June Spreadelicious: The Darlings’ Edition

I’m loving June because so far, I feel so happy to see the celebrities featured in the magazines for next month! Plus, two of my girl crushes are also included~ What’s better than a summer spent outside wearing vibrant clothes and enjoying the heat under the sun? Kyaaaaah my darlings!

It’s been a while since the last time I watch her dramas, because I couldn’t get into Jeon Woo Chi and Golden Rainbow was too tragic for me, although the drama paired her up with Jung Il-woo and they were a cute couple based on what I saw from the snippets. Anyway, UEE participated in a photo shoot for CeCi’s June 2014 edition in Krabi, Thailand, enjoying the tropical beach and sunny weather in front of the camera.

Jin Se-yeon is currently starring in Doctor Stranger alongside Lee Jong-suk but she managed to sneak in several pictorials inside her schedule, as if she’s not busy juggling two characters in the drama. *sigh* This hardworking girl, really! Her pictures for NYLON highlight the best feature in her that is her innocent charm, but for Singles, she takes a 180-degree turn, experimenting with her boyish look. She seems comfortable with her pixie haircut but I wish she keeps the hairstyle for NYLON for a while because I love that look on her 😉

Here’s another pictorial of Jin Se-yeon, this time for Instyle’s June 2014 edition. Love love love it!

Source: naver news | CeCi |

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