Temptation: Episode 3

This drama is beautiful. The colours remind me of an Instagram filter, setting the drama different from others. Maybe it’s just me, but the bluish hue suits perfectly with the tone and the characters of the drama, since all of them are actually raging with internal problems despite their composed exteriors. Despite being symbolized as a colour which can induce calmness, blue is also used to describe depression and bleakness, just like what the characters are going through at this moment.

Episode 3

Temptation E03.avi_000166900Min-woo went to his pension straight from the hospital and he’s relieved to see Roy sleeping calmly in Hong-joo’s arms. Hong-joo declined his money as payment, but Min-woo is offering her the chance to become Roy’s babysitter. She mused that the riches had it easy since they could solve everything with money, but Min-woo said that it’s not all the time money had the upper hand in everything. Hong-joo promised to consider the offer and headed back home. As for Suk-hoon and Se-young, they had arrived in Korea and just like they had agreed with each other, decided to forget their meeting in Hong Kong. It’s easier done than said, since they were both affected by the moments they spent together. Suk-hoon arrived home to an overly happy Hong-joo, but she’s actually trying to act like nothing had happened between them. Se-young did not tell anyone about the time she spent in Hong Kong, including Attorney Choi.

Temptation E03.avi_000566466Hong-joo broke the news about her new job as a babysitter in front of her father and Suk-hoon, much to the latter’s surprise. She decided to stay at the pension for the whole week and to come home only on the weekends. She only told her husband several details without explaining too much about her job. Suk-hoon couldn’t take it anymore and talked about it with Hong-joo, but the real reason she was acting like that was because she’s mad at herself: she couldn’t forget her nightmare about Suk-hoon sleeping with Se-young and she’s even upset that it didn’t actually happened, since it meant that she was suspecting her own husband. She asked to be given some time, since that’s what both of them needed the most.

Temptation E03.avi_001061661Min-woo’s heavy thoughts about his household was temporarily lifted when Hong-joo decided that she’s going to accept his offer. As for Se-young, she’s cautious about the fact that Min-woo was holding onto an important but rare information which he told her before and she decided to look further into the matter regarding Min-woo’s involvement with the hotel she’s going to buy. A problem had occurred at her hotel, which turned out to be caused by her sister, Yoo Se-jin (Kim So-young). Se-young told her sister to go home instead of staying at the hotel, but Se-jin was not that interested in seeing her father’s mistress. Se-young won the argument this time and Se-jin went home, buttering up to her father so that he would buy her an officetel. Chairman Yoo wondered out loud on why he’s given a daughter who preferred to stay single and and another daughter who couldn’t stay still. LOL! Se-young continued to deny it when her father asked about the man’s voice he heard over the phone, saying that it’s a hotel staff.

Temptation E03.avi_001310944Suk-hoon attended his partner’s funeral and gave a hefty sum of money as the funeral money to the partner’s wife. His friend Kim Young-chul (Kim Hyung-beom), told him not to feel guilty about the incident and promised to help him. Suk-hoon too, is planning to get back the money that his clients owed him and start over again. Se-young went back to her own place (I like the colour choice!) and called her friend the gynecologist, asking if the medicine she’s taking caused her to space out easily (she had been thinking about Suk-hoon several times already in the course of several days!). She continued to reminisce the time she spent in Hong Kong but didn’t like the fact that she couldn’t stop thinking about him.

Temptation E03.avi_001579579Roy was getting along very well with Hong-joo but she realized that the boy would start asking why he had to stay hidden and suggested that he bring the boy home as soon as he could manage. Min-woo joked, saying that it would be better if he could turn the pension into his another home, with her taking care of Roy and he coming over to spend time together. Wow, he’s indeed a true player! At the same time, Hong-kyu and his friend were nearby, tailing behind Min-woo to take pictures of him. Hong-kyu didn’t believe that it was Hong-joo there, since he hadn’t seen her after she did her hair. Meanwhile, Se-young spent her night reading about Suk-hoon and his company profile.

Temptation E03.avi_001784884Suk-hoon suited up since he’s going to meet up with several people on that day. Hong-joo’s father asked if something happened between him and Hong-joo, but he only promised to do better for their family. Hong-kyu’s friend wanted to sell the pictures he took of Min-woo at a high price since he knew that it wouldn’t be a problem for his client (Min-woo’s wife Ji-sun) to pay him the money. But then, he went to Min-woo first, asking for money if he wanted to keep the pictures buried. Min-woo wasn’t fazed to hear the offer, informing the young man that he never lose any deal and offered another job for him. Hong-joo was teaching Roy how to write when Hong-kyu called her, demanding to know where she was working. He realized that the woman he saw together with Min-woo was indeed his own sister and told her to stay there.

Temptation E03.avi_001948882He accidentally hit someone’s car when he was rushing to go to Hong-joo, and it was Se-jin’s car. He immediately took pictures of the accident while Se-jin was not that happy that he took pictures instead of apologizing to her. She began doing so too and realizing that Hong-kyu was good-looking, snapped a few pictures of him. LOL how sneaky! He handed her his name card since he’s in a hurry and left, while Se-jin couldn’t believe that he’s a director at a research center (it was written on his name card!). She was there to meet Min-woo and they seemed to be on good terms with each other. Se-jin said that she could sense that Se-young was dating but both of them thought that it was impossible. HA! He also asked Se-jin’s thought about jewelry to be given to someome. Hong-kyu arrived at the pension and urged Hong-joo to leave the place at once since he thought that his sister was being seduced by the player Min-woo. He even decided to quit his job at once, but Hong-joo assured him that Suk-hoon knew everything about it so he didn’t have to spend his time worrying about her. Love that they’re very close as siblings!

Temptation E03.avi_002600233Young-chul, who was working with Se-young’s company Doosung, saw a report of Suk-hoon’s company Ace being uploaded on the company’s server. He thought that Se-young might be interested in learning more about Ace, so he invited Suk-hoon for a drink. Suk-hoon went around meeting his old clients but all of them refused to have any relation or whatsoever with Ace after the incident. He called Hong-joo, asking about her day and wondering if she wanted to go home that night, but she had planned to leave the pension on the day after. Both of them were missing each other badly..and Se-young too, was reminded of Suk-hoon when she saw the three dollars he paid for her time. Min-woo and Ji-sun went to the hotel which belonged to Se-young to have a dinner and ran into her there. Se-young was really enjoying the sight of Min-woo squirming in front of her when she hinted about Roy to Ji-sun. Min-woo managed to subside the jealousy of his wife for the time being, while Se-young was planning to learn more about Min-woo’s involvement with the hotel. Unknown to her, Hong-kyu’s friend Han-soo was spying on her per his deal with Min-woo.

Temptation E03.avi_002966066Suk-hoon was also at the same hotel to meet Young-chul and his friend finally told him the real reason he picked the place: Se-young was going to make a tour around the hotel at that time and they would be able to meet her. Although Young-chul tried to persuade him that Se-young liked his ideas enough for her to order for detailed research about Ace, Suk-hoon refused to meet her but before he could leave, Se-young arrived at the restaurant. Both of them acted like nothing happened in Hong Kong and treated this meeting as the first time they saw each other after the interview, ten years ago. Min-woo had bought a rare necklace for his wife but Ji-sun was highly skeptical about it, knowing it too well that he might have caused trouble; but then, she acknowledged that he knew the way to buy her heart. Ji-sun tried to persuade Min-woo into sending his mother to his sister overseas since she couldn’t bear to see the harsh treatment received by her daughters, but Min-woo was angry, warning her not to make him the cause for his mother’s sadness. Now I’m really curious about this old lady.

Temptation E03.avi_003041341Suk-hoon and Se-young were awkward with each other since Young-chul was there and Se-young sent him away with the excuse to fetch the report about Ace. Suk-hoon apologized, saying that he would have avoided the place if he knew she was there, but Se-young was cool about the meeting. She praised the business concepts he implemented into his company but Suk-hoon wasn’t too happy to discuss about something that couldn’t be revived. He pitied Se-young for her lack of extreme happiness and sadness moments, which would explain why she’s so great at maintaining her poker face. She wondered if he had reconciled with his wife and said that it was his fault for accepting her offer, when he told her that she was the reason the conflict happened. Se-young decided to take her leave, but not before Suk-hoon guessing that she must be that kid who stayed far away from the water, afraid of the waves at the beach. He vowed to keep building the happy sandcastle with Hong-joo over and over again despite being hit by waves countless times, instead of standing far away as a coward, just like what she had been doing.

Temptation E03.avi_003516883Suk-hoon went home but instead of entering the house, he drove his car to a place. At the same time, a slightly drunk Min-woo reached the pension and checked on his son, who had just fell asleep. He had a glass of wine and invited Hong-joo to join him, but she declined; however, she changed her mind shortly after and thought that she could handle a few glasses of the drink. As Suk-hoon was reaching the place, Min-woo was pouring his heart out to Hong-joo, lamenting about his life conflicts despite having money and all. Their conversation was interrupted when Suk-hoon appeared at the place…

Temptation E03.avi_003644577


Now the misunderstanding might go both ways for Hong-joo and Suk-hoon! Glad to see that Ji-sun isn’t just a meek woman who believes her husband 100%, but I’m afraid to see the outcome of her meeting with Roy. Actually, I’m more afraid of Se-young because she has not realized that she likes Suk-hoon and when she does, she might not stop at anything to make him hers, probably to the point of eliminating Hong-joo altogether from the love triangle.



4 thoughts on “Temptation: Episode 3

  1. I believe the married couple’s love is strong enough to withstand any waves that come their way, marriage that is solid as rock.

    On the other hand, i want a different ending from Stairway to Heaven, to see CJW & KSW to have a happy ending and a healthy CJW. One thing I am certain is that the married couple will be tempted but wonder which of them has a stronger power to resist??

    Thanks for the review.

  2. What is the real intention of CJW is she inlove with the KSW, or just want to test the marriage of the couple?

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