Ji Chang Wook – Singles October 2012

Who misses the good boy Ji Chang-Wook? If you’re watching his drama Five Fingers, he’s different from his usual self; his character Yoo In-Ha is as cold as a man could be, except to a few lucky souls whom he chose to give his affection to. In Singles magazine October edition, he is not the cold city guy anymore. Instead, he’s going on the good guy route, almost like a mix between a nerd and a dork.

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Jung Il Woo: Fanmeeting in Malaysia

So…this afternoon, Jung Il Woo had a fanmeeting in Kuala Lumpur! Malaysia! My country! It seemed so surreal at first, but I decided to go and try my luck if I could see him, even from afar. It wasn’t a fanmeeting organized by his management, but he came as an ambassador for Holika Holika, a cosmetic brand in South Korea. The event was a very memorable one for me because it’s my first time to join something like this.

(all photos belong to Holika Holika Malaysia Facebook Page)

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Song Joong Ki – Harper’s Bazaar October 2012

Birthday Boy Song Joong-Ki is working so hard nowadays! With his drama getting more attention from the viewers, it doesn’t hurt to see him outside the drama Nice Guy, different from his revengeful Kang Maru character. He’s to be featured in Harper’s Bazaar Korea magazine, October edition.

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Keeping My Faith Intact

It’s been only two weeks since I had the chance to catch up with Faith, and although I didn’t follow it closely from the beginning, I find myself slowly drawn into the drama, thanks to the few charms that the drama has in its possession. I might not be an avid fan of Faith for me to go scouring the web for stills and making videos, but one thing I am sure right now: I will stay in the bandwagon until the end. That being said, I’m willing to keep my faith intact for the drama Faith.

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