Let’s Party with Hogu’s Love!

When a drama is in its promotion stage, one of the things I always look forward to is for the cast will be featured in a magazine to promote the drama. Hence, I am so happy to know that the main cast of Ho-gu’s Love (also known as A Fool’s Love) is to be featured on @star1’s February edition. The drama is adapted from a webtoon of the same title created by Yoo Hyun-sook. More pictures are coming out so stay tune for more updates!


The original webtoon is actually another work of the artist, who also created I Steal Peeks At Him Every Day, the webtoon which Flower Boy Next Door was based on. The PD-writer combo Pyo Min-soo and Yoon Nan-joong worked together for another tvn drama, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and both of them have several well-known dramas under their names: the PD also directed Heartstrings and Coffee House, while the writer worked on Queen of the Office (which I loved to bits!). Since tvn is pretty good at doing remakes and adaptations, hopefully Ho-gu’s Love will be another hit for the station!


This is the first leading role for Choi Woo-shik, whose face is familiar as a supporting actor all this while. I want this to be good, because I adore him and Ho-gu seems like a character that fits him perfectly. I hope he will be able to achieve what his buddy Park Seo-joon achieved through Witch’s Romance!


The last time I saw UEE in a drama was in Ojakgyo Brothers. I couldn’t get into her dramas after that one (Golden Rainbow was too heavy for me at that time) and only caught her once in a while in the variety show Law of the Jungle. This is actually her second time working with tvn as she also starred in the lesser known Birdie Buddy. Yup, I am still surprised that the show was from tvn O.O She will portray the swimming athlete Do-hee and also Ho-gu’s first love.


Rounding up the main cast: 2AM’s Im Seulong and Lee Soo-kyung (not to be confused with Let’s Eat‘s Lee Soo-kyung!). At first, Park Jung-min was reported to join the drama but he had to withdraw because of health issues. Seulong steps up to fill in the empty spot and I can’t be any happier than this 😉 This is actually Lee Soo-kyung’s first drama as she only acted on the big screen so far but she seems like a sweet girl 🙂


(They are so adorable!)

hogu+star1+feb15_6 hogu+star1+feb15_7 hogu+star1+feb15_8

Ho-gu’s Love will be taking over the slot currently occupied by tvn’s Mon-Tue drama Valid Love, premiering in the month of February. The webtoon is available on Daum but it is only available for free up to the 12th episode. I guess that’s enough for those who are curious about the story but stay away from spoilers. First teaser and posters have been released, explaining the many meanings of Ho-gu’s name, introducing his signature clothes, and showing how the Fool is holding tight to his Goddess. Mark your calendar and don’t forget to catch Ho-gu’s Love on tvn, starting on 9th February!







Credit to @star1 × tvn

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