Magazine Monday – Hong Jong Hyun

I cannot believe that it is already October – another year is coming to an end and sometimes I don’t even realise it. As with the time, dramas come and go at great speed. It feels like Moon Lovers (or Scarlet Heart: Ryeo) just aired yesterday, but we have gone beyond the drama’s half-mark. Some of the acting performances from the ensemble cast are one of the best and this brings me to the star of our feature, Hong Jong-hyun who plays 3rd Prince Wang Yo, the main antagonist of the show. I think I have newfound appreciation for the actor because his portrayal of the villainous character has been quite impressive – he has this strong presence that I feel whenever he is in front of his brothers. I’m sure they feel it too, especially the younger ones.

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May Spreadelicious: Wed-Thu Stars

Dramas come and go but some of them stay with us for a long, long time. The previous Wed-Thu battle between Descendants of the Sun and Please Come Back, Mister ended in April, and some of the cast are making their appearance on the pages of various magazines this month. I hope this is just the beginning to more pictorials~

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Ji Sung × Hyeri for InStyle May 2016

The first batch of pictures are finally here for Ji Sung and Hyeri’s InStyle pictorial after the constant teasing on InStyle’s Instagram account, but I am left craving for more! If you have been out of touch with kdramaland, they will be appearing in the new Wed-Thu drama Entertainer, premiering tomorrow on SBS. The age gap between these two does make people wary of the drama but let’s just judge after it airs, shall we? 🙂

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Park Seo Joon for InStyle January 2016

2015 has yet to end but we’re already getting new pictorials for the January magazines. I bet no one’s really complaining about it, especially when we have our favourites in the list! Park Seo-joon has a relatively successful year with two movies and two dramas in 2015, and he’s already being courted for historical drama Hwarang planned for 2016. Nothing has been decided yet so we have to be content for now with this pictorial from InStyle for its January issue.

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Magazine Monday – The Leads of She Was Pretty

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you artistic shots of the leading kings and queens who starred in one of 2015’s hottest romantic comedies! Warning: If you are on data plan, you might not want to open this image-heavy post.

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Magazine Monday – Lee Dong Wook

We’re a week away from the premiere of tvN drama Bubblegum, starring Lee Dong-wook and Jung Ryeo-won as childhood friends who fall in love with each other as adults. Lee Dong-wook’s dramas in recent years haven’t been really successful; the last time I watched him was in Hotel King, which was meh. But you should catch his 2013 sageuk Mandate Of Heaven if you haven’t, I felt that the drama was underrated. It also starred Song Ji-hyo, and he has made pretty regular guest appearances on variety program Running Man in which she is a cast member of. And I really enjoyed watching him in one of 2011’s hit dramas Scent Of A Woman as Kang Ji-wook alongside Kim Sun-ah. I swooned so much over the OTP at that time! ❤ It was such a memorable drama and I re-watched it quite a number of times~ wouldn’t mind for another collaboration between the co-stars haha 😉 I hope Bubblegum will turn out well for him, and may the cable network score another hit! I’ve put together some of the pictorials the actor has had, so let’s move on for some eye candy!

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Moon Chae Won for InStyle

Looks like we’re in for a treat by Instyle, because the magazine has released a lot of shots for Moon Chae-won’s pictorial with the magazine for its October edition. The actress is decked with jewelry of all shapes and sizes from Pandora, and she looks ethereal in all the shots. Looks like we can only wait for her drama Goodbye Mr. Black for now, but I’m just excited that she will be back to dramaland soon! Oh, I cannot express how much I love this pictorial!

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Magazine Monday – The Leads of Oh My Ghost

I haven’t had the chance to start the drama, part of it because of the ‘ghost’ in the title, but I am aware of the immense love received by Oh My Ghost. The leads are so adorable onscreen and I’m so glad that the drama gives more exposure to the stars, especially for Park Bo-young since it is her first drama after seven years! The drama has ended but that doesn’t mean the fever has, so this is my gift for the fans of Oh My Ghost 😉

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Magazine Monday – Joo Won and Kim Tae Hee

With Yongpal joining the array of drama offerings this year, it seems that 2015 will be able to deliver more hits in Kdramaland with Yongpal’s outstanding ratings just 6 episodes into its run. While waiting for new episodes each week, we on The Talking Cupboard have decided to feature pictorials of both the lead stars in the recent years.

[Image-heavy post]

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August Spreadelicious: The Men We Love

Did I get the title right? Because I sure love these men and their pictorials for the upcoming month of August! Shin Sung rok, Seo Kang joon, Lee Joon, and Yeon Jung-hoon are set to graze the pages of various Korean magazines, so prepare yourself for the eye candies under the cut!
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