Gaksital – Scenes and Thoughts

You know, I think I have to do this every week, just for the sake of keeping my head straight after two consecutive episodes of nerve wrecking Bridal Mask. I think this drama is making me dancing over the edge of my sanity and I feel really safe to watch it live only when I’m alone. Although we only got an episode this week, it’s an awesome episode that you won’t want to miss. Probably that’s the reason why I was so devastated when my streaming got cut off during the most crucial moment. Oh, I think I might need a rehab after this drama ends, just to continue being a sane drama viewer.

I was planning to write up about episodes 15 and 16 before this but got caught up with other things in the middle, so I’ll just put everything in this post.So…it’s a 15-16-17 combo…nothing much, just me expressing my feelings about some scenes and extra thoughts. I love to think hard and ponder about my dramas, so…yeah.

This scene was quite short so most would tend to neglect it or kept focusing on the Leader Jo’s hesitation to lie in front of Kangto but for me, it provided another important information about Kang-To. If only some of the characters paid really close attention towards him, they could’ve sensde his change of heart. If he was once coveting the officer’s post because of his brother and mother, now his goal had changed: to protect the girl he loves and also her immediate family members, including the patriots. Shunji would go crazy if he got to hear this. Haha.

No matter how I try to hate Shunji, I realized that I was (and still) running in circles. I admit that it’s not easy to hate him. He was HOT throughout episode 15. I wasn’t sure if it’s the lighting or what, but he’s glowing in the episode. Am I bewitched by him? He’s cold but cool. I like the pretending him: when he’s cool-headed, not when he’s looking like a psychiatric patient who escaped his ward in a mental institute.

Sun-Hwa knows something is up with traitor girl. Yeah, I really want to see a face-off between her and the traitor girl (I keep forgetting her name. Traitor girl seems legit). The bad girl needs her hair to be pulled.

Chasing scene. Ouch, I could feel my heart shattering while watching this scene. Nevertheless, Mok-Dan’s hair was so pretty in this scene! Although it’s a brief scene, it was rich with emotions: Kangto’s desperation and Mok-Dan’s determination. That monologue of Kangto killed me. What amused me was that both of them were fast as lightning! They’re dashing through the market in a blink of an eye. Well, Mok-Dan got her small frame as advantage, while Kangto had long legs. So that made sense. But then, that market man was such a huge cock blocker. Har. Are you Shunji’s apprentice in the subject? Hopefully not.

Confession! Dun dun dun…who saw that coming? Me neither! But darn, I bit my fingers so hard during this scene because I was too nervous (and it hurt!) and then squealed with delight! Confession at its best. Kangto even cursed in between the confessions, probably because he had to do it in front of Shunji. LOL. And I LOVE Mok-Dan’s reaction: she’s giving him a judging look, FINALLY. She needs to look at him properly and feel his love!

The fact that he came as Kangto and not Gaksital actually made me so relieved. He knew beforehand that Shunji’s coming there, so he’s wise enough not to be caught as Gaksital and his cover won’t be blown just like that. Right, the confession might be sudden, but he looked confident, as if he’d been considering/weighing/planning it along the way. Maybe it’s the desperation to save her, but it did help to make Mok-Dan see him in a completely new light.

One of the highlights in episode 16 and a scene that shouldn’t be missed was Shunji and Kang-To interrogation. Lies and truth twisted in a loose knot, waiting to be straightened by someone who’s alert. Just as we thought Kangto was caught this time, he managed to escape again. He’s so good with his words and emotions, manipulating Shunji’s heart at his will and wrapping Shunji  around his fingers.  At this point, who won’t love the smarty tight pants Kangto?

Rie oh Rie…she’s one of the characters with the mysterious background and her reaction towards Kangto’s reaction was unusual. Instead of lamenting about his stupid love for Mok-Dan, she’s upset about the fact that Kangto was digging his own grave after he’s succeeded to rise in the society conquered by the Japanese. Then,she kept reminding herself about her own status, the one that she got with her hard work. Maybe they’re hinting about her real intention of joining the Ueno family and Kishoukai? How nice if she’s actually trying to take over the organization/society as one of the Joseon people.

The final scene of episode 16 really made my blood pressure rose. Kangto proving himself as the worthy candidate to be Damsari’s son-in-law. If that’s not the case, why Damsari gave him an approving look like that? And his words to Mok-Dan before he was brought out of the jail proved that he’s thinking of marrying off her to Kangto. Hahaha! Just kidding! On a lighter note, Shunji & co. were lining up like toy soldiers. A formation? Still, it’s cute to be looked at, only when you’ve recovered from the heart attack cause by the cliffhanger. Then, I realized something: no wonder they lost the patriots again, because the other officers were just lazing around on the truck behind. Hehe.

Mok-Dan, you’re awesome. The spunkiest damsel in distress in the world. After her brave attempt to enter the nail cage at her own will (while having three men who love her looking at her helplessly), she continued to be awesome (losing words on how to describe her). The way she dissed off Shunji with his endless ‘I-am-sorry-for-you-and-I-love-you’ act was so brilliant. I almost came to believe Shunji actually (way too close!), but then he blew his own cover . Haaa. And her outbreak with Kangto? Double the awesomeness. As expected, it’s unacceptable for her. I’m glad the story took this turn. It’s believable! It’s consistent with her character and her way of perceiving things.

Kangto’s heartbroken face…….*died on the spot*

I know I’m not the only one who love to see these two together. I’ve been keeping an eye on them since their phone conversation. This time, Shunji/Rie’s Parseltongue combo was amazing. They’re like whispering and hissing to each other. Another potential couple? But Rie has her Katsuyama..

I love love love Kangto’s heart-to-heart talk with Damsari….he even called him 성생님 (a respectable title for a man, like Sir..?)!  He also changed his banmal terms into jondaemal. After all, he’s talking with his future father in law! I love his tone of voice, his expression…everything!

Everyone wants a hug with the Gaksital. Me too!

I’m sort of anticipating on how the patriots will save Damsari. Public execution? I’m still wondering what their plan is but they’ve been moving underground for years, so they are capable of planning and executing something that will be able to save their leader. One thing that I’m worried about is Kangto/Gaksital alibi at the execution scene, provided that he will join the plan. Hmmm…

The fighting scene in the garden was so pretty, but the one inside the room before was quite funny when I watched it for the second time, looking at the details I missed before. Gaksital kicked Katsuyama right in his face! I bet his pride was shattered, being treated like that in front of Rie. Even Taro the samurai was defeated pretty easily by Gaksital. Plus, Katsuyama was probably mad because his perfectly set hair was ruined by the cunning Gaksital.

It’s a double battle in the garden and I think this one did the justice for Mok-Dan and Rie’s fight in the hotel before. This one felt more realistic, but they’re being overshadowed by the main battle between Gaksital and Katsuyama. The fight in the water was amazing!! Although Gaksital was injured, he managed to knock down Rie himself. That felt so good and refreshing. It’s also the first time Gaksital spoke with someone without killing that person afterwards. That growling voice surely won’t give him off easily, right?

And the revelation? Awesome awesome awesome! The built up tension…and when she pulled the mask! OMG! Kangto looked so vulnerable there…but then, he’s like, “See, I wasn’t lying to you. I was telling the truth. I am the Young Master Lee Yong, the one you’re waiting for…and I’m the Gaksital.” Gawd. I couldn’t even breathe properly.

Was it too early for a revelation? But after giving it a thought, it’s an appropriate time since we need to switch the focus onto the initial matter: Kishoukai. We’ve been immersed in the guessing games- who is who, until we completely forget the main reason why Kangsan decided to be the Gaksital. With Kangto finding out about Rie’s identity (what’s up with that betrayed look, dear?), he’s on his way to unleash the mystery behind the secret society.

And Shunji’s ring might be the culprit that will give Kangto the next clue about Kishoukai.

But then, I’m also worried about Kangto’s identity as Gaksital. We will have someone from the enemy side to find out about it soon, and I think that lucky person would be Rie. I don’t know why, but the look that she had when she looked at Gaksital’s wounded wrist told me that she knew something. Oh, hopefully the visible wound won’t be the clue. That will be too easy for her!

Oh well…let’s watch the Olympics while waiting for episode 18….



6 thoughts on “Gaksital – Scenes and Thoughts

  1. My friends aren’t really into Korean dramas, neither am I, but this one got my attention. The way Joo Won potrays Kang To in this show is just amazing and mind-blowing. He is just so perfect! I love Joo Won and all his shows. I love Mok Dan and Kang To and their bittersweet relationship, and how you can see the beacon of hope in Mok Dan’s eyes when Kang To told her that he was going to help Damsari escape. And during that combat scene in episode 17, I thought I would get a heart attack and die on the spot! I mean, Kang To is willing to go to that extent to save Mok Dan. He’s getting slashes here and there but his determination in getting Mok Dan to safety still remains unwavering. And that worried look on Mok Dan’s face just kills it, she really believes in Gaksital and she really loves him. And the knife. THE KNIFE! It’s the main object that connects them together. The thing that makes them complete.

  2. I agree with all your observations in this page! I’ve never been this crazy for Korean dramas before and you totally put my thoughts into writing. That was way too awesome! Like you, I was so engrossed as I watched the latest episodes that I didn’t realized I almost fell from my bed (I didn’t know I kept moving toward the edge as I watch every scene). Anyway, thank you for your thoughts right here. You’re a very descriptive writer. ^_^

  3. In awe of these episodes! The tension, the suspense! The all unexpected reveal so early made it a phenomenal couple of episodes! I think ep 17 was the first time that Mok Dan shined! Her words to both Shujni “Am I your toy?” and Kang-to “you are the Young Master I’ve been waiting for?”, all I can say is WOW! I have ep 17 on permanent loop and every time I watch it, I discover something new! The water/garden fights were breathtaking! Art in motion, masterfully done! The use of slo-mo was perfection in cinematography! In between the Olympic events that I have an interest in, I will be rewatching from beginning to end, the perfectly crafted drama called Bridal Mask or as we affectionately like to refer to it as Gaksiiitaaaal!

    1. She doesn’t have to fight all the time to show how great she is . that’s Mok Dan 🙂 I love it when she starts speaking up her mind, because she’s not easily shaken by those two guys. Maybe that’s why they’re falling head over hells for her 😉 I think tep 17 is my most watched episode to date~

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