Temptation: Episode 6

Sometimes, what you thought to be the best solution for your problem turned out to be the worst, yet no one actually knew what would happen next. The space between a fighting couple might tear them apart instead of bringing them closer. Doing something thinking that you can handle it might take the wrong turn when everything you planned falls apart. And then, your happiness does not guarantee that other people will share the bliss.

Episode 6

Temptation E06.avi_000162896Se-young wondered what made him change his mind and Suk-hoon said that he wanted to confirm something. Since she couldn’t just  hire him without any specific reason, Suk-hoon was given the task to find out about the CEO’s schedule to prove his skills. Se-young was literally breathless and only after he left she could catch her breath. As for Hong-joo, she realized that her husband had really left the house. At Min-woo’s house, his mother was waiting for Roy with excitement and the boy received warm welcome from his grandmother. It’s the complete opposite with Min-woo’s eldest daughter Yoon-ah, who refused to talk to Roy. Ji-sun didn’t want to take the responsibility of coaxing Yoon-ah and told Min-woo to do it. Both Ji-sun and Roy felt awkward around each other but they had no choice since they’re going to live under the same roof.

Temptation E06.avi_000621755Suk-hoon continued to work hard in order to complete his task while Hong-joo didn’t have any clue about his activities. Hong-kyu asked if his sister wasn’t afraid of her husband cheating behind her back, but she replied coldly that he could do it even when they’re living together. Her father sensed that something was wrong but chose not to delve into the matter for the time being. Se-young was thinking about Suk-hoon when she was summoned back to her house, since Chairman Yoo had found out about Se-jin’s shopping spree and the little sister was being punished. Se-jin got tired of being compared with her perfect sister and lashed out, telling Se-young to get married since she found a man she liked. Meanwhile, Min-woo returned home for the day and checked on Roy before trying to make Ji-sun feel better, although his wife was still suspicious of him, probably regarding Hong-joo, who had her own issues to deal with.

Temptation E06.avi_000978411Hong-kyu was called out by Se-jin, who had been drinking by herself at the bar. He wanted to retrieve his key but ended up with the drunk lady, who refused to go home since she’s the ugly duckling of the house. Hong-kyu could relate to her but didn’t admit it and he had to piggyback her to her house. LOL! But then, Se-jin pointed out the direction to Se-young’s house and Se-young was surprised to see her sister passed out on a stranger’s back. Se-young realized that Hong-kyu was the man in the picture Se-jin showed her before and told him to take care of her sister, but Hong-kyu said that he’s not her boyfriend and left in a huff. Hehehe! Se-young sent a text to Suk-hoon, who was still burning the midnight oil and he replied her, but he was soon distracted with Hong-joo’s text and left Se-young waiting for his reply.

Temptation E06.avi_001361261Roy quickly became the apple of the grandmother’s eye, much to the other family members’ chagrin. I feel bad for the Yoon-ah somehow..Min-woo was contacted by Suk-hoon, who wanted to secure a deal with him. He initially refused to help him after finding out that Suk-hoon was helping Se-young, but changed his mind to return his favour to Hong-joo. Suk-hoon also found out that Hong-joo had quit the job as a babysitter. Se-young told Se-jin about Hong-kyu who sent her home and Se-jin was shocked to learn that it wasn’t her dream. Se-jin apologized for her harsh words on the night before and Se-young told her to clean up her place. Ahh I love this sisterhood bond they had! Se-young received a visitor: Suk-hoon, and unlike her prediction, he actually managed to find out about the CEO’s schedule. Min-woo’s help came with a price, since he’s suddenly interested in finding out more about Suk-hoon and Se-young’s relationship. Se-young didn’t like that Suk-hoon chose to come clean with Min-woo about his intention in order for him to find out about the schedule, but she gave him another chance to secure an appointment with the CEO.

Temptation E06.avi_001959292Hong-joo became jobless after her short stint as a babysitter and tried to contact her nurse friends with the intention of seeking for job openings but she didn’t get any. Min-woo reminded her about her salary and she went out to meet him but rejected his invitation to have a meal with him. Hong-joo thought that it would be better if Roy and Ji-sun could be close to each other and chose not to visit the boy at Min-woo’s house, since she could understand how hard it was for his wife to raise a child who wasn’t her own. Min-woo told her about his meeting with Suk-hoon and she was shaken to hear that her husband was working with Se-young’s company. He knew that she had problems with Suk-hoon and offered his support if she needed any. I hope he meant someone like Hong-kyu, who became a reluctant counselor for Se-jin and lent his ears for her whining about Se-young and Mrs Hong, her housekeeper. But then, she avoided him when he asked about his pictures. Heee!

Temptation E06.avi_002466666Hong-joo chose to keep everything to herself but her father was sharper and took her out for a glass of beer. Se-young was about to leave her office but she was momentarily distracted by the sight of Suk-hoon focused on his work. She acted nonchalantly when he saw her and made her exit, but not before reminding the flustered Young-chul to have a proper meal with the company card. Just like what Min-woo encountered before, Suk-hoon realized that nothing much was known about the mysterious CEO, except for a family emblem. We go back to Hong-joo, who chose to tell her father about Suk-hoon moving out of the house; however, she pleaded for him not to ask for more details, since she didn’t want to trouble him with her problems. He tried to cheer her up with his singing and gave her a piece of advice: nothing could be solved between married couples with living apart and they should talk about their problems. Hear, hear! Between Se-young’s new found love and the married couple, my heart leans more on the couple’s side for now. Sigh..

Temptation E06.avi_002823256The day for the meeting with the important CEO had come and Min-woo left early for the important day. He saw Roy planting the flowers given by Hong-joo before and approached him, while Yoon-ah stared at them with wistful eyes. Awww princess, let me hug you! Se-young’s team was also getting ready to approach the CEO and she knew that Dongsung had an advantage over Ajin since they’re more experienced in the hotel industry compared to Ajin. Suk-hoon thought that Se-young should join Young-chul and him to meet the said CEO Du since it would help them greatly in securing a meeting even without prior appointment. Hong-joo appeared at Dongsung to meet Suk-hoon but he left his phone behind; instead, she ran into Se-young and saw that Se-young was wearing the shoes she bought back in Hong Kong.

Temptation E06.avi_003064497The two women sat down for a cup of coffee per Hong-joo’s invitation and Hong-joo insisted that Suk-hoon was working with Dongsung to prove that he could stay loyal to their marriage even with Se-young near him. Se-young came clean that she’s falling for him and if he’s still in love with Hong-joo, then it would be okay to be honest about her feelings. Hong-joo pointed out that it must be her hobby to take other people’s belongings but Se-young set it straight: the shoes was originally hers to begin with. She won’t let the second chance to hire Suk-hoon go away and told Hong-joo to stop blaming her. Hong-joo accidentally knocked down her coffee and left stains on her skirt, which might not come off easily just like her affected relationship with Suk-hoon.

Temptation E06.avi_003696162Although he knew that Hong-joo called him earlier, Suk-hoon chose to focus on his mission for the time being. Dongsung’s team went to the place where Ajin’s side was holding their meeting with CEO Du with the hope to meet the CEO. One of the CEO’s subordinate seemed uninterested with the long presentation by Ajin. Suk-hoon and Se-young were still waiting for the CEO as the subordinate accidentally knocked down Se-young’s notebook and Suk-hoon realized that the man was the real CEO Du after seeing the Du family emblem tattooed on his wrist. They decided to follow after the CEO and reached a remote market. Se-young ended up in Suk-hoon’s arms twice and he decided to hold her hand while walking through the marketplace. They were suddenly greeted by a man holding a flashlight pointed at them, asking who they were..

Temptation E06.avi_003732999*

I hope the CEO is not some kind of thug..because that might be life-threatening for these two and even cause problems for Dongsung later.




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  1. WOW!!! Thank you sooo much for recap!!! I really catch up with your Temptation Episode Recap!! 🙂

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