Lee Je Hoon Goes Dark and Bright for May Magazines

Today is chock full of goodies because it’s raining pictorials left and right! The highlight of the day (for me at least) has to be Lee Je-hoon, who has not one, but two magazine spreads for the upcoming month of May. He has started promoting for his upcoming drama Detective Hong Gil-dong/Phantom Detective and that explains the sudden flurry of news and pictorials of him ELLE chooses a darker indoor shoot for his feature in the magazine, whereas GQ takes him outside for bright and refreshing shots under the sunshine. Check out the released pictures so far, with more to come (hopefully)! He will also appear on Please Take Care of My Refrigerator with Kim Sung-kyun  on the 9th and 16th of May, and on Vapp movie channel tomorrow at 4.30 PM KST.

Credit to ELLE Korea & GQ Korea

Can’t wait for the interviews to come out~~~

>gif from DC LeeJeHoongallery

16 thoughts on “Lee Je Hoon Goes Dark and Bright for May Magazines

  1. Oh the flutters Lee Je-hoon gives me! Especially the GQ photos! Sooo hot! That last gif melts my heart though. It’s amazing how he can be oozing with male hormones one moment and turn extremely adorable the next moment.

    1. Those shots from GQ killed me before resurrecting me from death. They’re so bright o
      LOL you should check out his videos on Vapp movie channel! He made adorable faces and then laughing at how awkward it was for him XD

      1. Sigh I rewatched the V app videos for the nth time and his adorable face still melts my heart 😍 Alright alright, I’m a fan girl. Really hope the promotional activities for Detective Hong Gil Dong will continue for a long time so he won’t go back into hiding in his HK cafes, heh heh.

        1. Hahahaha he’s like the embodiment of a happy pill..so energetic and cheerful when he’s outside! It’s hard to believe that he’s actually quiet and more reserved in real life. I think you don’t have to worry about him going MIA and flies to HK, because he has been chosen as a goodwill ambassador for human rights in the Police Dept..so he will be doing some promotion with the police I guess? He really has a strong connection with police hehehehe

  2. Haha yeah he has an affinity with the police! He served in the police department for his military service too. Hmm let’s see, he’s got to be the cop with the cutest smile, cop with the best dance moves, cop with the sexiest voice… I loved to listen to Park Hae-young’s voice when he’s rattling on about his profiling. And the dance performance videos of him when he was serving with the police department must have been the best gift to his fans during his military service!

  3. He’s going to be on Please Take Care of My Refrigerator? Aaaaahhh he’s going to be in some of my favorite variety shows. How fun! But also weird at the same time since it’s like sudden bombardment of him. Not that I’m complaining. His new found determination to be on a lot of variety shows is awesome. And his confessions/advertisement of his singlehood is both cute and pitiful at the same time. I volunteer as tribute!

    And that gif omg.

    1. You totally have the same reaction as mine! At first, I was quite intrigued by the reason he is suddenly doing so many variety shows, but it is another new thing he wants to try out. LOL I was giggling and half-cringing at his confession on a national broadcast but the way he’s ‘promoting’ his single self is just adorable. I wonder if seeing married people around like Kim Sung-kyun and Jo Jin-woong stirs something deep inside him 😀

      1. Hahaha when he was like ‘I want to get attached, please! Please!’ I was like omg that’s embarrassing… The interviewer was awkwardly laughing. But another part of me was like ‘Me me me I offer myself as tribute!!!’. I think this is what they call adorkable 😀

      2. I think both his seniors, colleagues, and I’m assuming some of his similar aged friends are married or in serious relationships. I can’t fault the guy for going full speed in his career and I’m really glad he is, but it makes sense at his age that he wants a romantic relationship on top of his professional success.

        1. I wish him all the best for his romantic advances 😉 He seems like a good guy who did not have fate on his side when it comes to dating and stuff, but now that he is thinking about it, I am sure he will put his focus on it and try his best.

  4. Ahhh that new Happy Together episode is so cute. Our dear Je-hoon has finally gotten the hang of variety shows! He makes jokes! He sings! He dances! He makes girls’ hearts melt! _

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