Coming Soon to Cable: Mar/Apr

If cable channels were once deemed as optional by Korean household, I am sure that most of the drama viewers nowadays would feel that they’re missing all the fun if they don’t subscribe to those channels. With more freedom to create their contents, these channels have been churning out dramas after another, and their series are worthy rivals of those aired on the public broadcasting channels. The upcoming line up for these channels are no joke either, and I’m already anticipating their arrival.

Leading the pack of upcoming dramas for cable is Super Daddy Yeol, premiering on 13th March (which is next week!) on tvn. Taking over the new hot slot on Fri-Sat nights, it follows the life of a man who thinks that marriage is like a Grade B, makjang-laden horror movie. He never get over his first love and gets reunited with her, and fate brings them together in a marriage because the lady needs a daddy for her 10-year old daughter. It’s not an everyday occurrence to witness a doctor getting a bad news regarding her own health, and I have a feeling that this drama might turn me into a weeping mess in the latter episodes.


Lee Dong-gun is the super daddy in training Han Yeol and ironically, he’s again married to another Mi-rae in this universe after the tragedy he had in Mirae’s Choice. Forget the evil Yeon Min-jung, because Lee Yoo-ri’s character this time is a caring mother to her only daughter, Sa-rang. Lee Re plays the girl Yeol has to babysit and prove himself that he’s worthy of becoming a father. The drama is not complete without the second leads, and we have Seo Joon-young and Seo Ye-ji pining for the Super Mommy and Super Daddy, respectively.

I get how traumatic it is to have a weird ajusshi releasing his toxic bomb in your face, Sa-rang.

Here’s the teaser for the first episode:

After another success that was Bad Guys for OCN, the channel has conformed another crime thriller in the make: Missing Noir M. Although I’m a bit bummed that TEN3 won’t happen in the nearest time (and possibly not this year), the cast for M is to die for: Kim Kang-woo and Park Hee-soon. As the title suggests, the drama deals with missing people with criminal records and we have two men in the team: ex-FBI agent Gil Soo-hyun and veteran detective Oh Dae-young.


Directing is the PD behind the TEN franchise, Lee Seung-young, so I expect sleek camera work for the series. The teaser reminds me of Bad Guys, and I am happy if the drama manages to combine the feels of both TEN and Bad Guys. Together with their cyber detective Jin Seo-joon (Jo Bo-ah), the Special Missing Persons Unit will meet us at the end of this month, with Kang Ha-neul as their first case: the missing genius psychopath Lee Jung-soo. By any chance..are you related to Jung-moon?


Mark your calendar for M: every Saturday starting on 28th March.

jtbc has been on a roll lately despite the initial bump it had with Maids, but the drama is receiving lots of love from the viewers nowadays. The follow-up drama Falling for Innocence is slated for April broadcast, and the plot is still vague as for now: a merciless man turns into a softie at heart (literally) when he gets a heart transplant…and (you guess it) falls for a woman named Soon-jung (meaning innocence).


The drama was said to be a melodrama but the promo materials are suggesting that it’s a far cry from the standard melo. Maybe melo with a dask of quirk is the new trend? This is the reunion project of Jung Kyung-ho and his Bromance Partner Forever Yoon Hyun-min after Heartless City and House, Mate, and they’re fighting over Kim So-yeon as the titular Soon-jung. Bring on the cute, the bickering, and the hair-pulling, but don’t break my heart!

The ‘innocent’ teasers for a drama about innocence..

..or ‘Expectation versus Reality’?

Falling for Innocence is slated for Fri-Sat slot, premiering on 3rd April.

Bring out all the food you have and if you don’t, start filling up your kitchen cabinet with food, food, food! Ramen is also acceptable in this case, because tvn is bringing back the food p0rn this April! Let’s Eat Season 2 has been confirmed for the Mon-Tue slot following Hogu’s Love, and the teasers have turned me into a hungry monster.


Although it’s a bit sad that we’re without our eating goddess Lee Soo-kyung this time, our Siksha-nim Yoon Doojoon is accompanied by a team of new eaters, which includes Seo Hyun-jin and Kwon Yul. I think the production team might have watched Seo Hyun-jin gobbling up her food in King’s Daughter Soo Baek Hyang, and this will be her first modern drama in three years.

We still have one month until the premiere, so buy whatever food while you can or you probably want to learn some Korean recipes in case of severe cravings in the middle of watching the show. Maybe I should practice my kimbap making skills while waiting for this drama! Let’s Eat Season 2 will premiere on 6th April.

How about you? Have you decided on your next cable show, or are you waiting for other dramas?

8 thoughts on “Coming Soon to Cable: Mar/Apr

  1. “By any chance..are you related to Jung-moon?”
    LOL. I think Korean has a thing for genius kids. I’ve been watching the variety show “The Return of Superman” and most parents on the show feel their kids are geniuses at the slightest things, while I just thought they learn faster than most kids.

      1. It’s ok. My external drive crashed last night along with hundreds of my dramas. I had to start downloading from scratch. cries

        1. I usually use a Chinese torrent because it uploads within 24 hours, but the subs are all in Chinese and I can understand only half of it. I figured since I needed to start from scratch, I might as well download raw and get English subs from subscene.

        2. I use torrentman but it’s all in Korean. You can Google the korean title + torrent and it will appear. Make sure you have good antivirus since the site has malware..

        3. I found a website with decent video quality and smaller size, I guess I have to settle for that considering I don’t have an extra external drive to spare. T_T

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