MV: To You (Jung Joon Il)

We’re already entering the second half of the year of 2015 (at least for people on this side of the world) and it’s another proof that time passes by real quick these day. Mate’s Jung Joon-Il has come out with a new song and MV released, featuring actors Byun Yo-han and Kim Yoon-hye. Maybe it’s not a good thing to start a new month of July by crying but hey, good things are meant to be shared, even if breaks your heart a little.

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Wish It Was You…

So…I fell in love with Flower Boy Next Door’s latest OST sung by Lee Jung. The song can be heard at the end of episode 8 and it’s just sad and pretty at the same time. I made my first MV with the song and cuts from the drama, featuring Jin-rak and Dok-mi. I think the lyrics suit Jin-rak so much with his crush towards Dok-mi!

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MV: Made Yet Another Woman Cry (2BiC)

That is the title and I think  it’s a direct translation from “또 한 여잘 울렸어”. I’m not that profound in Korean grammar or stuff, so I’ll just have to accept the translation. I decided to check this MV out because of the actors! Maybe I’m being a bit dense, but who can resist when the younger Lee Min-Ho and Joo Won are in the same MV? I am grinning from ear to ear when I first watch it, but the ending…you really have to check it for yourself! The song itself is nice and it’s growing on me…

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MV: In Heaven (JYJ)

Maybe because I’m so affected by Scent of a Woman, this MV makes me cry only with its trailer. There are times where an MV could be as enjoyable as a drama or a movie with a solid storyline, and for me, this is one of them. As the title suggests, it deals about death, and an uncommon issue: a second chance.

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