Running Man: Episode 264 (recap)

On Sunday’s episode, two stars make their first-time-ever appearance on popular variety show Running Man (RM). Guess who? Both guests are starring in upcoming movie, Detective: The Beginning. They are none other than leading man Kwon Sang Woo and veteran actor Sung Dong Il! Watch them in action as they join the cast members on a mission to find out who their mysterious client X is. And perhaps be in for a surprise?

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Three Meals Season 2: Episode 4 (with Ji Sung)

Sometimes I wish we still have Channel M on our cable subscription, because I’d like to watch Three Meals a Day with English subs! The show knows how to reel viewers in, be it for the lush green landscape of Jeongseon or the blue sea of Manjae Island. It’s hard to tear yourself away from the screen, watching celebrities spending their day(s) preparing meals for themselves, and this week, there’s another reason to stay glued to my (laptop) screen: Ji Sung!

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Preview: Three Meals A Day Season 2 Episode 4 with Ji Sung

In case you missed the news, Ji Sung is going to appear on Three Meals A Day Season 2 this week as a guest! For those who aren’t familiar with the show, it is a variety show in which Lee Seo-jin, Taecyeon, and Kim Kwang-gyu are ‘slaving’ around in a farm to prepare three meals for a day, thus the title. The brain of the show, PD Na Young-seok has voiced out his wish to have Ji Sung as a guest in an interview before and guess what, Ji Sung readily agreed when he was invited.

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Law of the City in New York: Episode 5

The family spent their first weekend in NYC and their first Law Day was filled with the activity to bring them closer to the citizens of New York that was the family marathon at the Central Park. Ailee had invited her friend to come over, hence the family would have their first guest! New people, new things to be learned, and twist in their fate?

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