Im Siwan – L’Officiel Hommes May 2012

He’s definitely on a roll these days! This time, Siwan is to be featured in L’ Officiel Hommes for May edition. If you’re familiar enough with the photo shoots from various magazines of the Korean celebrities, you might notice something different in this one. I spent my morning laughing when I realized it. Continue reading “Im Siwan – L’Officiel Hommes May 2012”

The Rooftop Family

This is just a random idea coming out of nowhere and I can’t seem to chase them out of my mind, so I have to write it down since it sounds good. Haha. Watching Rooftop Prince makes me think that they are like a big family altogether. Almost unconsciously, my mind starts to assign the characters into their roles in the family. Purely fictional, but still loosely related to the drama characters.

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[recap] The Equator Man – Episode 10

Revenge isn’t that simple like it used to be when we were kids: if someone threw a rock at us, we picked another and threw back at that person. As we grow up, more steps are needed for someone to be able to give a satisfying payback. The bitterness of the process totally disappears with the sweet revenge, but would forgiveness be sweeter?

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Im Jung Eun – InStyle May 2012

Is it a mere coincidence to have the young Jang-Il and the grown up Soo-Mi both up for magazine spreads in May? After Siwan, it’s Im Jung Eun’s turn, this time to be featured in May’s edition if InStyle magazine. Some of the articles are comparing her to the legendary Shim Eun-Ha because of her role as Choi Soo-Mi in The Equator Man. Some people might hate Soo-Mi, but Im Jung-Eun deserves no hate, but envy. Her figure is to die for!

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[recap] The Equator Man – Episode 9

Here we are, getting the second time jump, thirteen years later. If two-year jump brought so many changes in the characters, how about these longer years, where they are apart from each other? Even if their appearance change, will their hearts stay intact? How about the guilt and hate: will these be washed from their hearts as they grow up?

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