Yongpal: Stills, Posters & Teasers

With a week left before Yongpal’s premiere after Mask, SBS has released promotional material featuring the two leads, Joo Won & Kim Tae Hee. I’m so excited to see Joo Won again since the last drama of his I watched was Good Doctor. In Yongpal, he stars as a doctor Kim Tae Hyun who treats patients illegally in secret. And the reason for that is: his “clients” are usually the uber rich who are unable to seek medical treatment through the proper system due to their shady dealings which most likely are clashes with the law. Like all surgeon heroes, he is talented but what sets him apart is his willingness to treat anyone as long as they have the ability to pay. In this position, he is made aware of some scandalous happenings at the chaebol households. Wow. I’m intrigued. [Updated]

In the picture above, Joo Won is seen with a gangster boss (played by Song Kyung Chul) who is wounded at his abdomen. They appear to be in pursuit as Tae Hyun looks back…and they’re actually standing on a bridge railing? Dangerous. Woah, not only are there problems within the chaebol families, there are also gang-related problems; so complicated even before the drama airs. I can’t wait to see how the complexity will play out based on how the backstory sounds. Kim Tae Hee, on the other hand, plays a chaebol heiress Yeo Jin who is lying unconscious (as a result of an accident) at the hospital Tae Hyun is working in.

In the first teaser below, we hear her in voice-over:

“The way to get out of this dream of mine is to be awakened from my sleep. However, if I cannot wake up, this nightmare will continue.”

Hmm sounds interesting, but what does it mean? It appears that she wants to get up from her deep sleep, but I wonder how her all these is linked to the story. This is probably why they used a dreamlike concept for the clip. After that comes the hero, Joo Won reaching out his hand to her followed by a series of movements before ending with an embrace.

Below are some photos taken from making the first teaser. Looking good 😎

The cast is rounded up by Jung Woong In as a villainous surgeon (Anyone getting creepy I Hear Your Voice vibes here? O_o ) who put Yeo Jin in a coma, Jo Hyun Jae as Yeo Jin’s half-brother who ordered her to be put in this state and is the chairman of the group she is heiress to. His character is married to Chae Jung Ahn, who stars as a calm chaebol wife on the surface, yet she keeps sharp eyes and ears on the going-ons at the VIP hospital suite.

Who wants to get treated by a doctor who looks this scary(?) I wonder if that is the right word to use, but this character shot gives me the chills…

Smiling villains are unpredictable :/

I like the choice of clothing for her 😛 They look great on her!

Below is the behind-the-scenes video while they were shooting for the first teaser, and wow, they actually had to do this much just for one teaser? It sure doesn’t look easy 😮

The latest teaser below shows Joo Won in action while his character is being described as famous skillful quack” doctor LOL (quack doctor means someone who pretends to be good at medical skills), but for him “there is no such thing as death for those who get his treatment.” Yongpal is a codename he uses while going on his night-errand (no, he’s not Healer). We then see him asking someone, “Want to bet, whether he lives or die?” Hahaha he’s so sure of his skills!

In a split second of transition we have a scene showing Tae Hyun speeding off in a vehicle with a group of policemen and then police cars chasing after him and we hear him say: “No…then my sister will die. No, she won’t die. She can’t die.” During which he is seen with a white coat in looking worriedly over someone being wheeled along in the hospital (presumably his sister). After a series of Joo Won and Kim Tae Hee visuals, the teaser ends off with Tae Hyun saying nonchalantly:

“In any case, this world is run by money.”

I think it’s pretty clear that Tae Hyun will do anything for money. He has a younger sister who is very ill so he needs the riches to pay for her medical bills and there is a loanshark after him for a huge amount of debt. From the premise, it can be seen that the series is also an action thriller apart from being a medical drama. I am looking forward to seeing Joo Won in the dark side! This time his character seems to be the mysterious, ‘bad boy’ kind but at the same time he cares deeply for his sister. Awww, such a loving brother ❤ And the latest teaser:

More stills! 🙂

Long preview:

Trailer for the opening episode:

I must say the ideas for the posters (below) are really cool given the context of a medical drama. Ahh, it must be because of Tae Hyun’s special night job. With Kim Tae Hee’s face hidden in the scalpel and Joo Won’s shadow in the background…hmm. Tae Hyun must be the key to waking Yeo Jin up from her coma. And the setting sun in the midst of high-rise buildings, time for Yongpal to get moving?


Short video with character descriptions and a reminder for everyone to catch the drama next week!

Highlights from the press conference that was held on 30th July.

P.S. I will update as more teasers/stills come in, so do keep a lookout! 🙂 Subs(teaser) credit: Kaizen68 [Pictures & Videos credit: SBSNOW Twitter | Youtube | Yongpal’s | FacebookWebsite ]

11 thoughts on “Yongpal: Stills, Posters & Teasers

  1. I’m looking forward to this drama, the story sounds intriguing and i really like the posters and teasers so far.

    1. Yeah me too. I wonder how the medical and thriller elements are going to be combined. And there’s Joo Won

      1. And the first poster reminds me of Ji Changwook’s poster in healer. Plus Lee Jongsuk in Doctor Stranger treated patients illegally for money too. Nothing against this drama since I love Joo Won but it’s originality is questionable. Not that kdramaland is short of cliche stories but blatant copy seems like a red flag.

        1. The comparison is inevitable especially with Healer airing only earlier this year, and the medical genre on SBS brings the bad memories of Doctor Stranger. I do hope for the best for the drama since I really like the male leads 😉

  2. It is Joo Won!!!!! I missed him sooooo mucccchhhh on my screen. I am so glad he is back again. One of the best actors of his generation who never stops re-inventing himself.

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