[recap] Arang: the Magistrate’s Chronicle – Episode 3

Episode 3

So Eun Oh closes his eyes, expecting a kiss from Arang only to find out it was his imagination (ha! who called it?!) and realizes he’s going crazy. The next morning, he hands Dol Sae a letter, telling him to give it to Jun Wal. Dol Sae asks if he’s really going to be the magistrate for Milyang and Eun Oh replies he won’t be it for that long.

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[recap] Arang: the Magistrate’s Chronicle – Episode 2

Yeah, I know I’m late. Life seems to be beckoning me to go out instead of staying in the confines of my room and my videos were making the internet lag which means my mother couldn’t watch her dramas. If mama kich couldn’t watch dramas, the kich household is not happy.

Episode 2

Moo Young continues to chase the two while on horseback and to prevent him from following closely, Arang takes out some peach blossoms and throws it at him. When they reach a safe distance, Eun Oh forces Arang off the horse and demands to know where she got that hairpin which looks exactly like the one he gave his mother. Arang replies that she had it with her since she died. Eun Oh deduces that it means she must have met his mother, however she won’t know since she lost her memories.

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[recap] Arang: the Magistrate’s Chronicle – Episode 1

Well, I’m back alive and kicking (pun not intended). So you’ve got ghosts, ghost reapers, gods, shaman, and people all in one drama which you’d think would turn out to be a scary ghost hunting “Walking Dead” sort of deal, only to find a funny comedy in a Joseon Era setting – not that I mind. It’s better this way!

Episode 1

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[recap] K-POP – The Ultimate Audition: Episode 1

Since muchadoboutlove is recapping Micky Yoo Chun’s drama, why don’t I do his little brother’s?

Episode 1:


This drama starts off with the MBLAQ – It’s War music video where Lee Joon gets shot, it turns out to be footage used by the news reporters to discuss the spread of k-pop to European countries. They discuss M1 (MBLAQ) and how popular they are and how they could be a global group. They show MBLAQ dancing to Mona Lisa and an animated map shows an airplane flying all over Europe.

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[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 16 Final

We flashback to before the girls were tossed into the water with the housekeeper switching Jong-Hee and Eun-Jae’s clothes sans shoes. Eun-Jae is still unconscious and Jong-Hee looks on with worry. The housekeeper spies Mu-Yeol’s car from above and lets the two know that he will only save one of them. Which one will he pick?

Housekeeper: The mind has many layers. Sometimes it’s even hard to understand your own mind. When one faces death, one’s true mind will be revealed. Which one of you he really loves, we will find out soon.

She puts a black bag over their face and tells them how it’s not fair, but only one of them will live. Basically, the girl he loves will die and the girl he doesn’t love will live, knowing that she wasn’t the one. The one who dies should be happy because she was truly loved. It’s a sick game for the housekeeper. The housekeeper claims that the wounded Mu-Yeol will forever be hers. She gets them up and  threatens to kill them if they move an inch.

Episode 16: Try hard til the end! The uncaught third strike!

Uncaught third strike is when the pitcher fails to catch the pitch of the third strike on a full count so the batter is not out. Basically means given an extra chance when one is in trouble.

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