Park Se Young – Ceci August 2012

I don’t know if people still remember her as the young Soo-Mi in The Equator Man and Lee Mi-Ho in Love Rain, because nowadays her name is being associated with the upcoming drama Faith, starring Lee Min-Ho. Park Se-Young takes the opportunity to doll herself up and become a princess on the plane in this pictorial for Ceci magazine, August 2012 edition.

While I haven’t had the chance to watch her in Love Rain, in my opinion, she’s pretty likeable in The Equator Man, although her character was not that likeable. In the upcoming Faith, she’s taking the role of Princess No-Guk, the patient of Kim Hee-Sun’s character Yoo Eun-Soo.

She has the pretty and if she’s able to improve on her acting, she won’t have the problem of becoming one of the leading actresses in the future. I’m anticipating how she will portray the princess and I want to see her in Faith! Hopefully I can wait at least until Bridal Mask ends and I finish my exam. For the time being, let me just stare at this one, because she’s so pretty in hanbok and Ryu Deok-Hwan looks like his husband, when he’s supposed to be his father. Okay, did I got that right? Forgive me if I’m wrong! (c)…haha I got that wrong as expected ^^; he’s her husband indeed! Apparently, No-Guk is a princess from Mongolia and she gets married to King Gongmin. Hey, they make a very lovely couple! thank for the info, nicolemorel29! 🙂

source: Sports World via naver

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