September Spreadelicious: Leading Ladies of My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol

September is shaping up to be one interesting month with a slew of new dramas coming our way, which means the return of the celebrities we love! Baek Jin-hee and Park Se-young are making their comeback to the small screen through MBC’s weekend drama My Daughter, Geum Sa-wol, and both of them are featured in September issues of Grazia and @star1, respectively.



Baek Jin-hee, who was last seen in Pride and Prejudice, is making her name as MBC’s darling because Geum Sa-wol will be her fifth drama in a row with the station. I was (and still am!) apprehensive about watching My Daughter, Geum Sa-wol, since it comes from Writer Kim Soon-ok, who also penned Jang Bo-ri is Here! and Five Fingers…and both dramas were ultra-makjang. It is a given that Geum Sa-wol will be likely treading the same path since a) it’s on MBC; and b) it’s on the weekend slot, which is famous for its makjang genre.



BUT I learned that they’re also casting Park Se-young as the second lead..and I’m REALLY tempted to watch it, because it has has been a while since the last time I followed the ladies’ projects! Park Se-young’s last project was A Good Day, a weekend drama on SBS, but I didn’t watch it 😦 So…maybe it is my fate to watch Geum Sa-wol this time?!

The drama also stars Yoon Hyun-min and Do Sang-woo as the male leads, and a huge number of cast (since it is a weekender, after all) : Jeon In-hwa (pictured below with Baek Jin-hee), Ahn Nae-sang, Park Sang-won, Do Ji-won, Son Chang-min, Kal So-won, and Kim Ji-young, just to name a few.


Here’s hoping that I will be able to weather all things in the drama because I really like the four leads…and praying that I will be making a correct choice. Surprise me, drama, and don’t waste these ladies’s talents!

Credit to GRAZIA | @star1

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