[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 1

[hi! I’m so proud to announce a new author joining me in this small universe of the talking cupboard. say hello to to my new friend,mary a.k.a kichul1106! ^^ for now, she’ll be doing Vampire Idol recaps, a new sitcom in MBN. We share a lot of common interests, so I hope you’ll enjoy reading her recaps and thoughts as much as I do! -muchadoboutlove/may]


Vampire Idol starts off with a male voice talking about how far away there is a land called Vampyrutus. It has a Star Wars theme to the beginning. The narrator talks about how the vampires used to kill people inhumanely with their fangs but as the time goes on, they decided to live in harmony and drink blood from a glass bottle instead.

This is the kingdom of Vampyrutus and you could tell they must have used a lot of CG effects which means large budget production!

We get introduced to three pretty boys and one prince, the first one (played by Kim Hyun Joong, the model, not the member of SS501) can sense things like a bat if he sticks his thumb in his ears like an antennae. The second pretty boy (played by Hong Jong Hyun) has a very high IQ with skills in technology. The third pretty boy (and my bias cough cough played by Lee Soo Hyuk) is a skilled fighter and cannot control his blood thirst. The prince, played  by Lee Jung, has the longest name and he has to say it in one breath which is amazing considering the length of his name. Together, they are pretty much the F4 of Vampyrutus. (I’ll refer to them by their real names since their vampire names are way too long and they will probably adapt a Korean name later on in the series.)

But if you guys want to know, Hyun Joong: Gabrialus, Jong Hyun: Yariru Genius, Soo Hyuk: Mucadil Pejuah, and Prince Jung: Vampirutus Panyera Twilight Walakia Kunyaris Romania Blarantua Transylvania New Moon Tenios Bellanluci Breaking Dawn Draculu Oolala Eclipse Apalidia.


Then you have his doting parents that don’t understand why he’s hanging out with such ugly people. I wouldn’t call them ugly but on Vampyrutus, the trend is short, tan men rather than Korea’s preference for tall, skinny boys. The prince tries to smile awkwardly as his parents continue talking about how ugly his men are and the men can only stand there and take the insults.

A funny side note: the Prince is addressed as “Papa” like how in ancient history, the royalty is addressed as “Mama” so it pokes a little fun at old saeguks. hehe.


Their talk gets interrupted when a Girls Girls song rings throughout the hall and it belongs to a servant. The King gets angry and demands the servant gets taken away, the servant flashes his Girls Girls fan boy shirt and shouts:

I want to see Girls Girls live! Long live Hallyu! Long live Hallyu!

Everyone is shocked by the blasphemy and the King orders the servant to be taken away. Throughout this whole ordeal, the prince and his followers seem shocked and possibly scared.


The King dislikes the Hallyu Wave and is forbidden in the kingdom to watch such things, the prince says he will take note of it. The King and Queen leave not before giving the Prince a kiss which is a touch to the forehead with a chin or a forehead bump. Haha it makes sense since they are vampires.


Jong Hyun aka smart pretty boy announces to Prince Jung that his present is ready and it is a ticket to see Girls Girls live! Prince Jung is so happy about the present that he gives his minions a hug. However Soo Hyuk aka blood thirsty cutie objects to the idea because of what the king said about the Hallyu trend, he doesn’t want to get in trouble and the prince worries about going alone himself. (After this part, I get lost about what they are talking about.) Prince Jung breaks into a dance and starts singing the Girls Girls song while his minions sing in an hilarious monotone voice. Love it.


We are then introduced to Girls Girls, who seem like the usual kpop girl group, singing the song Prince Jung was just singing.i think there are five or six of them, I couldn’t tell, they all started blending in after a while. Never mind, there are four, I was close!

Watching them from the television screen is one of the girl’s father, also the president of the company Girls Girls is under, who asks the assistant to order jajangmyun or black bean sauce on noodles. The noodles get delivered by a girl wearing an helmet and she is played by Kang Min Kyung of the girl duo Davichi. He gets a call from his daughter telling him how their manager is missing, the President gets angry and he calls Manager Shin’s phone number which leads straight to voice mail.


We get introduced to Kim Sumi who is Manager Shin’s mother. She is not able to reach Manager Shin either. Sumi asks why the President is looking for her son and it is because the president thinks his money is being stolen by Manager Shin. Cut to a scene where Manager Shin (played by Shin Dong Yup) is in the woods with some shady loan sharks who are counting the dough Manager Shin has just handed them. It’s not enough and the loan sharks are not very happy campers.


Manager Shin beeper begins to ring and it probably has to do something with the Prince as he starts describing the diamond that is around the Prince’s neck. He plans to use that to pay off all the debt he has incurred since being on Earth, when the loan sharks ask where it will come from, Manager Shin points up to the sky. Yeah, that’s not going to convince the loan sharks not to bury you.


We go back to Vampyrutus where Prince Jung asks Jong Hyun if he has a plan to get them to Korea. Cue the tablet which shows them how it will be done which looks like a very solid plan. They’ll relax and drink some blood while they are teleported to Earth, a little dancing here and there courtesy of Prince Jung. They will emerge, surrounded by a mysterious yellow dust, and strut out like models and in Seoul. After that, they get in a fancy white limo that is waiting for them upon their arrival. It will take them to the concert where they have not just VIP seats but VVVVIP seats right in front of Girls Girls. Then they will come back by tomorrow night.


Prince Jung is happy with the plan and they proceed to carry it out. They also remind Soo Hyuk to wear a mask so he doesn’t smell human blood and start craving for it. As they start being teleported, something goes haywire and Jong Hyun realizes there was something wrong with his calculations.

We cut back to Manager Shin who slowly pokes out from the ground. Luckily he’s the undead so even if he gets buried alive, he’ll still be alive. His beeper starts beeping louder and he realizes they are here. He sneaks back to the office/home (?) to find the President waiting for him, demanding for his  money. Luckily, Lee Sumi is there so he is saved once again. (I’m not sure what Manager Shin says though.)


This is a funny sitcom so there is not much to analyze though they do have wonderful CG usuage which makes this show even more interesting. I love how the minions and the prince have different personalities and flaws which contrasts with vampires dominant today. Oh you know what I’m talking about: Smoulder Eyes and Mr. Sparkles. I can’t wait to see how they blend in!

I have to apologize, I am not a Korean expert. I can’t speak the language fluently and am still taking classes, however with the few words I am able to pick up, I can make out with they are saying and get the gist of it.

edit: if anyone of you who’s still looking for the videos, here‘s the RAW, provided by GirlsDayTV1 at Youtube. enjoy! -may


5 thoughts on “[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 1

  1. Whaa . . . This recap made me want to actually watch Vampire Idol. To be honest, I had doubts about this at first but now, I will give it a shot!

    Thank you for the awesome recap kichul1106 and welcome to May’s wonderful blog! ^^ You’ll be reading more of me here because I am a frequent visitor of this site 🙂

    1. you’re welcome, you can call me kich if you want or Mary LOL yeah my name sounds the same as May’s haha :]

      yes you should watch it, it gets funnier by the minute! 😀

      i hope you’ll read my recaps in the future and nice to meet you Purple Lee 😀

  2. I’m so glad I found this blog 🙂 I am watching Vampire Idol and was curious to see other people’s reactions to it. Thank you for doing recaps for it! I’m enjoying the cheesiness and campiness of it. My favorite scene (I’ve seen only 3 episodes so far) is still the monotone chorus of Girls Girls LOLOL

    1. lmaoo that’s my favorite part too!! I just want to copy them all the time and possibly have that as my ringtone lmaooo! :DDD i hope you’ll continue watching it!

      thank you for reading my recaps though I apologize for not being on schedule lol

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