Splendid Politics (Hwajung) : Episode 5

The bloody fragments of Gwanghae’s reign dictated in the history has just begun in the drama, yet the body count is already at an alarming rate. Insecurity lingers around the royal throne despite the absence of major threats to the king, and everyone is trying to make the best out of the happenings in the palace. One thing we can be sure of is that the death rate will continue to rise in these few episodes.

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UEE – InStyle May 2015

Fresh off her recent drama Hogu’s Love, UEE flew to Jeju Island and participated in a photo shoot session with InStyle Korea for the magazine’s May edition. She posed against the camellias in the background and shared her thoughts regarding her character in the drama as well as her antics while filming Hogu’s Love. Check out these shots of the garden fairy UEE~

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Jung Kyung Ho – The Celebrity May 2015

The ‘corporate serial killer’ Kang Min-ho turns into a tender guy! Jung Kyung-ho, currently starring in jtbc’s Falling for Innocence, is to be featured in The Celebrity’s May issue. He talks about the reason he chose the drama after starring in two dramas and played tough guys: Paksa Adeul in Heartless City and Han Kwang-chul in Endless Love. He also expresses his thoughts about his character Min-ho and regards Falling for Innocence as a growth drama for the character.

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Ji Sung is Back! (for bnt)

Good news has to be shared, and well…isn’t this a good one? Ji Sung is channeling his inner alters through a photo shoot with International bnt News Korea and pictures are trickling down in the media, so I’m going to update this post regularly. Yeay for more pictorial, yeay for more Ji Sung!

(I have updated the post with the interviews! ^.^)

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Splendid Politics (Hwajung) : Episode 4

Desperation runs high behind the palace walls and everyone is scrambling to find the safest ground to stand on. Allies are made, loyalty gets tested, and ties are broken left and right because of insecurities. It is just a matter of time for Gwanghae to snap under all the pressure he has to endure, but it is difficult to point out the person who first lit the fire. Who is to be blamed in this situation: the king, the ministers, the dowager, or simply the dirty politics?

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