Hwang Jung Eum × Ryu Jun Yeol for Marie Claire May 2016

Ever since the first picture of Hwang Jung-eum and Ryu Jun-yeol together was unveiled, I kept praying for a pictorial featuring both of them because that just screamed photo shoot material! I did not know that it was actually a behind-the-scene shot of their Marie Claire photo shoot and just imagine how stoked I was when I saw the pictorial ^^ We still have one month to go until Lucky Romance airs, so I guess this will tide us over until the premiere on May 25th. I love her hairstyle so, so much!

Credit to marie claire Korea (pictorial) (interview)

4 thoughts on “Hwang Jung Eum × Ryu Jun Yeol for Marie Claire May 2016

  1. They look amazing together! I didn’t recognize her at first but she looks wonderful with her hair like that. What a great looking couple. I can’t wait to watch their drama, the few clips that I have seen look good.

  2. I was skeptical of this pairing when I first heard about the casting, but man, these two look amazing together! I take it all back, and I can’t wait to see how they spark off each other on my screen! ^^

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