More Stills for Yongpal

For the past 3 weeks since Yongpal premiered, SBS has constantly released stills featuring mostly the leads, Joo-won and Kim Tae-hee. Since there are many pictures, I thought it would be good to put them in a separate post. This set of stills includes some behind-the-scenes shots and photographs of other characters. Not only is Yongpal doing extremely well in South Korea (It hit a new record of 20.4% nationwide for the sixth episode), the drama is also gaining popularity among the international community.  This achievement is well-deserved, and I am very happy for Joo-won who had pulled all-nighters of 6 days while filming this drama. Take care, Joo-won! Seeing the support that Yongpal has garnered, I am sure that the production team and cast will be encouraged to continue doing their best; let’s keep supporting them! 🙂 Meanwhile, enjoy the stills below~

I love this ^ shot! Joo-won’s pose hahaha XD

This was the picture that Joo-won posted on his Instagram. Smiling Joo-won is ❤

-The cast reading their scripts intently-

-The leads working hard on set!-

Tae-hyun and his family 🙂

Then we have Jung Woong-in as villain Chief Lee in the still cuts below, who rarely smiles in the drama but is scary even when he does O_o

Nurse Hwang who gives off creepy vibes because of her not-so-right mind…

Now, we will have stills of Joo-won after his style transformation! Hahaha cue suit plus tie, and bowtie maybe? 😉

“My time is coming.” Go Yeo-jin!

Random thoughts about Yongpal:

Joo-won is remarkable in his role, and he’s totally handsome! ❤ Kim Tae-hee portrays Yeo-jin’s emotions amazingly and she’s gorgeous 😀 I’m enjoying the drama very much, and one thing I love about it is the background music, especially during the action sequences and thrilling parts. My heart beats faster, and deep inside I can’t wait to see what will follow. Sometimes you feel the emotions of a scene not only from the character’s facial expressions and words, but also the music playing. Besides the characters, I think that the soundtrack also contributes to what makes Yongpal a good watch 🙂

You can find previously posted stills here 🙂

Credits: SBS | Twitter | Yongpal’s | Official Website | Facebook

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