Swapped Babies and Warring Architects in My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol

Just like what I thought, MBC’s up and coming weekend offering, My Daughter, Geum Sa-wol, lives up to its writer’s credential: there are warring families, old grudges, mistaken identities, swapped babies, inferiority complexes, family secrets, and last but not least, friendship and rivalry. Strangely enough, the new work of writer Kim Sun-ok feels like a potentially good family drama, although the time slot is well known for its tendency to go all the way down the makjang route. Well, I am hoping that the show will surprise me, and surpass the sensational hit last year, Jang Bo-ri is Here!, which made it possible for its resident evil second lead Lee Yoo-ri to bring home the Daesang in the station’s drama awards.

The first teaser is out, showing the four leads sitting around a game of poker while describing their respective characters: King Yoon Hyun-min’s Kang Chan-bin never lost in anything since birth; Queen Park Se-young’s Oh Hye-sang always gets what she wants; while Joker Do Sang-woo’s Joo Se-hoon doesn’t really care about winning, as long as they’re willing to play with him. But then, they can’t really win against Baek Jin-hee, because she is titular Geum Sa-wol!

Now that there is less that two weeks left until the premiere on 5th September, the official website is open for visit and the description of the cast can be found there. Somehow I feel that the parents’ stories are more gripping compared to the youngsters’, although that can be attributed to the early plot development that will make the viewers glued to their screens for the whole 25 weeks of the drama’s airtime. The main cast for the parents are familiar faces in dramaland and you might have seen them in your previous dramas.


Jeon In-hwa plays Shin Deuk-ye, the only child of a famous architect with beauty and brains; however, she holds a secret that is a daughter she gave birth from her relationship with her first love, Oh Min-ho (Park Sang-won). Things get complicated when the baby gets switched with another girl at the hospital, and Han Ji-hye (Do Ji-won), Deuk-ye’s best friend, makes up her mind to adopt Deuk-ye’s baby girl. Ji-hye ends up marrying Min-ho without realizing that the man Deuk-ye loved was him, and the baby she adopted was supposed to be their child. Deuk-ye, on the other hand, marries Kang Man-hoo (Son Chang-min), a man who was once a driver of her family. He feels inferior that his mother works there as a housekeeper, and he raises his son to be different than him. Man-hoo was married to Choi Ma-ri (Kim Hee-jung) but she ended up becoming a mere mistress in the family.

The complicated history of the parents continue its legacy in the next generation: the adopted baby girl grows up to be the pretty architect Oh Hye-sang (Park Se-young), and the swapped baby becomes the gifted architect Geum Sa-wol (Baek Jin-hee). They were sent to the orphanage on the same day – a coincidence that is just the beginning of a twisted fate that binds them together. The girls grow up closer than real sisters and even promised not to get adopted to separate homes. Hye-sang is then adopted Min-ho and Ji-hye and gets the better end of the stick, but their fate doesn’t end there: both turn out to be architects when they are older and become rivals in the industry.

Kang Chan-bin (Yoon Hyun-min) is the little prince of Man-hoo, groomed to be an heir since he was young: he was pampered and treated like a real prince everywhere he goes, but the happy face he puts on every day is just his own way of coping with the complicated relationship he has with his two mothers: his legal mother Deuk-ye and his birth mother Ma-ri. While Chan-bin is an obedient child who has never thought of fighting against his father, Joo Se-hoon (Do Sang-woo) is the opposite. He used to be a model student, but his consciousness got the better hold of him: he was ashamed of his father’s job as a moneylender and chose to live freely, or rather carelessly. He gambled, fought, and even got chased away by the restaurant owner when he had no money to buy some food, all for the reason of proving that he can live even without the money his father loves so much.

To make matters worse, Min-ho and Man-hoo are rivals, while Deuk-ye has a revenge plan on her mind. Ji-hye’s world seems like breaking apart when the truth comes out, yet she is drawn to Sa-wol. Ma-ri can’t seem to win over her lifetime rival Deuk-ye, but she has the dream of getting back her position as the wife of Man-hoo through Chan-bin. How will the youngsters fare in the complicated family history of their parents? Only the drama has the answer..and we’ll have to watch it to find out! My Daughter, Geum Sa-wol will follow after The Queen’s Flower on Saturday and Sunday nights, starting 5th September.

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Second teaser is out, further proving how cute the leads are!!







(Pictures and info credit to My Daughter, Geum Sa-wol’s official website (iMBC))


11 thoughts on “Swapped Babies and Warring Architects in My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol

  1. Wow, sounds makjang enough to me. The storyline is way too familiar and maybe overdone in K-drama, but I guess that’s the whole point. I love Park Seyoung but she’s never in a drama that I actually liked. Hopefully this will be a good one to start.

      1. For some reason, I never gotten the motivation to watch School 2013, despite having Lee Jongsuk and Kim Woobin in it. Perhaps the lack of romance was a big turn off, I’m a romance junkie. I last saw Park Seyoung in Sincerity Moves Heaven, I blame the writing and they made her such a frustrating character I wanted to smash the TV. I don’t care much for the male leads in this, but I really liked Baek Jinhee in Empress Ki. I just might tune in to this possible disaster.

  2. I really like Park Seyoung and I loved her in her small but meaningful role in Faith. I feel she she hasn’t been challenged enough in her roles…this girl can act…I hope this is a good choice for her but right now I’m just happy she’s on my tv screen again..

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