UEE – InStyle May 2015

Fresh off her recent drama Hogu’s Love, UEE flew to Jeju Island and participated in a photo shoot session with InStyle Korea for the magazine’s May edition. She posed against the camellias in the background and shared her thoughts regarding her character in the drama as well as her antics while filming Hogu’s Love. Check out these shots of the garden fairy UEE~

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Choi Woo Shik and UEE Get Up Close and Personal for Allure

Their characters in Hogu’s Love might be in different worlds from each other: Ho-gu is an ordinary webtoon assistant while Do-hee is the nation’s goddess swimmer but the pair’s chemistry flares up in the March edition of Allure, where they pose intimately for the magazine. Can we get more of this ‘drama pairings in magazines’ trends? Because I surely won’t mind seeing more of my OTPs outside the drama. And yes, these two are killing it, both in the drama and in this pictorial.

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Let’s Party with Hogu’s Love!

When a drama is in its promotion stage, one of the things I always look forward to is for the cast will be featured in a magazine to promote the drama. Hence, I am so happy to know that the main cast of Ho-gu’s Love (also known as A Fool’s Love) is to be featured on @star1’s February edition. The drama is adapted from a webtoon of the same title created by Yoo Hyun-sook. More pictures are coming out so stay tune for more updates!

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June Spreadelicious: The Darlings’ Edition

I’m loving June because so far, I feel so happy to see the celebrities featured in the magazines for next month! Plus, two of my girl crushes are also included~ What’s better than a summer spent outside wearing vibrant clothes and enjoying the heat under the sun? Kyaaaaah my darlings!

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