Lee Jun Ki for Marie Claire

[Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of posts the past few months and this year especially – life happened and I haven’t made enough time to write a proper post on the blog.. I have some posts in the works but they’re still incomplete. I really miss blogging (and all of you), so I should get myself together and start posting more frequently. My sincere apologies; nevertheless I hope you all continue to stick around and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the continuous support. – Jas]

After doing Two Weeks back in 2013, Lee Jun-ki is finally back with a modern-day drama Criminal Minds, which is a remake of the US crime procedural of the same title. He’s done mostly sageuks and I cannot agree more that he looks fabulous in hanbok, but seeing him in a drama set in present day definitely excites me! Honestly speaking, I don’t have much expectations for the show but I will still check it out, for oppa (lol). Criminal Minds premieres on tvN this fall, and its cast also includes Moon Chae-won (who is also under Namoo Actors which is Lee Jun-ki’s agency as well), Son Hyun-joo, Lee Sun-bin and more. Pictures and stills of the drama’s filming have already been floating around, now I can’t wait to see their collaboration together~

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Kim Rae Won for Marie Claire

It is great that actor Kim Rae-won has been garnering more attention since his return to dramaland for legal thriller Punch at the end of 2014. The previous drama project he did before that was A Thousand Days’ Promise in 2011. He received a Producer Award at last year’s drama awards for his portrayal of Prosecutor Park Jung-hwan (Cheers! XD ) This year, he graced the small screen for medical romance drama Doctors – anyone misses Hong Hong Hong and his charms? After wrapping up the project, he took to LA to shoot for a feature in Marie Claire’s October issue! I am so glad he is getting featured more on the fashion magazines ❤

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Magazine Monday – Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye

I am bringing back Magazine Monday with the leads from SBS’s latest medical drama Doctors, and they are none other than Kim Rae-won and Park Shin-hye who star as neurosurgeons in the show. The overall tone of the drama is light-hearted, coupled with some medical cases in the mix. Doctors has also been putting out a massive cameo parade as more episodes are released, and the special appearances include those from Im Ji-yeon, Han Hye-jin, Namgoong Min and Lee Sang-yeob. Despite the short screen-time, we get to see them show their best acting chops in solid performances. Yoon Kyun-sang also stars in Doctors as another neurosurgeon, and you can visit his feature here. Onto the pretties! 🙂

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Hwang Jung Eum × Ryu Jun Yeol for Marie Claire May 2016

Ever since the first picture of Hwang Jung-eum and Ryu Jun-yeol together was unveiled, I kept praying for a pictorial featuring both of them because that just screamed photo shoot material! I did not know that it was actually a behind-the-scene shot of their Marie Claire photo shoot and just imagine how stoked I was when I saw the pictorial ^^ We still have one month to go until Lucky Romance airs, so I guess this will tide us over until the premiere on May 25th. I love her hairstyle so, so much!

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Magazine Monday – Jung Kyung Ho

I was looking forward to seeing Jung Kyung-ho in a new project after last year’s Falling For Innocence on tvN, and thankfully he picked his next work very soon, that is the currently airing Wed-Thu prime-time drama One More Happy Ending! It’s been years since he’s appeared in weekday dramas showing on the Big 3 broadcast networks (the last being Ja Myung Go in 2009), and I’m really happy he took up the role as single dad Song Soo-hyuk 😀 It’s hard not to love Soo-hyuk, who is a one-of-a-kind character as the leading man. He’s caring and sincere to the people around him, which is rare for a kdrama male lead right from the outset. Furthermore, his relationship with his 13-year-old son Min-woo is gold ❤ Their interactions make me go Awww~ it is really heartwarming to see how much they love and care for each other. The star of this week’s feature is Jung Kyung-ho, because he’s one amazing actor. And Valentine’s Day was yesterday but this will be my Valentine’s gift to all of you here 😉

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Magazine Monday – Lee Chun Hee

The celebrity of this week is actor Lee Chun-hee, because this is my dedication post to him after having completed I Remember You recently. Starring as Kang Eun-hyuk, he presented his humorous and charismatic sides making the drama more enjoyable despite it being a less major role. Being a model-turned actor, he has lots of pictorials which show how handsome he is! He is so photogenic it’s like he was born to be in front of the camera ❤ This time, I am organising the pictorials into a few themes. Read on to find out! 😉

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Lee Soo Hyuk for Marie Claire

Lee Soo-hyuk played a memorable role as evil vampire Gwi in fantasy sageuk Scholar Who Walks The Night and he will be welcoming viewers in 2016 with upcoming drama Neighbourhood Hero on cable network OCN which will premiere on January 23rd. The actor stars as Choi Chan-gyu, a young man with aspirations to become a police officer who will work together with an ex-secret agent to fight against evil. He graces the pages of marie claire’s January 2016 issue in an indoor shoot with a relaxing atmosphere.

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Magazine Monday – The Leads of She Was Pretty

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you artistic shots of the leading kings and queens who starred in one of 2015’s hottest romantic comedies! Warning: If you are on data plan, you might not want to open this image-heavy post.

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Park Yoo Hwan for Marie Claire

Actor Park Yoo-hwan is featured on December’s issue of marie claire Korea after his portrayal of Kim Joon-woo in the recently concluded drama She Was Pretty. I am glad that he is becoming more recognised after taking up this role and he has definitely won my heart! For now, let’s move on to the pictures ❤ I must say that he is really good-looking!

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Kwon Sang Woo for Marie Claire

Following the release of his latest movie, marie claire Korea put up a pictorial for this October featuring Kwon Sang-woo decked in clothing from the brand Breuer designed in France and made in Italy. He looks dapper as he poses with a car in most of the shots. I like the variety of styles and suits showcased!

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