Temptation: Episode 2

Temptation is such an easy watch for that I find it peculiar at times, since it deals with a heavy subject: affair. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but the subject itself is not the only focus in the drama. Humans beings and their boundless minds are among the interesting points that worth the journey. Maybe it’s just me but I like something that makes me think without being too overwhelming, and I think I have found a keeper in this one.

Episode 2

Temptation E02.avi_000250483Suk-hoon and Se-young met as a candidate and an employer in an interview, ten years ago. He made an impression but didn’t get hired, simply because she thought that he’s too idealistic to work in an ever-changing company. Cut back to the present, where Hong-joo is shopping and runs into Min-woo and Roy. The little boy is excited to see her and Min-woo offers to buy her the watch she intends to give to Suk-hoon but she declines, much to his disappointment. At the same time, Suk-hoon goes to meet Se-young to fetch Hong-joo’s shoes but she actually calls him to offer him a solution to his debts: give her four days of his life and she will pay him one million. He’s angry to hear the ridiculous offer but Se-young argues: pride won’t pay him any money. He can’t argue with her, knowing it too well and she gives him a deposit of 100K. Suk-hoon declines the offer but Se-young gives him another one hour to give it a good thought.

Temptation E02.avi_000622088Hong-joo returns to the hotel and sees Suk-hoon in front of Se-young’s room, contemplating on the crazy offer. He avoids the subject at first, but soon spills it all in front of Hong-joo about the offer. She’s angry just like him before, but he knows that it’s a rare opportunity although it will crush his pride. Hong-joo gives him an ultimatum: she will wait downstairs and she will leave by herself if he doesn’t show up. As both Se-young and Hong-joo are anticipating him, Suk-hoon is left to make his decision..and he chooses to go to Se-young. With that, the deal is on but not without rules: Suk-hoon has to obey Se-young’s every words, attempt no inquiry about each other’s private lives, and avoid contacting other people. Breaking any of the rules will break the deal and Se-young will pay him 300K per day for the next three days. Hong-joo calls him but Suk-hoon has to reject it because of Se-young.

Temptation E02.avi_001071338Although Hong-joo has arrived at the airport, she’s still hoping that her husband will show up there somehow, but her rejected calls prove that Suk-hoon is really going to accept the crazy deal. Min-woo and Roy happen to be flying home on the same day and greet Hong-joo when they see her. Realizing that she’s in the economy class, Min-woo asks for her to join them in the first class since he seeks for her help to make Roy comfortable on his first flight. Meanwhile, Suk-hoon finds out that Se-young is hiring him to be her assistant. HA, she looks so amused, knowing that he is thinking of something else (“Did you think that I’ll ask you for bed service?”). Min-woo tries to strike a long conversation with Hong-joo on the flight but she’s not interested in talking about Suk-hoon for the time being.

Temptation E02.avi_001200166Suk-hoon is given the task to list down several consultation companies based in Hong Kong and Singapore for Se-young and both of them work diligently through the day. He wants to give a call to Hong-joo but cancels his intention. Hong-joo has arrived in Korea and she’s disappointed that her husband doesn’t contact her yet. Roy tries to persuade her to follow him and she gives him her phone number, telling him to contact her if he needs someone to talk to. Min-woo offers her a ride but she declines the offer. Instead of bringing him home, Min-woo sends Roy to his cottage to hide the boy for the time being. Hong-joo goes to her father’s house and acts like nothing has happened, but she gets worked up when Hong-kyu mentions about his new work that makes a lot of money. She locks herself in her room and doesn’t answer her phone when Suk-hoon calls her.

Temptation E02.avi_001748415Suk-hoon is man of principles and suggests that Se-young use a consultation company with a clean reputation, but she doesn’t really care about that. Se-young is deep in her thoughts while she is taking her bubble bath and she seems to make up her mind about something. She goes to Suk-hoon’s room and the man doesn’t even chase her out; instead, he approaches her and pulls her into a passionate kiss..before Hong-joo jolts up awake from her nightmare. Oh, thank God! She’s upset to have that kind of thought weighing on her mind and the missed calls from Suk-hoon doesn’t help to make her mood any better. Se-young confronts Suk-hoon, telling him that she overheard the phone call he made to Hong-kyu earlier. She doesn’t want to hear any excuse and declares the contract void since he broke the rules. Suk-hoon knows that he can’t argue with her and decides to leave, saying that he has learned his lesson from her. Se-young decides to forget the last rule and forgive Suk-hoon.

Temptation E02.avi_002195595On the next day, they are getting ready to meet the consultants when Se-young sees the notes made by Hong-joo before. She chuckles, wondering if Hong-joo is a romanticist who likes Tian Mi Mi, but Suk-hoon reminds her of the second rule. He then rejects her request to ride a bicycle together and she retaliates, pointing out that he just broke the first rule. Ahaha! Suk-hoon can’t argue anymore and Se-young admits that she’s just joking, since she can’t stand cheesy things like that. Back in Korea, Hong-joo learns that the hospital where she worked at has hired another person to replace her. She also sees Min-woo at the hospital with his wife but doesn’t greet him. She decides to get a haircut (RIP lovely locks…) using the remaining money given by Suk-hoon’s partner. Se-young and Suk-hoon spend the whole day running from one company to another and at the end of the day, they are warming up to each other. Awwwh, Se-young is momentarily fazed by Suk-hoon’s smile!

Temptation E02.avi_002399866Hong-joo’s worry over Hong-kyu’s new work is not entirely baseless, since his friend who offered the work turns out to be a private investigator/PI, and Hong-kyu is to become his driver. They are to follow their target, who is no other than Min-woo; however, they lose him when he makes a sudden U-turn after Ji-sun informs him that their youngest daughter is admitted into ICU. Min-woo is actually on his way to meet Roy and he apologizes to his son for breaking his promise.

Temptation E02.avi_002529129Se-young and Suk-hoon’s conversation takes a new direction over the course of wine as she suggests that he clears the misunderstanding between him and his wife. Suk-hoon is confident that Hong-joo will understand him, but Se-young reminds him that no woman would be that understanding in such situation. She comes clean about her intention: she wants to test how strong their marriage is, like a wave hitting on the sand castles. Suk-hoon calls Hong-joo to explain about the situation, but she’s not interested in it; she’s disappointed that he didn’t show up when she waited for him and didn’t pick up her calls. Suk-hoon realizes that her trust for him has been affected by the happening. Hong-joo hangs up, but someone calls her after that. It’s Roy, who is crying and asking for her to come to him. Min-woo receives a call from Hong-joo and asks for her help to go to Roy since he can’t leave his wife by herself.

Temptation E02.avi_003216916Hong-joo goes to Min-woo’s cottage to comfort the crying Roy and the poor boy wants to go back to Hong Kong since he doesn’t like it there. Suk-hoon is wallowing in disappointment and anger while downing one can of beer after another. He admits to Se-young that she is right, and he thinks that everything is a mistake from the start: from coming there to leaving Hong-joo by herself because of money. She listens to him silently from the inside of her room and she doesn’t admit it when Suk-hoon says that her fears made her think of the deal. He’s left to brood alone as Hong-joo, trying to console Roy, tells the boy that he can’t return to the past now matter how much he want it, just like her own situation.

Temptation E02.avi_003436670Suk-hoon falls asleep in the living room and made a drunken mess, much to Se-young’s amusement. She has nothing on the schedule for the day and he’s free to go anywhere since it’s the last day of their contract. Se-young’s father President Yoo doesn’t think that she is having a vacation but she manages to persuade him into believing her words. She hangs up when Suk-hoon calls her and her father overhears his voice. Suk-hoon insists on working for his pay and when Se-young refuses to let him do so, he decides to buy her time. She agrees, and off they go for a cheesy bicycle ride. Suk-hoon promises not to run into her when they return to Korea and Se-young agrees to treat their meeting as an unforgettable bad fate..


Temptation E02.avi_003112512 Temptation E02.avi_003130363After two episodes, Se-young is confirmed to be a woman who seems to be stoic on the outside but she’s actually someone who is not afraid to experiment if she’s curious about something. I don’t really say that what she did was right, but she’s brave to spend a lot of money just to feed her curiosity. Suk-hoon chose a very dangerous deal, but who wouldn’t sell his soul when hit with money problems, or any other difficulties? Just like what Se-young said, during the times of difficulties, there’s almost no room for someone to be practical; he can only choose what’s the best for a solution. These two met at a wrong time and situation but I am curious on what will happen afterwards; will they give in to their desire or play a game tug of war with each other? I enjoy watching them having a thoughtful discussion over their different views, because they can argue with ideas that can be right and wrong. I also hope to see more of Hong-joo and Min-woo, especially Min-woo’s family and what made him turn into a playboy he is now.

Temptation E02.avi_000217117

12 thoughts on “Temptation: Episode 2

  1. I enjoyed the second ep, I thought it was a indecent proposal too. Wow, SH made tonnes of money in 4 days without having to shed his clothes off & SY satisfied her curiosity. I predict that HJ will ended up being Roy’s nanny since she is out of job now. MW is one busy man, how do you juggle 3 daughters, 1 wife, 1 love child, a grandson crazy mum and roaming eyes…., I am certainly interested in knowing more of him. Thanks for this review , appreciate it.

    1. Both SH and SY got what they wanted in the end! 😀 Yup, I also have the same thought about HJ..and MW? He’s the most intriguing character for now.

      You’re welcome..and thanks for reading! 😉

        1. I’m so sorry..there’s something wrong with the wordpress editor today and I can’t write anything at all! I’ll post it once the recap is done (ㅠㅠ) Thank you for your patience!

  2. Actually very happy to have an interesting drama where the players are over the age of 18. Though I am loving Trot Lovers and Marriage not Dating, I am truly enjoying a bit more of mature subject matter.. Your recaps were excellent and thank you for the hard work.

  3. Great recap 😀 i’m loving this drama so far and excited to see where it will go. hopefully it won’t disappoint me. i do think that the couple will make it through this.

  4. Thank you for sharing the recapped….Am loving this story….a fan since stairway to heaven to both of them….I wish Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo will be next….next time then….👄

  5. Glad to see you are recapping this!!

    I tuned it out of curiousity. I loved Stairway to Heaven to an embarrassing extent. Some things about this drama make me cringe, like the incredible coincidences and the first episode where everyone came to Hong Kong to find out that someone had died, but I am intrigued by the story. I have absolutely no idea where this is going, but I like what I see so far and plan to keep watching!

    1. Temptation is good so far, can’t wait to see what happens next! Thanks for the recap, great job!

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