Moon Geun Young for Allure

2015 continues to be a great year for Moon Geun-young: she has her movie comeback through Sado/The Throne; variety comeback through Two Days One Night; and soon, drama comeback through The Village: Achiara’s Secret. Allure Korea features the 29-year old actress in a photo shoot for its October edition and Moon Geun-young shares her thoughts on her latest movie as well as her life in the accompanying interview. As much as I love her recent two-toned hair (because it’s purple!), the short hair does suit her adorable self^^

moongeunyoung+allure+oct15_3 moongeunyoung+allure+oct15_2 moongeunyoung+allure+oct15_0 moongeunyoung+allure+oct15_1


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