Oh, Hae Young

Maybe it’s the silence; maybe it’s the space; maybe it’s the conversation that takes place; or maybe, it’s a combination of all three: the silence between them and the conversation that follows afterwards, as if there is no space between them. I can’t quite pinpoint what is it exactly that makes me like this drama so much even if it is quite early into the series. Still, four episodes are enough for the viewers to weigh in whether the drama will be actually watchable or not, but for me, I’m in for Oh Hae-young Again. Oh wait, I think I know why now. It makes my heart flutters like crazy.

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Seo Hyun Jin for Marie Claire July 2015

Yeay for another pictorial! Seo Hyun-jin is laid back in this pictorial for Marie Claire’s July edition, as if she is lazing around on a normal day. Seeing her basking in the sun and chilling on the sofa made me so happy for her, and it’s a great thing that Let’s Eat Season 2 made her name known to the drama viewers. I guess that’s one thing to thank tvn, although I’m still (and will always be!) bitter when they decided to axe Three Musketeers after one season. Hmmmph!

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Seo Hyun Jin for InStyle July 2015

Seo Hyun-jin is finally getting the limelight she deserves after starring in Let’s Eat Season 2 and here, she is dolled up for Instyle’s July issue. I couldn’t recognize her at first because of the short wig, but she does look like a doll! Is it too much to ask for more shots? Well, I hope they will keep ’em coming!

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Coming Soon to Cable: Mar/Apr

If cable channels were once deemed as optional by Korean household, I am sure that most of the drama viewers nowadays would feel that they’re missing all the fun if they don’t subscribe to those channels. With more freedom to create their contents, these channels have been churning out dramas after another, and their series are worthy rivals of those aired on the public broadcasting channels. The upcoming line up for these channels are no joke either, and I’m already anticipating their arrival.

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Watchlog (November 2014)

It’s already mid-November and I’ve realized that I only managed to complete a total of four full-length dramas this year. Gasp! The past me would be rushing to finish whatever dramas I’ve put aside throughout the year because I used to hate dropping dramas without finishing them, but since I learned the joy (and relief) of being able to drop dramas, it’s like a new world for me. Definitely less dramas, but more time to deal with more pressing issues of real life. Or is it the other way around? Anyway, I’m back to civilization for these few days and that means..catching up with my dramas!

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