[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 15

If I’m to give another title to this episode, I’d write it like this: Stalkers’ Special.

The episode starts with the characters all being at separate places: Su-Young is with her son, Dong-Ah still reading books to figure out the stalker’s intention, and Jong-Hee  looking at Short’s picture. The stalker herself is probably doing some mental preparation in the eerie room, while Reporter Kim is regaining his consciousness. Manager Kim and Eun-Jae are rushing against the time, with Mu-Yeol being approached by someone so familiar to him at the training field: Dong-Soo.


Episode 15 : The Game-Determining Shortstop Decision

*[shortstop decision – the shortstop throws the ball in order to take out the runner close to the home plate.]

Dong-Soo’s voice tone is totally different from what he usually uses when he’s talking with Mu-Yeol. One sentence from him, and Mu-Yeol knows he’s the person behind all the things happening around himself. Dong-Soo admits to all of them: the pictures, the cat, and even the methanol. Mu-Yeol doesn’t want to believe it, but Dong-Soo lets out his frustration: Park Mu-Yeol is the proof of his failure in life. His kindness to him was all because Mu-Yeol was a nobody to him, someone that he thought won’t surpass him so easily.


Mu-Yeol finds it hard to believe he’s actually the stalker. Dong-Soo punches him to make him believe that someone like himself can also hate him. He tells Mu-Yeol to believe whatever he wants to believe, even it will bring death to him. Dong-Soo gives him a few good smacks before reaching for the bat. He rises it, ready to give a full swing to Mu-Yeol, who isn’t doing anything to save himself…

..and someone comes just in time to push Dong-Soo away. It’s Eun-Jae, and while she’s dealing with the supposed stalker, Mu-Yeol is too surprised to do anything. Dong-Soo gets Eun-Jae and strangles her. Mu-Yeol keeps looking at him, and the reality finally dawns on him. He pushes Dong-Soo away from Eun-Jae and starts to punch him, but soon he stops, still unable to believe the fact that he’s the stalker he’s looking for.


Suddenly, the lights are turned on, and boy, what a mess! Dong-Soo and Mu-Yeol with bruises, Eun-Jae is even bleeding! Dong-Soo is dragged away and he completely ignores Mu-Yeol. Reporter Go doesn’t let the opportunity to record the breaking news, but his face shows that he himself can’t believe what’s happening in front of him.


Su-Young feels that something is not right and wants to go home, but her mother decides to tell her the truth: that she was the one who destroyed Jong-Hee’s paintings and Dong-Soo is going to take all the blame for her. She can’t believe that she did that, and she doesn’t recall anything about it. At the police station, Dong-Soo admits everything as his crime, his motive being the jealousy over Mu-Yeol’s success. In the jail, he looks at his hand: the one that he used to hurt Mu-Yeol earlier.

And Mu-Yeol wasn’t hurt only physically; his mental also. Alone in his dark room, he reminisces about the time when Dong-Soo was the one who protected him from their varsity team members’ anger. He cries alone, still unable to accept the reality.


Eun-Jae comes over the next day to see how he’s doing, but the ahjumma says he can’t see anyone. Eun-Jae wants to meet him only for a brief second and the ahjumma goes inside to ask Mu-Yeol about it, while actually she doesn’t. She cooks up a lie and tells Eun-Jae he isn’t seeing anyone (Liar! Grrr!). She’s as happy as a lark to be able to take care of her wounded lover, smiling triumphantly. Okay, typing this makes me want to vomit. Ewwwww…


Reporter Go is hanging around the Dreamers’ office while looking at Dong-Soo’s photo he took before he was caught. Manager Kim approaches him, thanking the reporter for blocking any news article about the incident from being published. Reporter Go admitst that it’s hard to believe someone like Dong-Soo would do that.

The reporters are still thinking that it’s weird to have Dong-Soo as Mu-Yeol’s stalker. Yoon-Yi, who’s at the station for a discussion (must because of his good looks and good grades from college), overhears them talking. He seems interested over the matter, but cannot hear more as he has to proceed with the recording.


The day has returned to normal, but Eun-Jae still follows Jong-Hee around. They go to the gallery for Jong-Hee to deal with the director about insurance of her damaged paintings and they find out that Su-Young’s mother has resigned to take responsibility for what happened.

Jong-Hee doesn’t know what to do if she’s to meet Su-Young, and she’s sure Su-Young would feel the same too. Meanwhile, Su-Young is trying hard to remember what happened and what she had done. She looks at herself in the mirror, trying to see past her own reflection.


At Jong-Hee’s house, Eun-Jae helps her to pack up her things as she’s going back to England. Jong-Hee gives Eun-Jae a painting, which she takes a look at and laughs, saying that it’ll give her nightmares. Hahaha! Jong-Hee then bites her, her unusual way of showing her affection (umm..like hugs maybe..) and grins when Eun-Jae tells her not to do that. Eun-Jae suggests her to visit Mu-Yeol as he didn’t want to see her, but Jong-Hee thinks she’s someone more suitable to go to him, asking his conditions right now She directly tells Eun-Jae that she’s selfish for caring more about her own feelings than Mu-Yeol’s when Eun-Jae doesn’t want to go to see him.


Mu-Yeol is still grieving alone in his bedroom. The ahjumma comes in, informing him about Manager Kim coming there. She tells him not to feel alone as she’s the one who understands him, even if others don’t (urgh!). Mu-Yeol nods lifelessly (this is hard to watch T^T) and thanks her. She smiles and promises that she’ll come earlier the next day before leaving. She accidentally (or deliberately?) leaves her gloves on the rack on her way out of the house.


Weighing Jong-Hee’s words earlier, Eun-Jae is still hesitating on whether to take a look at Mu-Yeol or not. She’s going down to go home, but soon changes her mind and goes straight to Mu-Yeol’s house. She keeps pressing the door bell but no one answers. Eun-Jae then enters (since she knows the password) and looks around to see no one around. She enters his bedroom and tells him she’ll just sit there quietly since she doesn’t know what to do.

He slowly moves closer towards her…

and leans on her shoulder (*speechless*). He sighs as she’s so late to come to him, but then she thanks him for leaning on her. Awww..that’s so sweet!


The ahjumma takes a really long time to get to the lobby, and then she realizes that she left her gloves (why now?). She returns to Mu-Yeol’s house to fetch them, but she sees a pair of  shoes with a painting behind the door and goes straight to his bedroom to hear him talking about Dong-Soo with someone. She leaves the house in a huff. While Mu-Yeol is telling stories about Dong-Soo to Eun-Jae, the crazy stalker ahjumma goes back to her house and starts ripping Mu-Yeol’s pictures in her secret room to vent her anger. As if she really deserves to feel like that. Ha!

Mu-Yeol continues to tell Eun-Jae about his history with Dong-Soo and repeats the story about how Dong-Soo saved him from quitting baseball. Somewhere in the middle, he realizes that the stalker isn’t him. He concludes that Dong-Soo must has had a reason to do that and gets ready to go somewhere.


The ahjumma, who’s agonizing over Mu-Yeol, is suddenly interrupted by someone at her door. The person doesn’t say anything when she asks who he is, but he just slits a picture of Mu-Yeol through the mail slot. She quickly opens her door, only to see Yoon-Yi there. He tells her to call the police if she feels that he’s being rude to her, but he knows that she won’t do so. He goes inside and starts talking about the stalker. He now knows about her being the stalker and asks why she’s doing that. She agrees to tell him everything as he might be useful to her, but unknown to Yoon-Yi, she’s going to put something in his tea.


We go back to Mu-Yeol’s living room, where he’s finally moving out of his temporary ‘cave’ or bedroom and starts planning about proving Dong-Soo’s innocence…only to have nothing coming out of his head. Pfffft. He then gets a very bright idea: catch the real stalker first! And the plan to catch the stalker…he can’t think of anything because of his hunger. Hahaha! Eun-Jae just sits there, trying to control her anger while he goes to fetch the takeaway meal.


The ahjumma and Yoon-Yi sits over cup of tea and she starts to tell him why she’s stalking and doing all the things to Mu-Yeol. He drinks the tea in front of him (noooooo!!) and starts to feel something is weird. She keeps talking and talking about Mu-Yeol’s broken family and her love towards him (urgh) as he gradually becomes unconscious and falls onto the floor. Poor boy.


The full Mu-Yeol finally lights up a bulb after having his meal and connects Yoon-Yi to the stalker as what Manager Kim said. He tries to contact Yoon-Yi, but the poor boy is drugged badly and can’t even lift a finger. Yoon-Yi is brought into a room by the ahjumma and he’s left there alone as he keeps remembering about his own childhood, staring at the city lights from the hill. Is he going to die? Please no…


The next day, Mu-Yeol and Eun-Jae sit down together with Manager Kim and Dong-Ah to discuss about the stalker’s issue. Eun-Jae is behind Mu-Yeol for thinking that Dong-Soo is innocent, and Dong-Ah is with Manager Kim, thinking against them. They keep debating on the issue; Eun-Jae and Mu-Yeol being the Dumb Team and Manager Kim and Dong-Ah as the Smart Team. Mu-Yeol wants them to do rock-paper-scissors to decide whether to go with or against him (haha!  ridiculous idea!) before Manager Kim asks him about Yoon-Yi, at the same time the ahjumma comes in.

They decide to go to Yoon-Yi’s place to find him as Mu-Yeol couldn’t get hold of him. Dong-Ah finally remembers where she met the ahjumma before this: during her escape from Yoon-Yi! The ahjumma doesn’t admit it and says that she probably mistaken her for another person.


Mu-Yeol wants them to pay attention and announces that they are going to pursue the stalker secretly (and  the stalker is right behind them, thank you). The ahjumma looks at the happy Mu-Yeol, while he’s spazzing about how smart he is with Eun-Jae. Hehe..I love this pair! Manager Kim brings up about Jong-Hee’s safety that’s in danger as the real stalker is still free, defeating the Dumb Team. Dong-Ah gives a thumb up for her Robot, marking their victory. Looks like Smart Team always surpasses the Dumb Team..and the real stalker is worrying over the matter. Take that, creepy ahjumma!


Outside the apartment building, Kevin is monitoring the CCTV in front of Joong-Hee’s house while Mu-Yeol and Eun-Jae go to find Yoon-Yi at his campus. They don’t see him anywhere and his friends say they never see him with Dong-Soo. Manager Kim and Dong-Ah goes to meet his grandmother, and she never know Dong-Soo or even Su-Young. The weird thing is Yoon-Yi didn’t come home the night before.

 Manager Kim tells what he found out to Mu-Yeol and Dong-Ah is still thinking hard about the ahjumma. She’s really sure that she was saved by her. She then remembers about the phone call she made from the ahjumma’s phone to Manager Kim and he checks the number.


The ahjumma is worrying over what Dong-Ah said earlier to her, and she suddenly receives a call from Dong-Ah. She admits she’s Mu-Yeol’s house maid, and that confirmation is enough to raise suspicion about her. She looks like she’s plotting something and leaves Mu-Yeol’s house.

Kevin is still monitoring the CCTV and seeing the ahjumma goes to Jong-Hee’s house, he doesn’t suspect anything and goes out to do some stretching. The ahjumma has already entered the house and Jong-Hee is getting ready to go back to England. The ahjumma suddenly grabs her fingers and takes a look at the ring. She then electrocutes her and Jong-Hee falls onto the couch unconscious.

Manager Kim and Dong-Ah run back into the neighborhood to meet Yoon-Yi’s grandma o ask her about the ahjumma. She at first doesn’t say anything about her knowing the ahjumma, but after hearing about Yoon-Yi might be in danger, she looks disturbed.


Ahjumma is bringing down a very big luggage (and I think I know what’s inside O.o) but as soon as she reaches the lobby, she sees Kevin standing outside the entrance. She then drags the bag back into the elevator and chooses to get out through the car park to avoid being caught by anyone.


At a cafe, Manager Kim is ready to break the news about the real stalker’s identity, but he’s waiting for another confirmation. Reporter Go meets Yumi, the blackmail girl from the earlier episodes to show the ahjumma’s photo. She confirms that the ahjumma was her housekeeper and he quickly informs it to Manager Kim. Mu-Yeol can’t believe it at first, saying that it’s purely coincidence, but Eun-Jae is worried about Jong-Hee and he dashes off to her house.


On their way home, Eun-Jae calls Kevin to ask about Jong-Hee’s whereabouts. He says she’s at her house, but when asked about who came to the house, his answer shocks them: the ahjumma. Mu-Yeol steps on the gas but Jong-Hee isn’t around when he arrives at her house. She’s nowhere to be found and Mu-Yeol sobs in frustration.


Jong-Hee is brought to a swimming pool and she’s still unconscious. Her phone rings; a call from Mu-Yeol is left unanswered while the ahjumma looks over her. The ahjumma then gets a phone call from Mu-Yeol but she ignores it. Jong-Hee stirs and wakes up after hearing her phone rings. The ahjumma gets crossed when she calls her ‘imo’ (another term for aunt) and begins weeping about people not calling her by her name and she being so old. Jong-Hee is so cared when she looks at the water in the pool.


On the other side, Mu-Yeol and others are watching the CCTV recording as Manager Kim is finding the CCTV camera recordings around the building. They wonders where the ahjumma could have went to, and Mu-Yeol decides to go to the ahjumma’s house. Eun-Jae runs after him, but she soon stops. In front of Dong-Ah, she chides herself for being jealous at Jong-Hee even at time like this. She decides to look around if the ahjumma left Jong-Hee just like that as it’s difficult for her to carry the heavy bag around.


Reporter Go wants to meet Dong-Soo, but the police officer refuses to let him through. he just goes straight to the cell and sees Dong-Soo. He doesn’t want to say anything, but Reporter Go knows Dong-Soo isn’t the stalker as Jong-Hee is missing right now. He’s surprised to know about it.


As she’s running around the neighborhood searching for Jong-Hee, Eun-Jae comes across the place where Mu-Yeol tried to kiss her. She also remembers how he was so worried over Jong-Hee and what she could only do was looking at his hunched back. He shakes off her jealously and starts thinking clearly. She looks at the building’s gym and decides to go up there. She finds it weird to have the lights on although the place is closed for holidays. She walks through the deserted gym.


The ahjumma is still going down her memory lane with Jong-Hee about how she almost died when she was a teenager and wishes she was dead back then so that she’d remain beautiful forever. Hah. She tells Jong-Hee not to regret anything to be able to die as a pretty young lady as Mu-Yeol will forever remember her just like that. The ahjumma chides her for taking over her position inside Mu-Yeol’s heart and doesn’t want to believe that Jong-Hee didn’t see him last night. She wonders who was the woman with him and someone comes. She hurries up to hide Jong-Hee.


Mu-Yeol arrives at the ahjumma’s place, but no one answers the door although he keeps knocking. He then remembers her telling him about the password to enter her house. He punches in the numbers and got them correct and enters the house.Meanwhile, Eun-Jae enters the place alone (where is Dong-Ah??) and the ahjumma comes from behind before electrocuting her. The camera pans at her shoes.


Mu-Yeol and Kevin search around her house and Kevin finds Yoon-Yi lying unconsciously in one of the rooms. Mu-Yeol goes into another room to find it’s the secret room full of his pictures on the four walls. Surprised? Yeah, he should feels like that.He then receives a call from Manager Kim: has has a hunch that the ahjumma is still inside the apartment building as she wasn’t caught in any of the CCTV around the area.


The ahjumma has done a very nice trick this time: changing the outfits of Jong-Hee and Eun-Jae with each other, except for their shoes. They are tied up and she proceeds to investigate who is Mu-Yeol’s girl and stayed with him last night. Eun-Jae admits that it was her, but the ahjumma’s question about why Jong-Hee is still wearing the ring is left unanswered. She sees Mu-Yeol running towards the building through the windows and gets ready for her little ‘show’.


Manager Kim and Dong-Ah is at the security office, scanning the CCTV recordings around the building. They confirm that the ahjumma is still inside the building. On their way to the fourth floor with the security guards,they run into Mu-Yeol. The ahjumma finishes her preparation to meet Mu-Yeol and warns the girls not to do anything ridiculous as she can kill both of them, even before he comes. He searches for her inside the gym when the ahjumma calls him. She tells him to come to the swimming pool and he quickly informs Manager Kim before running towards the pool site.

He opens the door to the pool to find this in front of him:

And the ahjumma asks him which one is exactly his girl. She wants to know which one between them for her to hate after this since she’s going to be alone. She wants him to tell her which one is his lover, and pushes both girls into the water. WHAT?!! Mu-Yeol jumps into the pool to save them, while the ahjumma is anticipating who he’ll save.

[END of Episode 15]

She’s totally sick. Yeah, very sick. If not, how could she do all the things to Mu-Yeol? That’s not love! That’s plain scary and creepy and…ewwww. I can’t think of anything.

I think this episode is mainly about the stalker, and less about our couples. but I do enjoy the moment when four of them: Mu-Yeol, Dong-Ah, Manager Kim, and Eun-Jae sit together and discuss something. I can see why both couple are suited and perfect for each other. Now matter how smart or how dumb the couples are, I still love them to bits. Yeay!

I’m looking forward to who Mu-Yeol would save first. But the clue lies in the shoes worn by them as the camera keeps focusing on them. They really want us to realize it and cannot be any clearer about it. Hehe.

Now..I’m actually lost and don’t know what to write anymore..since this is the second last episode. There’s a bittersweet feeling lingering around me as I’m finishing the last recap on my part. I’m going to sneak in and type few words on the final episode recap (advance apology to kichul^^;), so..this is it from me, for the time being.

Opening the last episode video..

3 thoughts on “[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 15

  1. Thanks for your recap. Tell you what. I’ve finished watching the complete episodes but until I have not read and savored your own remaining recaps, I just feel it’s not yet over yet. I figured it out just about few days ago that among others who made recaps for this drama, I like your style best. More so, it’s also more attuned to my own sense of emotions. I tremendously like it when you particularly site the Dumb and Dumber couple and the Smart couple. Ha..ha..ha..just what i thought so. I was really looking forward for this two couple to have at least a double date in one of the episodes but their foursome appearance together in this particular episode suffices already. In my thoughts, I see the four of them going out of town for a foursome getaway somewhere (maybe in beach in the Philippines) after the final episode. he..he..he.
    I like this drama so much and I could not somehow understand why it is not rating well in Korea. I hope this does not discouraged producers to make dramas starring Lee Dong Wook because he is really a delight. Not only is he a very charming and extremely good looking actor, I think he is also the best in terms of acting. His crying scene alone in his bedroom while he pours out his hurt about what Dong Soo did to him is AWESOME. I learned later that the particularly scene was critically acclaimed. That makes him my favorite actor in the whole world.

  2. And I thought episode 14 had a cliffhanger ending – that was nothing compared to this! So is evil ahjumma hoping he will try to save the wrong girl because of the clothes? How the heck can he save both of them! And more importantly, how can we wait until next week to find out!

    (Thanks so, so much for the recaps! I totally agree with latebloomer – I love your recaps the best. I tried reading someone else’s and was getting mad at their comments because you could tell they didn’t seem to love the characters. Your recaps say exactly what I am thinking, too!)

  3. ahh…both of you are flattering me! ^^; glad you’re enjoying the recaps as much as I enjoy writing them. It is a hard work, but realizing that there are still people who read them is a pure satisfaction to me 😉

    it’s not their mistake for them to get low ratings. it’s just a matter of timing and they’re probably not that lucky to secure the same time slot as a sageuk, and period dramas/sageuk have their own followers..but still, I am grateful to find this rare piece of drama, thanks to LDW and LSY…and till today, I’m still missing them..and also Robot-Battery couple! lol now I think I miss all of the characters :’]

    @latebloomer: that scene is my favorite. LDW is so good at channeling the feelings and I keep replaying that scene over and over again. He looks like he’s really hurt emotionally…

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