Temptation: Episode 7

I’m still playing catch up with this series but what I have seen so far makes me think it was a good idea for me to give Temptation a chance and sticking with it until now. Maybe it’s too early to say anything but the direction of the story might be better than what I expected when I first started the drama. Getting your guesses right when watching a drama is good but finding out that the drama exceeds your expectation? It’s something that won’t happen every day! Cheers to you, drama!

Episode 7

Temptation E07.avi_000404070Suk-hoon and Se-young followed CEO Du through the dark market and ended up at a rundown restaurant, which was once the CEO’s favourite place each time he made a visit to Korea. He didn’t expect to see that the place had been closed down and felt a little remorseful over the fact that the country was more keen on chasing the standard while abandoning the unique flavour of the country. Se-young’s persistence annoyed the CEO but Suk-hoon saved the day by striking a deal with him: they would try to find the soup CEO Du liked and in return, he would be have to give Dongsung a chance. Meanwhile, Hong-joo continued to be bugged with the talk she had with Se-young about Suk-hoon but she had a good news to make up for it: she might be hired again at the hospital. As for Suk-hoon, he tended to Se-young’s scraped foot from all the running and sent her home, causing the lady to recall what happened at the marketplace in her mind. Se-young made her doctor friend even more worried for her but she said that she knew her own sickness the best. Yes, that’s because she’s lovesick!

Temptation E07.avi_000904571Suk-hoon began to look for the restaurant owner but luck wasn’t on his side so far. He realized that even with knowing the real CEO Du, it’s not a guarantee for Dongsung right now. Hong-joo received a call from him after Young-chul reminded him about her call. She was tensed when Suk-hoon asked about Min-woo and retaliated with the question about Se-young: would he be able to escape it if the lady tried to get close to him? He was confident in himself and he only wanted her trust, but judging from her reaction, it won’t be easy. On the next day, Min-woo was wondering why Se-young didn’t act even when she knew about CEO Du’s whereabouts. You won’t even imagine that she met the real one instead of the decoy you talked to! Se-jin was having an inner conflict since she had been forced to earn her own money by Chairman Yoo and to make it worse, she’s to fill in a part-timer’s position. Se-young warned her not to let her real identity known but Se-jin tried to negotiate with her about keeping the fact that her sister was hiding a man a secret from their father. Speaking of the (soon-to-be-)devil, Suk-hoon appeared as if he’s summoned and Se-jin was starstruck upon seeing him. Hehe! He was there to report that he found where the restaurant owner was currently living at.

Temptation E07.avi_001559159Hong-joo went to the hospital and the person she wanted to meet turned out to be Se-young’s doctor friend. She’s hired again as a nurse but she heard the doctor’s phone call with Se-young. Suk-hoon, on the other hand, was heading to the restaurant owner’s place but Se-young suddenly wanted to join him for the trip, with the excuse of enjoying her day off. The weekend was different for everybody: Hong-joo was starting her job as a nurse while Roy continued to be ignored by his half-sisters. Suk-hoon and Se-young reached the village but he had to ask around, so she took the chance to play with the kids in the river. What’s better than playing in the water and eating ice lollies in the summer? Certainly not working part-time job like Se-jin was doing, and Hong-kyu was having too much fun teasing her. She was instantly cheered up when he said that she looked good in uniform. Se-jin is so cute and so is Hong-kyu!

Temptation E07.avi_001982582After a long walk, they finally found the house of the restaurant owner and the grandma even remembered CEO Du. She agreed to make the oxtail soup since it’s not a hard thing for her, but it would take the whole day to prepare the ingredients and the soup. Suk-hoon thought that Se-young should return to Seoul and he would stay to help around, but she chose to stay too. After all, what’s there to worry about when nothing happened when they stayed in the same suite back in Hong Kong? Suk-hoon couldn’t even argue with her this time. Min-woo decided to have barbeque with the whole family but Yoon-ah felt jealous to see him treating Roy so well. Roy was waiting for Hong-joo’s reply on his dad’s phone when another person’s text arrived: it contained the pictures of Ji-sun with another man. Whoops, Min-woo caught her this time! Yoon-ah threw the ball onto Roy’s flower bed, causing the boy to be upset and hit her when she teased him. Yoon-ah then scratched Roy’s face.

Temptation E07.avi_002147013Suk-hoon proved himself to be a reliable helper while the grandma couldn’t hide her curiosity and asked Se-young about her relationship with him, since she wasn’t wearing any ring while he was. That didn’t stop Se-young from glancing fondly at Suk-hoon. Hong-joo had gotten off work and she decided to buy some meat for her family. The dinner was gloomy as her father chose to drink instead of enjoying the meal at the mention of Suk-hoon. The man was still watching over the fire as the soup was being cooked while giving orders to Se-young. They teased each other but Suk-hoon received a call from his drunk father-in-law. Hong-joo managed to snatch the phone from him before he spewed out more curses and apologized to Suk-hoon. Her mood dampened when she heard Se-young’s voice in the background and realized that he was together with Se-young. She accidentally scalded her fingers and helped to run water onto her fingers.

Temptation E07.avi_002706172Se-young took a rest but she couldn’t stop thinking about Suk-hoon, so she decided to join him outside again. She told him the truth about her encounter with Hong-joo as Hong-joo lashed out her anger by ripping her picture with Suk-hoon into pieces. Se-young said that she found out about his true intention of joining Dongsung, which was to prove his love to his wife. She had made up her mind to come clean about her feelings and confessed to Suk-hoon that she couldn’t focus on her work because of him. Admitting that she indeed caused a lot of problems between the couple, she apologized for it. What I like was Suk-hoon also came lean about his feelings: he liked her and missed her, plus he’s even curious about her but that’s the limit about his heart. He still loved Hong-joo and that meant Se-young was rejected. They had a silent, awkward ride to Seoul while Hong-joo decided to take off her wedding band.

Temptation E07.avi_002910143At the Kang family’s villa, the grandma was angry at her granddaughters for hurting her precious grandson. Sigh, she didn’t even try to hide her favouritism! Roy asked Min-woo if it’s possible for him to return to their secret base, the pension together with Hong-joo and Min-woo could only hug his poor son to coax him. As for Hong-joo, she couldn’t concentrate on her work and she was given a warning since she made several mistakes. She realized that she had no one to turn to but saw Min-woo’s name on her phone. Suk-hoon and Se-young reached Seoul and served the dish to CEO Du, who was so glad to be able to enjoy his favourite soup again. He eventually agreed to listen to Dongsung’s offers before choosing between Ajin and Dongsung. Min-woo wasn’t too happy to hear about this ans suspected that Se-young’s tactical change was caused by Suk-hoon. He received a call and went out.

Temptation E07.avi_003304904It turned out to be Hong-joo who called him and she’s been drinking by herself since she didn’t have anyone to talk to about her problems. Suk-hoon had secured a meeting with the CEO’s side and he’s thinking of quitting from Dongsung in order for him not to make Se-young feel uncomfortable, but she was mature enough to accept his rejection; however, he’s free to do so if he was the one who felt uncomfortable around her. Hong-joo continued to drink while letting out all her bottled feelings, with Min-woo lending her his ears. She even told him about Suk-hoon and his impending affair. Suddenly, she asked if Min-woo wanted to sleep with her, much to his surprise. She reckoned that attractive, rich and confident people like him were all the same: they would be able to have anything they wanted in the world. Min-woo guessed that the person she felt intimidated with was Se-young and said that he was different; if he wanted to have her, he would make her unable to resist him first.

Temptation E07.avi_003626559Young-chul happened to see Hong-joo together with Min-woo at the hotel and told Suk-hoon about it. Suk-hoon went straight to the hotel room and it was Min-woo who opened the door. He barged into the room and confronted Hong-joo, who accused him of stalking her. She’s indeed out of her mind, for not realizing that she’s at a hotel owned by Dongsung!

Temptation E07.avi_003637103*

Awwwww yesssss this is so going to be better, right?!

Temptation E07.avi_001834401


8 thoughts on “Temptation: Episode 7

  1. Like you, I’m glad I gave this drama a chance. The typical k-drama love rhombus is in place, but the story line is getting very interesting. There are so many ways the storyline can play out. To what degree will these characters have a happy ending, or is it even in the cards? A few areas, once developed, will add more complexity to the situation, like Min-woo eventually developing romantic feelings for Hong-joo, or this cyst Se-young keeps dodging (I honestly can’t take another Stairway to Heaven ending). Anyway, I’m jazzed for this drama and I’m grateful you’re doing recaps!!! Thank you!!!

    1. Right now, we don’t even know what the ending would be: will Suk-hoon and Hong-joo reconcile, or will they choose new paths for themselves? Maybe I am fed by the idealistic concept of kdrama that I was hoping they won’t be heading towards divorce, but it’s like watching a slice of life drama..a relationship can’t work if one of the couple stops giving his/her effort. I wanted to see them together at the end before, but now? If there’s better things and people for them separately out there, why not?

      What episode are you watching? 🙂

      1. Iʻm patiently awaiting episode 10. Episode 9 seemed really sudden, but I guess it makes sense since the series is only 20 episodes.

        This drama is moving at a nice pace, I think. Nothing too slow or too fast that we might miss a beat. Iʻm still wondering which couples will be left standing in the end. All 4 are likable in their own ways, but I wonder if Suk-hoon and Hong-joo will find their way back to each other and start anew. Hmm… 🙂

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