Another Sageuk…

…has crept up into my radar. The year hasn’t even changed the number, yet I’m here, already picking out which one to be watched and which one to be pushed back for viewing later. It’s not like dramas are my subjects at my university (as if drama watching can be considered as part of engineering? wishful thinking), but if it’s going to be amazing, I won’t be the one who’d like to miss the fun, but the ‘drama’ neuron and the ‘life’ neuron in my brain are fighting over this issue right now..

What, another drama? What’s the title? The Moon that Embraces the Sun.

Duh, this time from which station? MBC.

When it’s going to start? Err..January 4th?

Isn’t it the same day for Wild Romance to start? Yeah..I think so..

Then you’re going to abandon your study again. No!

If you’re so eager to watch this, give me some solid reasons. Huh, reasons?

Yeah, that is if you really want to watch this.

Okay…err..because it’s a sageuk? That’s all?

Because it’s a Joseon sageuk? Hmm..not so solid..

It’s going to have lots of hanbok! Humm..

It’s a love story! Hmmm…

Ah… that all? You don’t have that much reason why you should be watching this..

Wait, wait! I think I do have some solid reasons! Spill.

Kim Min-Seo is going to be in this drama. Uh..the pretty Chosun?

Of course! and Yoo Seung-Ah too..That girl? Really?

Han Ga-In..Wow..

Kim Soo-Hyun..Samdong!

And the other one..Who is it? Tell me! Tell me!

Jung Il-Woo. *silence*

Can I watch it? *silence*

I’ll do my homework. *silence*

I’ll work harder! I promise! *silence*

Can’t I? Please…*silence*

Jung Il-Woo in hanbok…*nod*

Really? Yeay! But count me in.

Huh? I want to watch him.

What about the homework? Who’s going to tell me to do my work? I am.

Phew! I’m lucky! But after I watch my Il-Woo.

Haaa..? My Il-Woo…

I’m going to screw myself again next year. My Il-Woo..*dances around*


In case you’re not that convinced yet(just like my ‘life’ neuron before seeing her Il-Woo), this teaser might do the job of convincing you. The child actors are doing a great job based on this teaser. Don’t look down on them just because they’re kids! They have real talents!

Another one, with the first appearance of the Sun and the Moon.

Looks like my watching schedule isn’t going to be that empty for the coming months..

*can’t help but spazzing about this! Young Sun and young Moon had already met in another drama! Yeo Jin-Goo and Kim Yoo-Jung both starred in Ijimae. They sure grew up pretty quickly..

EDIT: special for my life neuron and all, here’s a BTS video about the poster shooting.

source : posters | teasers-uploaders

4 thoughts on “Another Sageuk…

  1. The debate in your head cracked me up! Hahaha 😀 You are soooooo hilarious! This post is amusing to read! I understand your situation . . . I am currently joggling too many dramas using my limited time. But here I am . . picking up new dramas (Wild Romance & The Moon that Embraces The Sun) to add on my bulky watch-list!

    1. hehehe ^^; the neurons are torn between too! yeah, the drama list for everyone will never be shortened. it’ll be longer, longer, and longer…I didn’t even started with FBRS yet! 😮

      1. Oh! Now that you’ve mentioned FBRS, I think I have to say this : I only enjoyed the show because of the eye-candies, romance alone will make me drop it! No matter how much I love JUNG IL WOO, I just can’t bring myself to root for his noona romance with LEE CHUNG AH.

        I mean, a spoiled-highschooler wooing a pretentious spunky older woman? Ooops, let me take back my boarding pass so that I can ride a different ship. I can tolerate a younger man-older woman-set-up as long as both are already included in the work force (e.i. Baby Faced-Beauty) but this one just didn’t make sense, well at least to me. Sadly, FBRS is kinda disastrous for me! The main reason I watch rom-coms is of course because of the light love story but in the case of FBRS, I watch it only for the silly comedy and not for the romance.

        Well, with thousands or maybe millions of fans loving FBRS, I’m sure a minus one (ME!) wouldn’t hurt at all . . .

        1. Pssttt..*whispering* I also felt like that when I browsed the first two eps!

          the storyline is pretty absurd just like what you said 😉 I’m also going back and forth about watching it because of the editing. Yeah, I’m not a director or studying about it, but I can tell when something made you felt not right when watching it. hoho. But because it’s JIW, I’m going to give it another try. Maybe I’ll look past all the flaws and enjoy all the goodness of pretty boys. Maybe.

          ..I thought I was the only one who didn’t feel the love at the first sight for this show…

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