2012 Appreciation Post

[I don’t know why some of the content disappeared before :\ Here’s the edited version.]

For various reasons, this year’s appreciation post is going to be longer compared to last year, simply because I watched quite a handful of dramas and I have a lot of things to be thankful for. I have to admit that 2012 isn’t the best year in my life as a student, but I’m grateful that I something that I can hold on to, just to escape the reality at times. Now that seems a little depressing O.O but student’s life is not normal without any sign of stress, right? Back to the dramas, I think I’ve watched more dramas this year and at one point, I even juggled eight currently airing dramas at that time. Crazy, but I managed to finish most of them.


Beware that this is probably going to take forever…

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Five Fingers: Jiho and Dami’s Stills

Adorable. That’s the reason that I could think of, and because of that reason alone, it’s a waste not to share these stills! Joo Ji-Hoon and Jin Se-Yeon’s first batch of stills, with both of them in a scene together.

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Five Fingers: New Teasers

After being silent without any news the drama for a while, SBS finally gave us a new teaser for Five Fingers yesterday. This one shows a darker tone of the drama, although the whole ordeal is still a big mystery to me.

There’s another teaser, probably aired before this. It’s pretty much the same with the one above, but with different starting scenes.

Since A Gentleman’s Dignity will end tonight, it’s been confirmed that Five Fingers will have its first episode premiere on August 18th, as stated in the teasers. Let the countdown begin…and we only have 6 days to go till the day!

[credit goes to the uploaders, thanks to Tarits @soompi for sharing these teasers!]

Upcoming Drama Updates #2

Phew! Managed to sneak in between the test, class, and the upcoming presentation to write this post. It’s a waste not to share these new updates despite the busy schedule I have today 🙂

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Upcoming Drama Updates

Since I’ll be quite busy in this upcoming 2-3 weeks, I’ve been forced to pay less attention to dramas. I even have to put a hold to my Baker King! But this is all for my future so I don’t exactly have any choice 🙂 Still, I’m so excited about the upcoming dramas and I do read the news and updates, it’s just I don’t update about them here. So…this is a make up post for the latest news about the upcoming dramas: Arang: Magistrate’s Chronicle, Five Fingers, and Nice Guy.

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