Kill Me, Heal Me – Episode 16

Brace yourself, for this hour does not seem like an easy one for the faint-hearted fans, including me. Tears seem to be endless for episode 15 and I can’t imagine what will happen if this episode is going to grind my heart with all the torture and sadness. Will there be an end to their suffering of 21 years? And the most important thing: how will Ri-jin process all the memories when they come and hit her all at once?

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Kill Me, Heal Me – Episode 15

Do-hyun finally recovers the big chunk of his lost memories and it is a great way to provide a testament on how strong he has grown, since the day he declared his will to find the forgotten past and to face the truth, no matter how ugly it will be. Some things are easier said than done, but for someone who has been surviving in the frightening world by himself like Do-hyun, he might be able to conquer the pain. However, the bigger stake is that it involves his significant other, who might be hurt because of his fight this time. Instead of pain, regret might be bigger of an obstacle for him to overcome…

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Choi Woo Shik and UEE Get Up Close and Personal for Allure

Their characters in Hogu’s Love might be in different worlds from each other: Ho-gu is an ordinary webtoon assistant while Do-hee is the nation’s goddess swimmer but the pair’s chemistry flares up in the March edition of Allure, where they pose intimately for the magazine. Can we get more of this ‘drama pairings in magazines’ trends? Because I surely won’t mind seeing more of my OTPs outside the drama. And yes, these two are killing it, both in the drama and in this pictorial.

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Kill Me, Heal Me – Episode 14

What is the exact price one has to pay to find out about a piece of truth? His whole fortune, his soul, or his sense of comfort? Truth is often disturbing and uncomfortable, thus driving most people to hide it, instead of tarnishing their images with the ugly thing that is the truth. Do-hyun is not really thinking of the price right now, but most importantly, the way he has to go through the entangled web of lies concocted by his spider-like family members. However, will he be able to bring the truth to light in the end and face his inner pain, or will he get stuck in the sticky web forever, unable to escape his fears?

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