[WARNING: This post was written in the sense that the writer was still bitter about her ship wrecked and buried down to the deepest sea. Please understand. Thank you.]

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…because that’s the only thing I could think of when I tried to dig out my brain for the title for this week’s rant.

Although the airing schedule for this week is back to the normal two episodes, it made my life…abnormal again.

So excruciatingly painful yet so exciting…that’s Bridal Mask for me.

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Bridal Mask – Random Thoughts

This week is another unhealthy week with only one episode aired for Bridal Mask. I couldn’t complaint much since it’s a whole lot better than none. I can’t imagine myself without constant dose of this drama every week. I won’t be able to concentrate on anything. Watching a new episode always gives me some relief but then, the relief will be replaced by fear for the upcoming episodes. I am going to live in constant fear until this drama ends. So…Wednesday, why you’re so far, far away?!

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Gaksital – Scenes and Thoughts

You know, I think I have to do this every week, just for the sake of keeping my head straight after two consecutive episodes of nerve wrecking Bridal Mask. I think this drama is making me dancing over the edge of my sanity and I feel really safe to watch it live only when I’m alone. Although we only got an episode this week, it’s an awesome episode that you won’t want to miss. Probably that’s the reason why I was so devastated when my streaming got cut off during the most crucial moment. Oh, I think I might need a rehab after this drama ends, just to continue being a sane drama viewer.

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Han Chae-Ah – Esquire August 2012

It looks like the ladies of the drama Bridal Mask is on the roll these days! First was Jin Se-Yeon, now it’s Han Chae-Ah’s turn to be featured in the magazine. Her pictorial is for the August edition of Esquire, but the set reminds me of her hotel room in the drama. Maybe she actually did the photo shoot at the set? Who knows, but she’s indeed a smoking hot goddess in this pictorial.


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