[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 7

The theme for this episode is revenge and they show two types of it. One large scale and one petty one, but both are so hilarious. This episode truly shows how much the minions care for their prince and how much Sumi cares for Manager Shin.

The two idol groups and their manager are sitting in the living room watching a television show called Friend’s Idol. The female host asks the two boys on the show if they had girlfriends to which they reply no. Prince Jung makes a snide comment and Woo Hee tells him to shut up. The reporter then asks which girl group they like and these days they like Girls Girls.

Things just got serious as the girls wait to see who the guy would choose. He chooses Woo Hee which makes Woo Hee happy but Prince Jung shocked. The other girls congratulate her half-heartedly while Woo Hee plays it off like it’s not big deal. She walks back into her room and starts singing Girls Girls while dancing haha. I guess the kiss with Prince Jung must have transferred that over. The other girls come in and Minah pouts why does it have to be Woo Hee? Brunette tells her to shush. It’s because she’s pretty…sexy…. Woo Hee’s in a happy mood from all the kissing up so she asks Minah if she wants anything to eat.

Hyun Joong spies on the girls and report to Prince Jung what he has heard which does not make him happy. Soo Hyuk discourages Prine Jung from doing anything rash because of what happened with the whole kissing thing. Jong Hyun tells him that there are plenty of other girls but Prince Jung says no, Woo Hee was his first love.

The married couple are in bed talking about their future and Manager Shin really doesn’t want to stay with Sumi forever (aww). Sumi talks about how she’s the happiest person ever. They hear some noise so Sumi gets up to turn on the lights and finds the vampires standing beside the bed. Prince Jung wants to go out and drink but Manager Shin doesn’t want to and tells him to go by himself. Soo Hyuk grabs Manager Shin and Hyun Joong starts speaking Prince Jung’s whole name. He ends with a whoo! Haha! Sumi starts talking smack and the cuss words are censored out lolol. Manager Shin compromises and says they’ll go tomorrow, it’s too late now. Prince Jung has a little tantrum and then leaves.

Sumi asks why he always gives in the Prince Jung and she offers to refuse for him. Manager Shin tells her not to, he’s  a prince; plus one bite and they could die. Sumi asks if he’s a prince here? Manager Shin tells her he’s tired and goes to sleep. The next day, Sumi takes out her anger on those “vampire bastards” by chopping the fish furiously.

At the company lobby, the girls are busy fixing their makeup and trying to look pretty in front of the two boys who were on television last night. The girls tell Woo Hee that he’s looking at her and they bow and walk away. The girls start gushing about how they greeted her and decide to look through all the halls for them so Woo Hee can talk to them. The guys sees them first and all the girls eye the blonde’s coffee can which he is holding. Woo Hee holds out her hand, expecting to get it but it is given to Brunette. Uh oh. Back at home, the girls try to calm Woo Hee down and Brunette tells her that guys usually do that because they want to be friends with the girl’s friends first. Woo Hee isn’t satisfied and walks away; when she is gone, Brunette complains that she did not even do anything.

Woo Hee walks outside and is met by Kwang Hee who tell her that Girls Girls is number 2 on the charts and Woo Hee says they will always be number 1. The vampires greet Kwang Hee and they get into the topic of Crown Prince. Kwang Hee tells them how he himself is good looking, great at dancing and singing. Prince Jung asks for his opinion about himself, but Kwang Hee just scoffs and says he’s not great. Soo Hyuk starts getting angry and looks like he’s going to kill Kwang Hee who just walked away. Prince Jung had to calm him down.

Woo Hee walks out and Prince Jung tells her they should stop ignoring each other now, but she only scoffs at him. She even kicks him when he tells her he’s a prince. Woo Hee tells him to stop joking and walks away, leaving Prince Jung injured in more than one part of the body.

Soo Hyuk asks if he’s okay and Jong Hyun asks if his leg really hurts. He says it hurts more in his heart and he staggers away from his minions. Hyun Joong looks like he’s going to cry and Soo Hyuk is angry that Woo Hee made him hurt. He’s about to leave to talk to Prince Jung when Jong Hyun tells him to just let him be for a while. Hyun Joong says they have to do something about this.

Sumi sees Prince Jung walking along into the vampires’ room and decides to use this opportunity to get her little revenge on him for making her oppa work so hard. She farts into the piano before running away. Prince Jung pops out to see who it was, but no one is there.

Sumi runs into the kitchen and laughs, Manager Shin sees her happy and wants to know why. She tells him how she got a little revenge for him which he’s pleased about but hopes she won’t doing it again since she could get killed. He promises her that they’ll get a diamond as big as his fist from Prince Jung if they are patient. His cell phone rings and he rushes to the president’s office.

Manager Shin describes to the girls about the Gochukjang (pepper paste) CF which will take place in Paris. The girls are excited, however the problem is, only one can go. Why they are shooting a Korean product in France is puzzling, but nevertheless, all the girls want to go. The other girls try to pretend it’s not a big deal except for Minah who wants to be chosen so she can eat ice cream in Paris hehe. The CF is all fair play and they will all try to not hold a grudge on whoever picked.

The vampires appear in front of Manager Shin which scares him and he hands them a small piece of paper with an address. He tells them that he could get in trouble for this. Jong Hyun says that he’s intelligent and Manager Shin just nods. Hyun Joong tells him to watch and Manager Shin is sarcastically excited. lol. Jong Hyun finds the address and they hang upside down to spy through a window.

They wonder why their cheeks are so red. They note that’s the kissing that they saw and wonder why it’s so long. It must hurt (haha). It turns out that they are spying on the blonde guy who is currently going out with some unknown girl.

Prince Jung hits Manager Shin and demands to know something which Manager Shin told him last night. Prince Jung says sorry awkwardly and asks where the vampires went. Manager Shin is too frustrated to answer and leaves. Sumi starts hitting him with the laundry with the excuse that she was just wringing them out. Prince Jung leaves and she takes his pants and rips a hole in them haha.

They arrive at the audition ,each with their own concept. Minah has the cute parody, Brunette uses sex appeal, Silence uses fast rapping and Woo Hee uses comedy which she stole from Minah after calling it lame. Minah gets angry and says she eats bread with gochukjang, Woo Hee’s been eating it with rice since she was little, Brunette brings out a jar and eats some, and Silence smears some on her mouth. It turns into an all out desperate appeal, so none of the judges were interested.

The driver tries to lighten up the depressing atmospere by turning on the television which is when the news reporters discusses how the blonde (who’s name I finally realize is Jae Ah) was dating a girl name Kang Yubin. The car they were in were placed on top of a container box and reporters kept snapping pictures. The girls are shocked and start talking trash about the girl and how her whole face was plastic. Nothing like a group of girls making up by joining forces against a common enemy.

The minions look down as Prince Jung starts yelling at them about how dangerous it is to place a car on top of a container box, but the anger turns into happiness. The minions look at each other and smile shyly as Prince Jung praises them for their efforts.

The girls come back after the audition and Prince Jung asks Woo Hee if he heard about Jae Ah to which Woo Hee just snaps back. He’s in too much of a happy mood so he just lets it go and gives her a kiss while back up, not noticing his pants are ripped. Pfft. The girls laugh and Sumi smirks at her revenge from the kitchen.


The bromance. How can anyone hate the bromance? It’s one of the reasons why I’m loving this show and the girls’ friendship which can break with a petty competition against each other but is strong when against a common foe. I’m more of a fan of the bromance since it’s more simple than that of the girl’s but both are entertaining. How sweet is it for Sumi to stand up for Manager Shin? She may be 60 but she’s still a young woman at heart. ^__^

I saw the preview for episode 8 and three words: Lee Soo Hyuk. I like. Shall recap it soon, feel free to add any commentary or questions, I’ll be happy to answer.



6 thoughts on “[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 7

  1. thanks! i love this drama! and i saw ep 8 raw, so i can’t wait what it’s about, other than lee soo hyuk’s hotness 😛

  2. hii once again! ^^ i finally found the name of the brunette girl. she’s Su Yeong. btw, can i use a little bit of your recap in my video? actually i am girls day fan, so i made the cut of the video which contains minah only. and since i cant do subtitles, it might be more easy to me to just write a little bit of the recap in video description box. what should i write as a credit? ^^

    1. ooh thanks for finding that out! 😀 she finally has a name! hahaha ^^

      yeah feel free to use my recap ^^ just credit this site :]

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