November Spreadelicious: Suited Up, Bundled Up

November is going to arrive soon on our doorstep, and the magazines are prepared with pictorials featuring the celebrities with winter wear. The weather is getting colder, but it does not mean the beauty fall sky is going away soon. Singles, Esquire, and CeCi have courted the actors who have been active on the small screen this year to grace the pages of their magazines. Well, they know what I love and I don’t have any complaint 😉

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Ji Chang Wook – L’Officiel Hommes May 2015

The Healer of All and the rising Asian hero. L’Officiel Hommes Korea does not hesitate to laud heaps of praises for their May cover boy, Ji Chang-wook, and we’re all aware that he’s indeed the one and only Healer. I was waiting if the official magazine site would upload more of the pictorial this week but they’re still saving those for now, so we can only be content with these shots in the meantime. Well…let’s hope that L’Officiel Hommes will be kind enough to share the rest of the pictorial soon!

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Ji Chang Wook Goes Back to Nature for The Celebrity

It’s here, it’s here, it’s here! Riding off his popularity after starring in Empress Ki and the recently completed Healer, Ji Chang-wook extends his popularity to the world, cementing his status as the new face of Hallyu star. He has been chosen to become the cover boy for the April edition of The Celebrity, posing against the lush background in his dapper suits and shirts. Can I get another drama with him in suits for the entire series?

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December Spreadelicious: A Bit of Everything

Now that the December pictorials for the magazines are slowly being released to the Korean media, it finally hit me that 2014 is really ending soon. This year surely has its ups and downs for everyone, but it’s ending soon! I’m happy to see that the magazines are featuring a handful of actors and actresses for the final edition of the year, because what’s better than spending your time peering at their beautiful faces?

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