Temptation: Episode 4

Now that the introduction to the main characters are almost done, the story delves deeper into the people around the four leads, but not without abandoning their developments. The side characters, as much as the main ones, are also tempted in a way or another, by various things and people around them. It’s easy to get confused in front of a big opportunity, but at times, emotions running high can cloud the mind and thus the judgement, leading to another miscalculated step and possible misunderstanding.

Episode 4

Temptation E04.avi_000256222Suk-hoon wasn’t that happy to witness Hong-joo getting friendly with Min-woo and they left together. Se-young, on the other hand, still had Suk-hoon’s words bugging her mind and she kept recalling the moments she saw Hong-joo and Suk-hoon together. Was she jealous or plain curious? She then received a call from Se-jin, who’s standing on her doorstep to have a surprise wine date with her. While the sisters were sitting down to spend time together, the married couple argued back and forth in the car, with Suk-hoon exploding with anger to see his wife being chummy with a player and Hong-joo questioning his credibility to suspect her when he was the one who abandoned her for another woman. Suk-hoon admitted that he lost in the argument and decided to walk away.

Temptation E04.avi_000410243Se-jin tried to dig further into his father’s suspicion about Se-young dating a man but her sister insisted that it wasn’t true. She showed the pictures of Hong-kyu she took before to Se-young, telling her that he’s his ideal type. LOL love at the first fight? Just like an ordinary young woman, Se-jin wanted to date and fall in love first instead of going straight into marriage, experiencing the fluttering feeling in her heart. As for Suk-hoon, a walk down the road provided an encounter with Hong-joo, who was singing almost off-key from the car. He apologized and they make up, with Suk-hoon suggesting that she should practice singing more. Ah, the wonders of giving in and saying sorry..

Temptation E04.avi_000755121Se-young went to her family’s house early in the morning since her father wanted to talk with her. He found out about Min-woo’s possible involvement with the hotel in Hong Kong, but Se-young had big dreams about expanding her hotel chains Dongsung to the Asian market and told him not to worry about it. Chairman Yoo sighed, saying that they didn’t have to worry about Min-woo’s company Ajin if they got married back then. I’d say she dodged a bullet, since Min-woo was spending time with Roy as his wife’s multiple calls went unnoticed. Ji-sun started to suspect that the PI she hired had been bought over to Min-woo’s side. Since it’s the weekend, Hong-joo spent a day out with Suk-hoon but she never forgot about Roy. The reason was the boy reminded her of the child they lost years ago, who would be around Roy’s age if he was alive. Suk-hoon got even more defensive when he was trying to stop Hong-joo from reading Se-young’s message on his phone.Hong-joo sighed, her words had never been truer..

We seem to get angry often these days. We get angry and then regret it before apologizing for it.

Temptation E04.avi_001364197Hong-kyu was jobless again and his search for a job opening went futile again. He received a call from Se-jin, who wanted to meet him because of the accident. Se-young wanted to meet Suk-hoon and assured him that it was not something personal, so he headed out with the excuse to meet Young-chul. Se-young actually wanted to appoint him as the hotel’s supplier partly because she felt bad for causing problems between him and his wife. She challenged him, wondering if he’s scared of something before even giving it a try but Suk-hoon had set his mind and only offered to help her should she needed any.

Temptation E04.avi_001665665Meanwhile, Hong-kyu refused to pay for the damage of Se-jin’s car but she’s prepared with a report from her attorney and gave him four days to settle the matter. He was seething in anger but she’s enjoying it. Suk-hoon kept thinking about the offer from Se-young but he didn’t tell Hong-joo anything about it. Hong-joo wanted to try to have a child again since she couldn’t help but to think that their lives might be different without her suicide attempt and his deal with Se-young if they had a child. As for Hong-kyu..well, he went to his friend Han-soo again and helped him with hacking something in order to earn the money to pay for Se-jin’s car.

Temptation E04.avi_001781014We finally got the chance to see Min-woo’s mother, Mrs Jang, who urged for Ji-sun (loved her dress here!) to try having a son again. Is she trying to kill her own daughter-in-law? She fully believed that Min-woo was destined to have at least a son thanks to the psychics and I love how Min-woo went wide-eyed at that moment. Min-woo received an info from Han-soo and they met, while Ji-sun confirmed that Han-soo had indeed switched sides. She also asked for her newly hired PI to find Min-woo’s hidden woman. Roy innocently asked about Hong-joo’s child and assured her that his mother is watching over her child, just like what she’s doing with him. Awwww…kids and their innocent thoughts! Min-woo went to visit Attorney Choi at his house and the meeting was kept secret from Se-young. Attorney Choi was offered something he couldn’t refuse that was the chance to help his son in return for working with Ajin instead of Dongsung.

Temptation E04.avi_002365498Suk-hoon went out for a drink with Hong-kyu per Hong-joo’s plea to have a word with him but he accidentally learned about Min-woo digging into Attorney Choi’s background since that’s what Hong-kyu did before. Min-woo went straight to Roy after the visit and the boy gave him the card he made himself. Roy also showed a drawing that illustrated his dream: living together with Hong-joo and Min-woo. The boy even gave some space for the two of them to talk and Hong-joo told Min-woo about someone hiring PIs to stalk him. He was aware that she didn’t want to get involved with the mess caused by his family, but Min-woo wished that they could stay as good friends.

Temptation E04.avi_002483817Suk-hoon decided to inform Se-young about Attorney Choi and she wasted no time to confirm the matter herself. Of course, Attorney Choi was surprised that she knew about it, but she realized that she didn’t have as much influence as Min-woo. Although she was angry with the tactic pulled by Min-woo, she still had some conscience for her most trusted attorney who had been working for her all this while. At his house, Min-woo was greeted by a smiling Ji-sun, but she had actually found out about Roy and Hong-joo was also captured in the pictures. Se-young later thanked Suk-hoon for telling her about the matter but she was actually sad to lost one of her people.

Temptation E04.avi_003069969Hong-joo secured an appointment with someone and told Suk-hoon to meet her on that day but kept the details a surprise for him. He was actually busy attending job interviews. Se-young informed Young-chul that he would be assigned the task left behind by Attorney Choi regarding the Hong Kong hotel and without her assistant, Se-young had to work harder for the upcoming meeting with the consultation company. Hong-joo had finally decided to let go of her unborn child and burned all the sonograms of the baby. The work had taken its toll on Se-young but she acted like she’s fine. Min-woo, having learned about her meeting from Attorney Choi, wished her all the best. I like that Attorney Choi acknowledged that Min-woo’s ability surpassed Se-young but their work ethics were different, hence he couldn’t respect his new boss as much as what he did for his former lady boss.

Temptation E04.avi_003340640Se-young was growing weaker and she fainted in her office. Suk-hoon learned about it from Young-chul, who was struggling by himself with the upcoming meeting with the consultation company from Hong Kong. Suk-hoon asked about the meeting venue and cancelled his plan with Hong-joo, much to his wife’s disappointment. He told Young-chul that he met with the company together with Se-young and helped his friend since he knew about the deal from the start. Hong-joo ended up going to the place she had her appointment at by herself, which was a fertility clinic. Her face didn’t look too happy after the appointment and told Suk-hoon to fetch her at the hospital.

Temptation E04.avi_003425225Coincidentally, Se-young was being hospitalized at the same hospital due to fatigue but when her doctor friend went to meet her, she’s ready to check out from the ward. She told her friend that instead of her cyst, she’s more concerned about the fluttering she felt inside her heart, which annoyed her. At the same time, Roy was playing by himself when someone came to meet him: it’s Ji-sun, who remarked that the boy resembled her husband. Suk-hoon had arrived at the hospital and he ran into Se-young while he was looking for Hong-joo. She heard about his part in the meeting and wondered why he decided to help her. Hong-joo saw him but she had never thought of seeing him with the last woman she would like to meet, Se-young…

Temptation E04.avi_003605672


Ah, another misunderstanding maybe? As much as I like watching Suk-hoon and Se-young in their heated arguments, I am dreading the moment when Suk-hoon will grow tired of the constant fights and misunderstandings between him and Hong-joo. Well..Hong-joo might be the one who will get tired of her own insecurities, but it’s really a matter of time until the time bomb explodes since fate is set on drawing them further apart from each other. I could see how much love and affection they have for each other, thus it’s heartbreaking to see a married couple like them to be dragged into that kind of messy argument. Will they escape unscathed? It’s too early to tell.

Min-woo is successful when it comes to his work but in terms of his family, he seems at loss. He is stuck in between his mother and his wife, not to mention his affair and his son. Since Ji-sun has met with Roy, I think it’s a matter of time until she herself brings the boy to their house, because Min-woo, in my opinion, is trying to delay the truth from being unveiled. I really hope he will prove me wrong, because by bringing the boy himself to be introduced to his family will make the transition better as Min-woo will be beside him, instead of being forced into the family by Ji-sun.

Se-young is really amazing the more I learn about her, especially from how people around her treat the lady. Even her father respects her thoughts, showing how capable she is when it comes to her work. A CEO who oozes charisma with each step she takes while at the same time a person who’s warm and approachable? Not an everyday occurrence in a drama, absolutely.But then, I can’t help but to wonder why she decided to focus on her work instead of finding someone she loved. There’s probably a story behind it, or it’s just because she has never met a person who could make her heart flutter..

Temptation E04.avi_001310744

Another thing I like about this show? They know that Choi Ji-woo is gorgeous and acknowledge the fact by giving her the style that highlights her beauty. Good job for that one!

I just want to inform those who are following the recaps that I will be away next week so the recaps will be delayed. Sorry for any inconvenience!


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  1. Definitely another misunderstanding and I think this is another biggie. I like it that this drama deals with mature adult feelings and the subject matter, temptation. You are right, CJW is absolutely gorgeous and the stylists are doing a good job so far. Have a good trip next week and we will wait for your recap, patiently. Thanks

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