Upcoming Drama Updates

Since I’ll be quite busy in this upcoming 2-3 weeks, I’ve been forced to pay less attention to dramas. I even have to put a hold to my Baker King! But this is all for my future so I don’t exactly have any choice 🙂 Still, I’m so excited about the upcoming dramas and I do read the news and updates, it’s just I don’t update about them here. So…this is a make up post for the latest news about the upcoming dramas: Arang: Magistrate’s Chronicle, Five Fingers, and Nice Guy.

Arang changed the teaser website into its official website with darker background compared to the teaser site before. The stills and behind the scene video have been neatly uploaded on the site, with some wallpaper. Here’s the poster shooting BTS, uploaded to Youtube by Shin Min Ah International Fans.

Yeon Woo-Jin made it into the news headlines, mixing his Joo-Wal’s Joseon and modern styles.Now it looks like the mash up between Prince Yang Myung and Cha Chi-Soo’s styles. (source)

And the latest news….the third teaser is out! If in the first and second teaser, Eun-Oh was the one who almost harassed Arang, this time it’s Arang’s revenge! Curious? See it for yourself! Credit to the uploader, and the info about it was from PD-nim Kim Sang-Ho’s twitter.

Five Fingers opened its official site but still under construction. Joo Ji-Hoon’s character name has been changed from Yoo Ji-Sang to Yoo Ji-Ho. Ji Chang-Wook is still the handsome In-Ha. Hehehehe. The character stills are out too, and this is the BTS for the poster shooting session, credit to the uploader.

Ji-Hoon looks so friendly with everyone! Only a few glimpses of Eunjung and Chang-Wook but we’ll see them more after this. Can’t wait to see Chae Si-Ra pull an In-Sook of Baker King, or better.

The first still for the main couple: Da-Mi and Ji-Ho.

Nice Guy: The first batch of the character still is released and it’s no other than the nice guy Kang Maru. Joong-Ki looks so innocent but still hot in these stills, but this is way before he becomes the heartthrob playboy, during his time as a medical student. (source)

I really have to keep my excitement level low for the time being…must complete all the workload before I can fully enjoy the new dramas! Arang and Five Fingers will air in August, while Nice Guy is slated for September premiere.


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