[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 2


The president demands where Manager Shin hid his money and Manager Shin stumbles to find an excuse. Too bad for Manager Shin, the president already knows what he’s going to say. Madam Sumi comes out and saves Manager Shin from getting pummeled to death by the president.


Manager Shin reminds the president about the time the president went hiking and how his stomach was in pain so he decided to use the restroom. While doing so, he stepped on a mine and had not seen the sign that said this place was a mine field.

In a sad tone, the president says:

This is the poop’s fault. LMAO


He’s sobbing to himself, trying to figure out what to do when his cell phone rings. He struggles to reach it as his backpack is barely within arm’s reach. Suddenly a person picks it up for him  and that person happens to be Manager Shin! The president curses at his luck when he is given the phone while in the midst of doing his business.


However, it was a phone call from his daughter so he answers and tries to tell her some heartfelt last words only to have his daughter hangs up on him mid sentence. The president tells Manager Shin about his predicament and is rescued when Manager Shin slides a knife underneath his foot. Poor guy, he has to smell poop and be near a land mine.


As the president runs off to find help, the mind explodes but Manager Shin has hardly any pain inflicted upon him since he is the undead.


After the president leaves, the mother and son pairing are actually loves with them calling each other “Oppa” and “Darling” LOL. Sumi is tired of acting like a mother to Dong Yup, she tries to kiss him but there is always something that gets in their way. Also, for some reason, Dong Yup is in a plastic body suit underneath his outfit.


We get formally introduced to Kang Min Kyung who is a deliverer. She is able to deliver the noodles in anyway, even on a high way and throwing them to the people, coincidentally, the recipients are the Girls Girls members. She’ll even deliver it if you’re in the toilet. Haha!


Meanwhile, the vampires are still traveling to Earth. Manager Shin is waiting for them with his car and they come landing with a crash. It wasn’t as suave as they planned as they’re on the floor coughing from the yellow smoke. Manager Shin asks where Prince Jung is and the minions looks around to find no one.

They cry out:



Min Kyung is just riding on her motorcycle when out of nowhere appears Prince Jung, the show switches back to Manager Shin and minions before the audience can see what happens to Prince Jung and Min Kyung. Judging by the last scene though, it can’t be good.


The minions have searched everywhere only to find no one. Soo Hyuk shouts at Jong Hyun, demanding to know what happened. Jong Hyun can only ramble about his calculations and where he must have gone wrong at. Manager Shin yells at him to get to the point. A desperate Hyun Joong starts using his sonar senses to try and find Prince Jung.


Min Kyung and Prince Jung are on the floor after the crash and oh dears, his head is twisted; Min Kyung wakes up in horror to find a man unconscious on the road.

Min Kyung: “What should I do? Excuse me…are you okay? What should I do? He’s probably dead!”


Prince Jung wakes up and slowly gets up in a levitation kind of way like how a vampire would rise out of a coffin. Since Min Kyung was crying, she missed the whole ordeal, which is a good thing anyways. I wouldn’t want to see that. She witnesses something even freakier as Prince Jung moves his head 180 degrees to put it in the right position. The wound on his cheek had also magically disappeared (not sure if this is one of his powers or continuity error).


Min Kyung tells him what happened and continues to fret on whether he is okay or not.

 Min Kyung: Are you okay? Are you not injured? Does it hurt?

Prince Jung: It hurts! Why wouldn’t it hurt?! But I’m not dead.

Haha I totally expected him to say it doesn’t hurt!

He calls out for his minions. He thinks back and realizes that while they were in the force field traveling pod, he had somehow broken away from it despite trying to cling on to his minions with all his might. Min Kyung asks why he’s in such regalia and she comes to the conclusion that he’s probably a stuntman. Haha!


He straightens up and starts spilling out his FULL name, but not before taking a deep breath.Haha I love his “whoo” at the end like a cheer after saying the whole name in one breath. Minkyung worries that he’s probably crazy. I don’t blame her, not after hearing all that gibberish that came out of his mouth. She starts crying again as she thinks that she caused him to go crazy after the accident. Prince Jung asks what’s wrong.


It’s cute how she calls him Vampire-ssi. She wants to take him to the hospital so she hands him a helmet and tell him to get on, citing that it’s safe. Being a non-Earthling, he looks at the helmet peculiarly and decides it must be some kind of seat cover. He sits perched on that seat cover and Min Kyung tells him to grab the waist tightly. She meant her waist but he thought she meant his own. It results in him being thrown off.

Min Kyung panics and accidentally steps on his cape while he’s on the ground causing him to choke. Prince Jung gets irritated by her clumsiness and her constant apologizing.


Meanwhile the minions and Manager Shin are stuck in traffic. Soo Hyuk demands to know why they aren’t going faster and Manager Shin explains to him that there’s a traffic jam. Jong Hyun wonders why people would be driving if there was a traffic jam or something along the lines of that. Hyun Joong once again uses his finger antennae to find Prince Jung, however there are too many interference so it fails.


Manager Shin suddenly farts which causes the people in the back to be startled LOL. Soo Hyuk yells at Manager Shin but Manager Shin just plays it cool. He then farts again just to spite the three cuties. Poor minions, they look like they’re going to pass out any minute from the gas that should be labelled a bio hazard.


Soo Hyuk has had enough of it so he puts on his mask which is supposed to help to be devoid of a sense of smell. He breaks down the van door and exits it followed by the other two. Manager Shin yells at him for breaking the door and to go together but goes unheard.


They run agilely through the streets of Seoul and the citizens have no idea what hit them as the minions bounce off walls and leap frog over people. Meanwhile, Prince Jung is amazed by the sights he’s seeing which is all new to him.

The minions and Prince Jung barely miss each other by a few seconds and Prince Jung notices them. He calls out their name and Hyun Joong is able to pick up his voice…for a moment at least. His abrupt stop caused the other two to quickly brake and crash into each other. Prince Jung tells Min Kyung to turn around but she refuses as she tells him that they’re almost at the hospital. He must be a having a bad day because Min Kyung cruises under a truck but with his elevated seat, he collides with a side view mirror.

Hyun Joong thinks he’s pick up on Prince Jung again but once again is interrupted by Manager Shin as he honks. Soo Hyuk and Jong Hyun have to hold Hyun Joong back from beating up Manager Shin.


Can they just never get adjusted to human life and be super adorable and looking at everything with curiosity? It’s funny seeing them find different ways to do things with the stuff we know how to use. Like the helmet, super hilarious though I felt so bad for Prince Jung. Overall, the characters haven’t met one another yet so this episode was sort of a baby step to introduce them all.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the minions and it’s not just because of Lee Soo Hyuk cough cough, sorry I must be catching a cold. But they’re so quirky and adorable, I love that they aren’t the perfect drone minions. They totally beat the minions from Despicable Me. Yeah, they’re THAT cute.

2 thoughts on “[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 2

  1. thank you so much for posting these. I’ve been watching RAW, but you lose alot. I know recaping is hard work (I tried to recap ep 1 (without knowing what they were saying – yeah that worked well), so thank you again for doing this to make people like me happy. 😀

    1. haha i’m recapping without really knowing what they’re saying as well, if only I knew korean fluently! ;___;
      you’re welcome, hope you’re enjoying the sitcom as much as I am! :]

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