Detectives on the Go (and for ELLE)

Mystery crime movie Detective: The Beginning is finally set to open in South Korean cinemas on 24th September. Starring Kwon Sang-woo and Sung Dong-il, it tells the story of family-oriented man Kang Dae-man (Kwon Sang-woo) who runs a comic book store and has a great interest in mystery novels. He gets on Detective No’s (Sung Dong-il) nerves when he pokes his nose into police affairs…until one day when Dae-man’s detective friend, Joon-soo (Park Hae-joon) gets arrested for murder. Detective No and Dae-man end up working together to solve the case. I really like action movies so I am looking forward to this one! The posters, stills and press pictures have been released. Check them out 🙂

The two leads had a pictorial for ELLE Korea’s September issue, and made a recent appearance on Running Man. I like the way they look portraying their characters in the movie.

The character trailer for the movie is also out and from the looks of it, the movie is going to take on a comedic tone in the midst of breaking the murder mystery 😀 Hahaha action and comedy is a perfect combination!

There are a total of 6 posters for the movie which I think look pretty cool. And it’s nice to see the duo show the different sides of their characters, just by a facial expression 😉

Finally, my favourite one from the lot!

Stills from the movie’s filming (credits to the production)

Haaa so cheeky XD

A press conference for the movie was held at the Apgujeong CGV in Seoul on 24th August. I’m sure both Sung Dong-il and Kwon Sang-woo are also excited for their movie to premiere, having completed the filming a few months ago. Look at some of the shots below~ Smiles are always welcome ❤

I like how they used a police line banner as the ribbon to cut ^^

Kwon Sang-woo does so well in melodramas, and it’s great to know that we will be able to see his comical side through this movie. And Sung Dong-il never disappoints! I can’t wait to know more about the plot too. How will Detective No work together with Dae-man given his dislike for the latter at first, and will they be able to unravel the mystery to prove Joon-soo’s innocence?

Pictorial credits | ELLE | Media Conference credit to press outlet(s)

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