the wrong turn when everything you planned falls apart. And then, your happiness does not guarantee that other people will share the bliss.

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Temptation: Episode 5

When the trust between two parties is at the verge of being broken, what could be the best solution to return to the point where everything was once stronger than anything else? The thing that Suk-hoon is afraid of is happening between him and Hong-joo, and they are at the turning point where they could be embarking on a journey of no return. Maybe if something like a time machine exist, it would be useful during times like this..

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