Jin Se Yeon – Ceci September 2012

Another pictorial for Jin Se Yeon! 😉

This time, she’s dabbed with thick make up but that doesn’t hide away her youthful look. Well…maybe in some shots, she looks a little mature, but after all, she’s still the cute Se Yeon!

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[recap] Arang: the Magistrate’s Chronicle – Episode 4

This drama is definitely the new definition of pretty. What’s not to love, when everything is so gorgeous? The people, the camera work, and even the clothes? What amazes me the most is the camera work, which makes everything looks like they come straight from paintings. The special effects aren’t that flashy, but I can take it since this is a fantasy themed drama. One might find the story slowing down a bit in this episode, but I enjoyed it so much because there’s a lot of things that worth the watch.

And this is the third time I’m changing the featured image. It’s hard to choose one!

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