June Spreadelicious: Joo Won & Ji Chang Wook

Wow, June is going to be a month full of my biases and I’m not complaining at all, simply because next month is going to be my birthday (yeay?!) and to have both Joo Won and Ji Chang-wook grazing several magazines in June alone is enough as an advance gift for me. Maybe I’ll get more spreads in one month’s time and it’ll be a real birthday present! Now I’m going to stop all those wishful thinking and put their June magazine spreads, because sharing is caring! If only we get some of my girl crushes’ spreads as well..it would be perfect!

GQ puts the smoldering Joo Won in black and white pictorial for its June issue. His smile is to die for!

Joo Won for InStyle, June 2014. Yeay for more pictures!!

Joo Won for VOGUE, June 2014. The first one is my favourite!

Ji Chang-wook for CeCi, June 2014. Has someone become CeCi’s favourite? 😉

Ji Chang-wook for Gentleman, June 2014. ‘Be A Man’, you say?

Stay tuned for more updates! ^^

Source | InStyle | naver news | VOGUE | DC | CeCi | GQ |

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