April Dramas: What’s Your Pick?

This April can be considered as a quiet month for dramaland, save for three new dramas that will begin in the second half of the month. The Wed-Thu dramas on KBS2 and SBS have ended their runs last week, but we will only get one new addition to the currently airing dramas this week. Next week will be the premiere week for the other two, before we enter the busier May.

Entertainer will air its pilot episode today, taking over the Wed-Thu slot on SBS after Please Come Back, Mister concluded last week. According to Ji Sung, the drama will be heartwarming, following the journey of people chasing their dreams through the entertainment business. Ji Sung will play a manager who had the Midas touch when it comes to finding talents, until he is back stabbed and falls to the lowest point of his life. He will meet a high school student (Kang Minhyuk) and his sister/personal manager (Hyeri) to fix their broken dreams through the band named Entertainer. The drama also stars Chae Jung-ahn as Ji Sung’s longtime friend, TEEN TOP’s L.Joe, Gong Myung, and newcomer Lee Tae-sun. The series is most likely slated to have 16 episodes since the drama following it is scheduled to air in June. Writing is Yoo Young-ah,with past projects including heartwarming movies like Miracle in Cell No. 7 and My Paparoti (just to name a few) and it will be directed by Hong Sung-chang, who helmed King of Dramas and You’re Beautiful.



As for the successor of the most successful drama this year (so far), Master: God of Noodles has to wait for another week and give way to its predecessor’s special broadcast this week. Descendants of the Sun conquered the ratings game of Wed-Thu slot throughout its 8-week run, and all eyes are on the series following the drama. Adapted from a manhwa of the same title (minus the Master part), God of Noodles will follow a man (Chun Jung-myung) in his quest for revenge after losing his own name, through mastering the art of making noodles. He will be going face-to-face with Jo Jae-hyun’s character, a wicked man under his friendly appearance, and his friends will also get entangled in the event. Starring Chun Jung-myung, Jo Jae-hyun, Jung Yu-mi, Lee Sang-yeob, Gong Seung-yeon, and Kim Jae-young, most of the cast were recently seen in Six Flying Dragons! Both the writer and director have several drama specials in their resumes, and writer Chae Seung-dae penned Inspiring Generation. This 20-episode series will join the time slot on 27 April on KBS2.




I was initially surprised that MBC is taking such a huge risk to put a historical drama on its weekend slot, but they might have the confidence since it will be the comeback project of the well-known producer Lee Byung-hun, who directed the famous sageuk like Horse Doctor, Dong Yi, Yi San, Ballad of Suh Dong, and Dae Jang Geum. The Flower in Prison or Okjunghwa is the story of a smart lady born in the Joseon prison jeonokseo, which was more like a bureau of punishment. Her name Ok Nyeo literally means ‘prison woman’, and she will have an encounter with a mysterious man associated with Joseon merchant, Yoon Tae-won. Since the characters also include Queen Munjeong and her brothers, I guess the story will take place during Jungjong’s reign. Maybe this Yoon is also related to the royals?? Writer Choi Wan-gyu’s last work was Triangle but he also worked on Guam Heo Joon before that. Starring Jin Se-yeon, Go Soo, and Jung Da-bin, it will follow Marriage Contract, premiering on the 30th of April and slated for 50 episodes



So, will you be watching any of these dramas?


10 thoughts on “April Dramas: What’s Your Pick?

  1. I will check out the first two episodes of Entertainer to see what cutiepie Min Hyuk can offer us. I don’t expect much from it, but if it impresses me, then I’ll continue watching.

    Other than that, I don’t have a problem waiting for May.

      1. I am currently watching the first episode. I will not watch anymore after this. It’s not working for me. I’ll just wait til the end if it’s worth marathoning. But I don’t believe that will happen.

        1. I see. I read that the pilot was slow with a lot of details, but maybe it will pick up once Ji Sung’s character recover from the blow. I hope it will be better.

  2. After completing SFD and Signal, which are both fantastic in terms of acting, directing and script, nothing interests me anymore… Probably will wait till much later in the year for Park Shin-hye+Kim Rae-won’s Doctors and Lee Jong-suk+Han Hyo-joo’s W.

  3. Entertainer has caught my eye! And f course that’s mostly because of Ji-Sung, hehe. Love that first promo, very cute and funny. I like the idea of The Flower in Prison but with 50+ not sure if I’ll be able to watch it. 😀

    1. Somehow the drama reminds me of King of Dramas, probably because of their common theme that is about entertainment business. 50 episodes will not be an easy feat but I hope the drama will be engaging to watch~

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