Bridal Mask – Random Thoughts

This week is another unhealthy week with only one episode aired for Bridal Mask. I couldn’t complaint much since it’s a whole lot better than none. I can’t imagine myself without constant dose of this drama every week. I won’t be able to concentrate on anything. Watching a new episode always gives me some relief but then, the relief will be replaced by fear for the upcoming episodes. I am going to live in constant fear until this drama ends. So…Wednesday, why you’re so far, far away?!

As usual, Shunji looked so handsome in this episode (again). Was it just me, being drawn so much into Park Ki-Woong’s charm or he did look good although he’s like a mad man these days?. That question is still left unanswered.

But then….Shunji, Shunji, Shunji. I know you declared that you loved that girl, but she never once said that she reciprocated your feelings. So, that bouquet of flowers…wasn’t that too much? I felt sorry for him, but I couldn’t stop myself from laughing at that scene. He’s (trying to be) sweet but it’s totally directed at the wrong person. Give your heart to someone else, Shunji. Mok-Dan’s already claimed by Kangto.

Meanwhile, at the Geumhwajeong…

Katsuyama’s hair: back to the normal position. I wonder how long did he take to fix his lovely fringes.

Everyone was exceptionally  calm, although they just lost another fight with Gaksital (I don’t want to count the fights. There were too many). Rie was back on her ‘throne’ while the other two were probably busy reflecting on their defeat. And Shunji just barged in and even pointed a gun at Rie. He’s lucky to have her on that position for the time being. If that’s President Ueno, I’m pretty sure Shunji would meet his death right there, before he could even pull out his gun. *shudder* That old man gave me chills!

I was eager to see how Sun-hwa would confront that traitor girl after what she saw back in the previous episodes. Oh, traitor girl (I just found out that her name’s Gye-soon) was haughty, as usual. I was anticipating a cat fight with some hair pulling, should Sun-hwa lost her temper, but something even better happened.

Shunji’s sudden visit was a big slap to Gye-soon, when he went right to the flustered Sun-hwa instead of approaching her. So satisfying. And his real slap? Wow, I just went to heaven. That never feels so good. She’s bragging about how close she was with Shunji then forced to eat her words. Girl, next time, don’t ever talk bad about Mok-dan in front of him. You could get killed too.

And Sun-hwa, don’t stop crushing on Shunji. I love to see both of you together and if Shunji ever repent, you’re the best healer to his troubled inner self!

But it’s not easy, trying to stick with one couple and ship them till the end. It’s not easy at all, when you have another potential couple like Rie and Shunji.

They continued to challenge and mock each other, but there’s nothing they could do against each other as they’re on the same side, at least for the time being. I love it when Rie tried to use her power against him, but Shunji turned a blind eye towards her. After Kangto, Shunji’s the only one who could boil Rie’s blood almost effortlessly and at the same time, giving her a good point to be pondered. I ship them really hard, but I know it’s one of the impossible things to be wished. After all, Rie got her Katsuyama beside her all the time.

One thing I’m sure about: Rie is jealous of Mok-Dan because of the attention that poor girl gets from the guys around her: Shunji and Kangto. Mok-Dan better avoid herself from running into Rie again, or she won’t be safe anymore. Only God knows how nasty is a woman green with envy, especially towards another woman.

Uh-oh. I totally don’t ship couple at all. Nope. Shunji’s way too creepy when Mok-Dan’s around. I was so nervous, thinking that he’d try to kiss Mok-Dan, but it didn’t happen. Phew. Even with the hug alone, Mok-Dan looked so disgusted with it, I couldn’t imagine what would happen if he did kiss her. Probably he’d get a slap from her. I would cheer for her! Hah!

I am not a love analyst or something, but Shunji’s reaction proved that he’s just obsessed and not falling head over heels for Mok-Dan. Starting from his intention of protecting  her from any harm at any cost, he grows to be so protective until he can only see her in front of him and ignores people around her. His obsession for her is so strong to the extent of making Mok-Dan one of his possessions, but his feelings aren’t based on love; he just care about himself and he never once asked about her true feelings. To Shunji, it’d be more than enough to have her beside him, even if Mok-Dan doesn’t have even an ounce of love in her heart for him.

Poor Shunji. He’s like an empty shell right now.

I don’t know what’s on his mind when he decided to shoot that circus ahjumma. Was it hatred towards the Joseon people? Or he’s too focused on his goal to catch Gaksital until he’s slowly losing his mind, little by little? Either way, he’s completely transformed into a brand new Shunji: the one who doesn’t blink an eye when he’s killing and torturing people. I can’t see any other option for him except to die in the end, although I’m probably one of the few who’s still wishing that he would revert back to his old self: filled with love and humbleness.

The one that’s currently full of love was forced to lie on the bed for the whole day. Poor Kangto for being hurt, and poor us the fans for having so little of him during the entire episode. But every scene for Kangto was so lovely and pretty, right?

The hugs and the kiss! *flutter* I couldn’t think straight during these scene. So many emotions. Kyaaaahhhh. I’m just happy for Kangto as he looked so relieved after Mok-Dan found out the truth. He finally has someone he can pour his deepest and darkest secrets to; someone that he can lean on. Ahhhhhh…he’s finally at ease, although for a very short time.

Yeah, that soft voice, those eyes, that tender hug. He almost looked like his innocent younger self, but more matured.

I know people are having doubts after watching this episode, especially about Mok-Dan. The frequently asked question: who’s she actually in love with: Lee Yong, Gaksital, or Lee Kangto?

My answer: the first two. This is why it’s hard to live in different personas because not all of them are likeable. The same thing goes for Kangto. He was the Young Master; the innocent caring boy whom Boon-Yi met and carried her torch for. He was also the ruthless Kangto, the one who torture Mok-Dan. The fact that he’s the national hero Gaksital makes their relationship even more twisted and complicated.

It’s no secret that if Kangto isn’t the Gaksital, Mok-Dan would never spare him even a glance. The fact that he’s both her Young Master and Gaksital is what makes her accept him, because she loves them. While Kangto, the spirit from hell, is someone she would want to avoid at any cost. True, she did trust him for a moment but soon, the trust disappeared.

Mok-Dan isn’t the one to be blamed in this matter, even if she doesn’t love Kangto as his current self yet. For me, Kangto himself doesn’t act as the Imperial Police Officer in front of her; in fact, he treats her as Lee Yong, the Young Master. So it’s not anyone’s fault; it’s not a crime for Mok-Dan to see him as the Young Master or Gaksital, because the three personas are basically the same person. In a simpler term, it’s like liking someone but sometimes you just hate some of his habits. It doesn’t make you totally hate that person, because you still like him as a whole.

So…I’m basically an official Kangto-Mok-Dan shipper. Or Lee-Yong-Boon-Yi shipper. Either way, it’s still the same.


President Ueno is one scary old man. His arrival in Joseon made me even more worried about everyone, especially Gaksital. I was super ecstatic when Kangto finally spoke with Baek-Geon ahjusshi about the secret society. He knew something is up between Shunji, Rie, and the society. With the matter about Mok-Dan set aside, he’d be more focused on the original intention of Kangsan becoming the Gaksital. The matter has been left untouched for too long. I couldn’t recall when the last time Kangto thought about Kishoukai…maybe in episode 2 or 3?  We have seen so many movements from the Kishoukai’s side but none from the Joseon/ patriots’ side. It’s about time for the story to pick up this plot. I don’t want to see it wasted away just like that.

However, I’m sure the writer and director have decent plan about this as there’s a news about additional cast who will be Rie’s rival. The new character will be one of the Damsari’s team and hopefully, she’ll be as awesome as Comrade Jeok Pa. That Joseon Woman School, which came into discussion between that Representative Heo and the Count surely wasn’t a pure coincidence. Maybe the new girl will be one of the students there? Woohoo! Say yes to more kick-ass women in the drama!

(Oh, before I forget about it, I found something about Kishoukai when I was reading last night. Kishoukai is probably inspired by the Genyousha, a real secret society in Japan and it was active during Japan’s annexation of Korea. Interesting.)

Talking about the Count, I want to put the focus on his son, Minami Tamao.

Being part of the Count’s family, he’s no doubt one of those Joseon people would call betrayers of their own country. Although he can be considered as the respectable person in the area with his father’s reputation, it’s interesting to see that he himself could never deny the fact that he’s still one of the Joseon people. Being so closely related to the Japanese and even changing his name to Japanese name doesn’t mean that he’s one of them.

He was taken aback when Goiso treated him poorly, because he’s not Japanese. The bitter truth, but that served as a turning point for him to start thinking and questioning about what his parents had done. This time, even when he tried to be nonchalant about the things happening to people around him, Madam’s words hit him on his face. I’m anticipating what he would do after this and it’d be an interesting twist if he decides to go against the Count and the Countess, fighting against the Japanese invasion.

If that really happens, Damsari will be so proud of him! This ahjusshi is a real fighter at heart. He even had the courage to smile during the last moments of his life, just because he’s happy to see so many people with him in his fight against the Japanese. Please don’t kill him yet, show!

The fake Gaksital might be able to distract the officers and Damsari would be able to run away. For those who are still in doubt about the Gaksital’s identity, I’m sure it’s the comrade, the only guy left in Damsari’s group. It couldn’t be Kangto, simply because: 1) Kangto won’t use rope; he would jump and fly in the air, 2) Kangto won’t ditch his flute for a mere knife, 3) Kangto was hurt and he would fall if he’s shot, and 4) Seriously, he won’t kill himself like that after all those lovey-dovey moments with Mok-Dan,right? If that’s the case, Bridal Mask would end at episode 18. Haa.

So just keep calm and wait for the real Gaksital to appear, next Wednesday. Argh! A long wait again, but we will have two episodes next week! Yes!

No matter how much I enjoyed this episode, I’m still disappointed at one thing.

The biggest disappointment of this episode goes to….






the treatment scene. You know, I have such a high hope for this scene, since I thought that they’d give us a drool-worthy scene, but none. Nada. Hope shattered. Instead of giving us a shirtless Kangto, they gave us a sleeveless Kangto. And I found myself questioning: why did he wear that sleeveless top?? *fuming*

Nevertheless, I’ll still put my trust in you, dear show. Hopefully I can see another scene like this:

Harhar. Shallow me ^^;

Don’t blame me, blame the one who made me like this….Kangto!


7 thoughts on “Bridal Mask – Random Thoughts

  1. OMG…PLEASE TELL ME WHERE YOU GOT THAT LAST PICTURE OF SHIRTLESS JOO WON FROM?! I must’ve replayed episode 18 at least twenty times, and haven’t seen him show skin like that (except for the sleeveless shirt part, where only his arms showed). Pretty please with a cherry on top? ><

  2. Random comment? Stay out of my head! 😀 I was so excited to hear about the new character! I have been raiding about Jin Hong and I really felt that the needed someone stronger to combat Rie, my prayers were answered! Looking forward to this week? Two episodes? I sure hope so! I’m just not going to hold my hopes just in case they shave it back to one! I agree, Boon yi/Mok Dan definitely loves a young Master and Lee Yong but I also felt that when she was reflecting, she was thinking back to all the times Kang To kept hinting at who he was! This show has exceeded my expectations! I am truly of the belief that it is better than City Hunter and slightly more interesting than IRIS. I like that the main focus is not totally on the romance which would be detrimental to the story (how I felt about IRIS) but about a lot of people and the choices they make. Shunji? Shudders! He truly has gone mad!

  3. Ugh! I wanted someone to bitchslap the hell out of that spy bitch!

    Re: Mok-dan. I agree that she loves Young Master and Gaksital but not Kang-to, and who can blame her really? I just feel really bad for Kang-to because I don’t think anyone really cares for him. Perhaps Baek-gun does, but he’s more concerned about bringing his master’s murderers to justice than anything else. Konno, as concerned as he is for Kang-to’s well-being, will likely turn against him once his identity as Gaksital is discovered. I wish someone will love Kang-to as he is now, after everything that’s happened to him and everything he’s done. We had his family, and we had Shunji, but those people are gone now.

    Ugh! All these feelings are killing me!

    1. Shunji took care of the slap. Phew. But that’s not enough, she needs a few more bitchslaps >:)

      We had his family, and we had Shunji, but those people are gone now.

      Gosh, this makes me teary-eyed. He needs some love for his past, present, and future selves. All together, not separately 😥

  4. I love to read your thoughts about Gaksital drama, this makes me love Gaksital even more, and you also point out many precious moments that I didn’t think of when watching this drama. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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