The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Another blogging award is making its round among the drama blogs and this time, it’s sisterhood-centric! We just celebrated the International Women’s Day last Sunday and it’s fitting to be able to receive this award from fellow bloggers Hazelle from The A-Philosopher’s Chair and Kfangurl from The Fangirl Verdict. Thank you so much, girls! In case you are not aware of it yet, yes, I am a lady 😉

~Oh, Nelly from MyMyooz and Kwon from Dramajjang had also nominated me last week, and I just got into the mood to answer the questions. Thank you and sorry for the late response ^^;

~Thank you Soori from Four Seasons Dramas and Mitta for the nominations! Hehehe ❤

I find it funny that Kfangurl describes me as the one with a serious side, because I’m just an awkward lady in real life. Hehehe! Although both Kfangurl and Hazelle highlight my posts about Korean culture, I feel a bit apologetic because I have been slacking lately, part of it because I am focusing more on a certain modern show these days. The process of writing a post related to culture and history is a bit complicated since I have to read a lot of materials until I am confident to write about the topic before I create the draft on WordPress. That does not guarantee for the post to see the light on the following day, because I will only publish it once I feel that the post is almost perfect. I’ve got several posts lined up for the upcoming sageuk premiere, so stay tuned!


Oh, I am supposed to talk about the award! Okay, The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award is an award from a female blogger to another, because our friendship and sisterhood rock the world of blogging! That’s my personal take on the award, and I feel that passing the award around is just like sharing your love with your blogging girlfriends. I’m not that rigid though, because when it comes to our Kdramaland circle, guys are welcomed too!

Honestly, my buddies who nominated me: kfangurl and hazelle, are both amazing bloggers in their own unique way. The A-Philosopher’s Chair is a place which feels like a bookstore (my favourite place to visit in the shopping mall!) for me. All the articles on the blog are written excellently, and I can feel the warmth emanating from each word. I might sound like I’m exaggerating but please, do visit the blog and see it for yourself. As for kfangurl, I’m always awed at her ability to write reviews of all kinds: long, short, express, dramas, movies, and specials. The Fangirl Verdict is like a playground built out of love, and it’s a fun place to visit. Oh, and don’t forget to support her #FindMyTribe movement on the blog!

Each award has its own set of rules, but I was a good student during my school days and didn’t really break the school’s rules, I am going to be a rebel this time. Consider yourself warned! Heeee~

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
  • Put the award logo on your blog.
  • Answer the questions they have sent you.
  • Make up ten five new questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Nominate five blogs and make sure they are aware they are nominated.
  • When you have responded, leave a link in the comment of the person who nominated you.

Question time!

[tvN] Hogu's.Love.E09.150309.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_002495409


  1. If you didn’t have a blog, how would you be spending your spare time? I would probably spend my time reading, watching dramas, and listening to music. Nowadays I read and watch dramas for the blog and listen to music while blogging. It’s kind of a win-win situation for me.
  2. Do your family, friends, and colleagues know about your blog? Why or why not? And if they do know about it, what do they think? Here’s a story: my parents used to worry about me sitting in my room every single day after I made the blog and they told me to go out more so that I won’t feel bored being cooped in my dark room. I told them about the blog and my dad even told his colleagues that I’m blogging about Korean shows. Hahaha! Yeah, they know about my blogging activity and some of my friends and relatives have seen the blog, but I only told those with interest in Korean dramas. I used to feel burdened to have people in Real Life finding out about th spazzing side of me I show on the blog, but now, I am proud to say that I have a blog about Korean dramas!
  3. Have you met blogosphere friends in Real Life? If yes, what was that like? If not, would you want to, given the chance? Not yet, but I’d like to! I do respect people who wants to maintain their anonymity but I am okay with meeting fellow kdrama bloggers, because that means new spazzing buddies! IN REAL LIFE! I hope that I will be able to meet fellow bloggers from Malaysia 😉
  4. If money were no object, what gift would you give to a loved one (significant other, family, friend; you pick), and why? A restaurant to my parents? Because they love to cook and they’re excellent at it! Our family can be considered as part-time caterers because we do receive orders, especially from close relatives and friends.
  5. Since this is a sisterhood type of award, who’s your favorite female celeb (actress, singer, comedienne, doesn’t matter), and what do you love about her? Ha Ji-won is my pick, because she’s the best female celebrity I’ve seen around. She’s so friendly with her co-stars and I can see why she’s so loved , because she treats her fans like they’re her treasures. She’s always smiling and she’s sooooo beautiful, and I hope she will find her suitable other half soon!



  1. Which side are you on: (A) « La parole est d’argent, mais le silence est d’or. » (“Speech is silver, but silence is golden.”) or (B) “If there are people who truly want to live on in this world, they should first speak, laugh, cry, scold and fight without fear, chasing away this cursed era in this cursed place!”? Definitely A. I’m more on the passive side and I admire people who are not afraid to speak up their minds. Maybe I can be like them one day..
  2. Is there a book author or blogger whose tone of writing reminds you of a close friend or mentor? Jandoe from Dramaphilic. You’ll know why after you’ve read her blog 🙂
  3. What is the first word you utter after waking up? “Ummm okay.” I guess it has become a habit now, because even without someone waking me up, I always say that to myself. It’s like greeting myself first thing in the morning? Hahaha I sound like a very lonely person!
  4. What is the first word someone says to you in the morning? “Mimi!” Yeah, that’s my name and that’s what my family will say to me when they enter my room in the morning. I live with my family and they never forget to wake me up and remind me to eat, because I had gastritis last year.
  5. Black, white or grey? Black all the way! White’s too light, and still light. Black’s the best!
  6. Thunderstorm or drizzle? Drizzle, because I like to watch the rain from my balcony. It will be hard to stay outside if there’s a thunderstorm..
  7. Water or fire? Water all the way! But too much water makes me cold, and cold makes my nose watery (which I don’t really fancy).
  8. Orange Marmalade or orange marmalade? I choose orange marmalade! I like sour things and I can handle orange marmalade to some extent. If you’re referring to the Orange Marmalade webtoon, I’ve just started to read it!
  9. If there is such a thing as DNA of the spirit (e.g. in terms of never-say-die mentality) that is independent of biological connections, which historical figure would you trace your genealogy to? Florence Nightingale.
  10. Between a rock and a hard place: does the choice make a difference? Yes, especially if I am a starfish. rock is easy to stick with, while other hard things like plaster and steel might be harmful to my body. Wait, how did I put myself in the starfish’s shoes while answering this question?

Here’s my response to Supermommy Nelly and Perry Kwon’s questions! Teeheehee~



  1. If you were lucky enough to win a lottery, what would you do? Buy a house for my family, buy cars for my family, myself, and my brother, buy myself a new computer, and subscribe to the fastest internet. Ah, and a trip to South Korea, because I want to see the palaces!
  2. If time is not an issue, name one thing you would like to do or give to yourself? I wish I can last a few days without sleeping if that’s possible, because sometimes, I hate it when I feel sleepy and have to go to sleep when I’m in the mood to do something, like reading or writing. Hmmm but if time is not an issue and I still have to sleep, then I’ll choose and watch dramas, the two things I enjoy the most.
  3. I am a fan of Gilmore Girls. Are you? If you are, are you a Lorelai or Rory? If not, why not? Oh my, I was quite young when they aired Gilmore Girls here and didn’t get to watch it properly, so I can’t say that I’m a fan. 😦
  4. Pick one: gold, silver or platinum. And why. Platinum. Because it doesn’t stand out like gold but is still expensive. Hehehehe.
  5. If you can choose a blogging partner, or add another blogger to your blog, who would you choose? This is actually a difficult question, but if I can do so, I’d like to become a blogging partner to otayamin, because I’ve looked up to her before I made this blog. Not to forget, my buddy mary aka kichul1106, although I know she’s busy with her career at the moment~


‘Perry’ Kwon (Eui eui!)

  1. To makjang or not to makjang? I have low tolerance of all things makjang so I choose not to makjang. I get angry pretty easily at drama characters especially in makjang setting, so…say no to makjang! Muahahahaha~
  2. Do you fall in love in every drama with a different actor/actress too? Not in every drama but once I fall for one, I fall hard, not matter who the actor/actress is. I have lots of biases and I totally won’t mind discovering a new love through decent dramas!
  3. Has your bias ever betrayed your feelings? And if yes, when? When s/he starred in a drama I couldn’t seem to get interested in, and I felt that I was the one who betrayed him/her in the end. It was frustrating at first because I try to like my biases’ dramas for the sake of becoming a loyal fan, but nowadays I have accepted the fact that I can’t force myself to love all their dramas. I just watch at my own pace and when I love a drama with my biases, then I consider myself lucky at that time!
  4. Do you like Cho Yong Pil’s music and generally, 80s South Korean music? Yes. Even if I’m not an avid fan, the music is nostalgic and brings back the memories of my childhood 🙂
  5. Which are your favorite 2015 drama and/or movie for the time being? I have only completed Kill Me, Heal Me for the time being so it will be my favourite show of 2015 for now! Maybe it will continue to be one of the most memorable shows to me 😀
  6. Which actor/actress would you like to see in a drama during 2015? Kim Jae-won, and he’s going to make his comeback through Hwajung~! Crossing fingers that I’ll be able to love the show with all my heart!
  7. After Kill Me, Heal Me ended, how many personalities did you acquire? If you haven’t watched it yet, why?! Two! One is the giggly girl watching all dramas she can and the other one is the crybaby boy shedding manly tears when he’s reminded of the drama. 😥
  8. To have loved and to have lost or to have never loved? To have loved and to have lost, because you have experienced the love despite being hurt afterwards. You already know the feeling of getting hurt, so it can only give you another reason to create another love and not to hurt another person, just like you’ve been hurt before.
  9. Have you ever drank soju? And if yes, did you get drunk? Nope, never and probably will never be able to do so. I don’t drink :3
  10. Would you do the chincha dance with me? Let me learn the dance first and we’ll see! But I’m a bad dancer LOL

Sensory Couple E06.mp4_20150504_000046.383


  1. Are getting emotional when you watch dramas (eg cry on sad scenes)? Yup, I’m a crybaby and I’m not ashamed to admit that I easily cry over the littlest of things. I get teary even from happy scenes!
  2. If so, what is a scene that made you overflow with tears? If you mean the sobbing/wailing one, then it’s the scene of someone reminiscing the moments s/he shared with a person who recently died. Ah, that’s like an automatic waterfall mode switch to my tear glands.
  3. How did you come to like your favorite actor/actress? It varies actually. Most of my earlier crush stole my heart purely because of their onscreen appeal: acting, characters, etc, but in the wake of social medias these days, I usually fall for them because of their acting and love them even more for their offscreen personae.
  4. Do you have an ahjussi crush? Who is it and why is he your crush? Ah, I think Choi Won-young is not that old to be considered an ahjusshi but I really like him >.< The reason…hmmm…because he looks so good in sageuk garb?
  5. We all dropped at least a drama at some point so what drama did you drop and for what reason? HA, I like this question! I usually stick with my dramas when I have passed the halfway mark, because I consider it a waste of time to give up and I might as well see it through the end…but I had to drop Level 7 Civil Servant, 15 episodes in. Although Joo Won was there, I just couldn’t bring myself to continue and decided to drop it altogether.
  6. Did you ever drop a drama where your favorite actor/actress was in? Yup! Hahaha I already answered this one above 😀 I take my drama watching very seriously and I like to finish the dramas I’ve started, so nowadays I am more stringent on picking up shows. Even if my biases are in a particular drama, I won’t continue watching if the story doesn’t appeal to me.
  7. Blogging can become hard at times, what makes you continue writing? Exciting shows and exciting fellow fans. Writing isn’t an easy feat and there will be times when a paragraph feels like a 10,000-word essay. But then, a drama which make you fall head over heels with it appears, and you just have to write something about it. Fellow viewers’ spazzes make the experience even better!
  8. How do you react when people criticize your favorite drama? Ah, in this modern era of technology, I have come to realize that the shows I thought to be the best are actually the worst for some people. We all have different tastes and there’s no perfect drama, hence criticism is unavoidable. Still, I don’t really fancy getting into arguments just because of difference in preferences, so…each to their own? I don’t really show any reaction, just appreciating the fact that my favourites can also be another person’s hate list.
  9. What is your happy pill variety show? Superman Returns is my current happy pill but I always fall asleep on Sunday afternoon, so I only watch it once in a while. Not really a follower of variety but I like watching the babies/kids ❤
  10. Random: Chilbong or Trash? Explain your answer! Trash! Trash! Trash! It’s like a 2 in 1 package: a prankster older brother but a loving partner. But I think I’m slowly getting attracted to our resident Chilbong…uh-oh!


Nominations time! I will choose only five because I’m lazy (heh) and there’s no pressure for the nominees. You can answer it in the comment or publish a post as a response, whatever suits you the best! 😉 And the awards goes to….

  1. Jandoe from you do know my dramas (aka Dramaphilic). She’s not afraid to speak her mind and she does so in a very creative way.
  2. Gladys from Drama’s Canteen. A new blogger I chanced upon from the links and I like what I’ve seen so far on her blog.
  3. Blue from K-drama Endings. I think she’s a she, and she focuses on reviewing the endings of dramas.
  4. Conan from We Eat Lemon. I realize that we tend to like same actors so far ^.^
  5. Heisui from My Drama Tea. She’s a versatile blogger who covers Cdramas, Jdramas, Kdramas etc!

Wait, I have to give my questions too…hmmm!

  1. Would you stop blogging if you fall out of love with dramas in the future, or would you continue to blog about your other interests?
  2. What kind of food you saw in dramas that looked so scrumptious but when you gave it a try’s just ordinary/ not to your liking?
  3. If you’re to design your own house, which part would you make it bigger than the others? (Lawn, bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc) Why?
  4. Name one female character you would like to have as your best friend.
  5. Sun or snow?

I think that’s all for now. Thanks again, kfangurl and hazelle! And Nelly, and Kwon!! And Soori~! ^^v ❤


28 thoughts on “The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

  1. Aw!! Don’t feel bad about slow-cooking your culture posts, Mimi!!! Slow-cooking a post is one of the most dedicated, loving, patient things you can do for the blogosphere. I’ve done that with monster reviews, and I completely understand that it’s not an easy process. So big, mad props to you, for filling such a niche need, to help us understand more about the culture behind our beloved drama motherland! ❤

    Also, you are so sweet in how you describe my blog! Awwww~ TACKLEHUG THANK YOU. I do put love into my blog, and it warms my heart so, that you picked up on it, and resonate with it. Thanks too, for the shout-out on #FindMyTribe – it might take a while for it to grow, but I do really hope that drama fans will love the shirts like I do ^^

    I loved your answers – especially to the 2nd question. I’ve been through the same “Eek! No! It’s a secret!” phase when it comes to my blog. I found it kinda awkward and embarrassing to give people in my RL insight into my fangirl side. But over time, I’ve become braver about it, and from just a select few people, I’m now more ready to tell people about my site, and like you said, sometimes, I even feel kinda proud to show them my baby ^^ I’m not yet ready to make it common knowledge, but I do talk about it more readily than before, so that’s progress! 😀

    Meeting blogging friends in RL is quite an experience.. I’ve met DDee, who’s based in KL but who was in SG over Christmas last year. We had waffles, ice-cream, and a 3-hour drama conversation like it was on steroids! XD If you’re ever in SG, do let me know!! I’d love to meet up and chat with ya! 😀 Altho I’m not based in M’sia, I’m not terribly far away either ^^

    And AWWW~ I melted at your answer about the restaurant for your parents! That is the SWEETEST! 😀 I hope that dream comes true someday for ya, and I just love the thought that your family cooks so well, that they even get orders now, WITHOUT the restaurant! 😀

    Thanks SO much for taking the time to answer my questions, my dear chingu.. This was a treat to read, and I feel like I know you just that little bit more, which is always a lovely thing. Big hugs! ❤ ❤

    1. Thank YOU for the award 😉

      I am not sure if it’s the motherly instinct kicking in but the blog feels a lot like my own child. Hahaha! Don’t you think so? We build them with love, and we feel protective over them, especially when it comes to showing them to other people. Now that they have matured a bit (and so do us), they become our pride and joy!

      I hope we will have the opportunity to meet each other at least once in the future, because I would really love to hang out with you! We’re so close yet so far 😛

      1. Yes, the blog TOTALLY feels like my baby.. With each blogoversary, I feel like my baby’s growin’ up, just a little bit more. Awww~ ❤

        And DEFINITELY YES – if you come through SG, let me know! Would be so great to hang out and chat in person!!! 😀

      2. I agree with kfangurl’s remark about slow-cooking. The way you spent four years tracking down a piece of information was admirable. As they say, the truly great things in life are worth waiting for, so I’ll wait for your Hwajeong (?) and female royalty posts with patience. ❤

        On a separate note, I totally like your starfish POV for the last question. That was certainly unexpected. 😎 And here’s another fan wishing Ha Ji-won all the best in her search for Prince Charming! 😀

        1. My Korean was almost nonexistent few years ago when I first started the blog, and reading Korean articles was done with difficulties. Nowadays it’s getting better and I’m hoping to revive the drafts I’ve kept all this while~

          Oh, you guessed it right! I am writing about Hwajeong 😉 The Joseon royal ladies post is getting longer and I’m thinking of publishing it as a separate page..

  2. Oh my how I would LOVE to meet fellow bloggers and drama lovers. It’s the dream. Although I think a lot of the bloggers I read don’t exactly live within my close proximity. It’s really cool to make friends across the globe so easily, but it also sucks that you can’t see them when you want to!

    And thanks for nominating me, my dear! I’ll answer in the comments because I’m terrible at making questions (and a bit lazy to make an actual blog post heh). Here we go.

    1. Would you stop blogging if you fall out of love with dramas in the future, or would you continue to blog about your other interests?
      I actually used to not like dramas, believe it or not. It’s only been recently that I’m utterly in love with them (I used to be more of a casual watcher with only 2-3 dramas a year). I have also stopped blogging for almost a year and while I’m blogging now, but never really got my groove back hence the few posts I do. Although I can see We Eat Lemon eventually retiring at some point. It’s the circle of life or something like that.
    2. What kind of food you saw in dramas that looked so scrumptious but when you gave it a try’s just ordinary/ not to your liking?
      I haven’t really tried a lot of the drama foods that I’ve seen but of the ones I’ve tried, I’ve really quite liked them! I have yet to try a proper kimchi though, but it’s so hard to find outside of Korea.
    3. If you’re to design your own house, which part would you make it bigger than the others? (Lawn, bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc) Why?
      The lawn. Mostly because I don’t really have a lawn now. And it’s like a small nature escape without having to actually go to nature.
    4. Name one female character you would like to have as your best friend.
      I think it’ll be interesting to be friends with pervy mermaid Hani from Surplus Princess. She’s so full of life (unlike me) and is interested in everything (kind of like me?) and we also both love food. We’d just dine out all the time and lose all our moneys.
    5. Sun or snow?
      As someone who lives and hates living in the tropics, I’d gotta go for snow. I’m definitely more of a colder climate type of person. And I didn’t remember hating snow when I lived abroad as a child (maybe because I didn’t have to shovel the pavement?).

    On a side note, I have yet to watch the finale of Kill Me Heal Me. I don’t know if I’m ready to let go! Despite the last couple of weeks having been a total bummer, it was a genuinely entertaining fare. Finale weeks are always so hard 😦

    1. Ack, sorry the spacing is terrible (and I can’t edit it)! There were supposed to be numbers but don’t know why they disappeared 😦

      1. Don’t worry, I’ve fixed it! Heeee~

        Thank you for your response! Now I’m really curious where are you from, because you seem to be from around here…let me guess, Singapore?

        It’s interesting to know that you didn’t like dramas before, but now you’re blogging about it! Don’t be hard on yourself when it comes to updating your blog and take your time ^^v

        Awwww I’m still moping over the ending of KMHM :’) Definitely an unforgettable drama for this year!

        1. Close to Singapore… I’m from Indonesia! Where are you at, Mimi?

          I still haven’t watched the finale of KMHL. I can’t bare to. I think I’ll eventually have to force myself. I don’t want to say goodbye to them D:

        2. Ohhh we’re neighbours, then! I’m from Malaysia 😀

          I’m jealous of you :3 It has not ended yet for you while I’m trying to distract myself from the withdrawal symptoms…

    1. Can you put me in a small suitcase and take me there? 😀 There are so many Malaysian people in dramaland and with all of them it feels so great to talk to lah! [used it correctly? o.O]

  3. Thanks a lot for answering to da questions! Love your answers, especially the KMHM one for KMHM reasons 😀 As for the chincha dance, it has almost nothing to do with dance, all it requires is a favorite kpop song and then move to the rhythm in any possible way and doing silly things XD

  4. I’m soooo slow on this (the past two weeks really have been hectic!) but omg AWWW youuuuu, can’t believe you answered me for that Q: “Is there a book author or blogger whose tone of writing reminds you of a close friend or mentor?” T_____T virtual hug

    Thank you for that and the nomination. All your kind words mean so much T___T

    PS I’ll be home by July… we could possibly arrange a meet… if it’s not too creepy and all that 😉

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