Temptation: Episode 8

You’ll never know how a person feels until you put yourself in that person’s shoes. We can only give suggestions and advice to people with problems but the person himself knows it best how much it hurts to be stuck in such situation. The same thing goes for this drama: as much as I wish for the characters to be happy, they have experienced things which can’t be wiped off from their memories easily. Even if it’s hard to swallow, the most painful decision might be the best for the people involved.

Episode 8

Temptation E08.avi_000266266Suk-hoon didn’t waste his time to go to the hotel, where Hong-joo was seen with Min-woo. Unknown to him, Hong-joo was throwing up because of the alcohol and Min-woo brought her to the room since she wanted to rest. Min-woo tried to explain things but Suk-hoon didn’t want to hear him. Hong-joo wondered if Suk-hoon was there because he’s with Se-young and told him to go to her if he wanted to. Suk-hoon couldn’t take it anymore and left; however, Min-woo followed after him and tried to persuade him into discussing things with Hong-joo. Suk-hoon didn’t follow his advice; instead, he gave Min-woo CEO Du’s real contact info to return his deed of sharing information about the meeting before. Hong-joo explained to Min-woo that the reason she did that to her husband was because she wanted to see him suffer, just like what he had caused her. Suk-hoon drove to Han River and he was recalling Hong-joo’s question to him earlier when Se-young called him about work matters. Se-young could sense that something was wrong with him, but he didn’t say anything.

Temptation E08.avi_000961761Hong-joo was sent home by Min-woo, who was glad that she thought of him when she needed someone to talk with. Hong-kyu happened to see them and he remembered who Min-woo was. He didn’t wait for too long to find out more from his sister, but Hong-joo didn’t feel like talking with him at all. As for Se-young, she had a lunch with her doctor friend Myung-hwa and finally gave in to her friend’s constant plea to come for a check-up at the hospital. Se-young also admitted that she had a man she liked but got rejected. Myung-hwa was surprised to hear that someone as beautiful and successful as her got rejected and it drew her speechless to learn that the man was a married worker at Dongsung. As a married woman herself, Myung-hwa told her to stop before she destroy a family, but Se-young wanted to enjoy her first love a little bit longer before quitting it for good. Suk-hoon had prepared his resignation letter and gave it to Se-young. She was planning to put him on a permanent position, but Suk-hoon wanted to stop the conflict between Hong-joo and him caused by his work before it got worse. Se-young respected his decision to choose love above his success, but Suk-hoon did seem to be a bit remorseful. But then, he admitted that he used to blame Se-young for causing the rift in his marriage.

Temptation E08.avi_001277510Hong-kyu met Se-jin and wondered what he should do to find out more about Hong-joo’s possible affair but she thought that it’s better for him not to get involved in other people’s business. It’s still a mystery why Hong-kyu was spending time with Se-jin when he didn’t really like her, but she proved to be sharp in relationship issues when she pointed out that Hong-joo and Suk-hoon might had lived separately before Hong-joo’s alleged affair. Hong-joo was working at the hospital when she received a call from Roy, who was sad that his flowers were destroyed by Yoon-ah. Yoon-ah appeared and they started arguing again but grandma came to Roy’s rescue. Roy told grandma about Hong-joo, who used to be his babysitter. I don’t really like the curiosity in grandma’s eyes..Min-woo, on the other hand, had gotten his hands on more evidence about Ji-sun’s extramarital affair with her first love. Han-sun assured him that the ultimate evidence would appear if she went with out with her ‘school friends’. Both Min-woo and Se-young attended a party and she thought that he wanted to learn more about her meeting with CEO Du, but he wanted her to stop playing games with Suk-hoon and Hong-joo. She thought that he was the same, but she learned that Suk-hoon had lived separately with Hong-joo.

Temptation E08.avi_002262929Suk-hoon received a call from Hong-kyu, who asked him straight about living separately with Hong-joo, but he lied that everything was okay. He went out to get his wedding band cleaned as Hong-joo continued acting like she’s okay, while actually, she wasn’t. Se-young went to the hospital to have her check-up and Hong-joo was the one attending to her. Hong-joo realized that Se-young had a cyst in her uterus and it was growing bigger. Se-young was advised to have it removed but she was contemplating it. Myung-hwa thought that it was because of the man she loved and pleaded for her to forget him, but Se-young wanted to experience the regret. She had a talk with Hong-joo and told her about Suk-hoon’s resignation. Hong-joo was surprised but she hated it when Se-young started talking as if the three of them were in a love triangle. Se-young hoped that Hong-joo would never gave up on Suk-hoon and Hong-joo probably took it as a warning not to let her husband go.

Temptation E08.avi_002691424Se-young’s father found out about her visit to the hospital and called her out of worry. It’s sweet seeing the family truly caring about each other! He also told her about Chinese people’s tendency to value people and human relationship. Se-young promised to bear it on her mind for the meeting with CEO Du’s representatives. The staff at Dong-sung were prepared to leave for the meeting and Young-chul thanked Suk-hoon for his effort to prepare for the meeting, while Suk-hoon teased that he’s talking like a CEO. Ajin also heard about the meeting and it turned out that CEO Du decided to hear Dongsung’s conditions before making his decision. Min-woo knew that the conditions from M Hotel’s side would be impossible for Dongsung to agree to and he wondered if Se-young would go bankrupt, much to Attorney Choi’s chagrin. CEO Du’s representatives told Dongsung their conditions, which were to assure 100% employment for both permanent and contract workers. It was hard to be accepted and Se-young was trapped this time. Suk-hoon pointed out that it was CEO Du’s personality not to betray anyone.

Temptation E08.avi_002888755Se-young said that Suk-hoon was similar to CEO Du and thus an idealist, but Suk-hoon replied that she was an idealist too: her dreams to make Dongsung a leading brand in hotel service made her work non-stop to achieve that point. He advised her to focus on her goal and decide what’s the best for Dongsung. Se-young announced that her company would agree to the conditions given by CEO Du. That little nod and smile!! Hee~ Min-woo was confident that Ajin would get chosen and gave money to Ji-sun for her to spend, for instance going for a trip with her friends. She gladly accepted it and Min-woo’s smiling eyes slowly changed into a judging stare..oh, she took the bait! Attorney Choi reported something to Min-woo and he didn’t look to happy about it. Maybe it was about Dongsung’s meeting which had been concluded smoothly. Suk-hoon walked out and it’s like he’s saying goodbye to Se-young from afar, since he was resigned once the meeting’s over.

Temptation E08.avi_003148882Suk-hoon invited Hong-joo for a dinner at her favourite restaurant and she didn’t expect to be brought there. Attorney Choi called Se-young, congratulating her on the successful takeover; but then, she was troubled over Suk-hoon. She was wondering if she should give up on him to be at ease and Attorney Choi thought that it was her duty to find the answers herself. Suk-hoon and Hong-joo reminisced over their memories when they first met, but Hong-joo thought that the person she loved in Suk-hoon and the trust she had for that person in her had disappeared. She excused herself and went to the washroom, crying to herself. Suk-hoon brought out a pair of new rings while Hong-joo brought out a piece of paper. That’s not what I’m thinking…right?

Temptation E08.avi_003670637Suk-hoon put the rings inside his pocket when Hong-joo returned and he thought that they should think about the two of them and keep everything simple. He suggested for them to find a new apartment so that she didn’t have to trouble her family anymore. Hong-joo was not interested, even when Suk-hoo told her about his resignation. Then, he realized that Hong-joo wasn’t wearing her wedding band. Hong-joo brought out an envelope, saying that it’s her resignation letter. The content was a divorce application, with Hong-joo’s seal already stamped on it.

Temptation E08.avi_003724290“I want to resign from the wife position. Let’s break up.”


Honestly, I had never imagined that Hong-joo would ask for a divorce this fast when I first started this series but having watched up to this episode, I think that is the best decision for her. I am not married yet so I am unfamiliar to marriage life, but keeping the marriage seems like a bad choice for Hong-joo. I do feel sad for Suk-hoon since he is trying to save the marriage, but what about Hong-joo? We can easily say that she should try to believe her husband but things are easier said than done. She doesn’t know how deep Suk-hoon’s relationship is with Se-young (unlike us who could witness their action) and to be constantly disturbed over the matter will drive her crazy. It’s not helping at all when she keeps running into Se-young and the feeling of inferiority she has each time she encounters Se-young. Before she ruins herself, it might be better for her to quit. Sometimes, quitting does not mean you’re weak but when you feel that there’s no use of hanging on the thin rope, it might be better to let it go.

I don’t blame Suk-hoon as he’s trying his best to prevent anything bad from happening to his marriage with Hong-joo, but his methods are probably not the best for this problem. Sure, people can say that they should communicate with each other to solve the misunderstanding, but some problems are just too complicated to be discussed about, especially when emotions are involved. He made a big mistake going to Se-young to prove that he loves Hong-joo and nothing will happen between him and Se-young, because Hong-joo will only continue to be suspicious of him. But then, I applaud his confession to Se-young, proving that he’s honest about his feelings but at the same time, he admits that he still love his wife.

As for Min-woo..I have to watch the following episodes to know why he is so keen on finding the evidence about Ji-sun’s infidelity. Maybe he’s trying to get back on her for sending people to stalk him? He also had an affair before and I’m not surprised if Ji-sun is doing it for a revenge on him, but this couple has more things to be considered if they are aiming for separation, including the children.


5 thoughts on “Temptation: Episode 8

  1. Thank you again for the recapped…nice one…am rooting for Se-young and Suk-Hoon…their chemistry is awesome…..till next time….Hopefully in the future..Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo would make another tv series….miss them both….

  2. I genuinely like the four main characters. Unlike other dramas, where itʻs clear who the writer intends for the audience to dislike, Iʻm rooting for each of their happy endings. They’re not perfect, but no one person is overtly detestable either. It’s refreshing to see the various dimensions and complexities of these characters. It makes me empathize with them.

    Suk-hoon allows himself to be in situations with Se-young, knowing full well how she feels about him, but he is ambitious and wants to excel in his work. By doing so, he hopes to salvage his marriage so they can get back to the way they where. Unfortunately, that shipped sailed in Hong Kong. Se-young, despite the cool facade, is blooming with her crush on Suk-hoon. I think she genuinely feels bad for what she’s done to Suk-hoon and Hong-joo, but being that’s she’s a successful, older woman and experiencing her first love, one can’t help but root for it to unfold. We all remember what our first loves were like. As for Hong-joo, she is the responsible daughter and dutiful wife. Family is important to her, but at the end of this episode, I realized, she wasn’t about to silently suffer through it. She has a backbone and although the divorce will hurt for awhile, in the end, she values her happiness and that’s admirable. Despite Min-woo’s philandering ways and shrewd business sense, he loves his kids and has a soft spot for Hong-joo. He can be a cold businessman, but we also see his range of emotions as well.

  3. I really appreciate the take on Hong Joo. Most people react to her badly, but I actually could see her side of things to. Like you stated, we the viewers have seen that nothing overtly bad has happened but she does not have that ability. I think Min Woo has fallen for Hong Joo and is trying to “clean up” the ten year marriage, I do think he is a serial cheater but can’t help liking him (of course would never want to be married to him haha). Se Young and Suk Hoon are meant to be together, would be interested to see if they get together as opposed to the original couple back together and all solved. I just appreciate the fact that everyone is over the age of consent. Thank you for the recaps and a place to discuss this very interesting drama.

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