Jo Jin Woong for 1st Look Vol 109

Behold, Jo Jin-woong’s fans, old and new! The actor will be on the cover of fashion magazine 1st Look Vol 109, accompanied by flowers and a variety of bags in the pictorial. It would have been perfect for a Valentine themed photo shoot, but we don’t mind seeing our sweetheart all year long, am I right? He has been the talk of town (more like the entire kdramaland) thanks to his portrayal of Detective Lee Jae-han in Signal but that does not mean he is going to rest anytime soon; besides his upcoming movie The Handmaiden (Agassi) going to Cannes this May before the Korean premiere in June, he will also appear in three other movies: Hunting, Sea Ice, and Sheriff.

(Somehow, this pictorial also reminds me of his SK Telecom CF)

Credit to 1st Look Korea


4 thoughts on “Jo Jin Woong for 1st Look Vol 109

    1. Yeah, one of the good things being well-known is that he will have more pictorials ^^ I’m still rewatching his movies from time to time, and I hope that you’re enjoying them as well as his variety of characters. He can do both protagonist and antagonist really well 😀

  1. Ugh I love dorky Jo Jin-woong so much! I’m so happy Signal is attracting so much love for this man 😀

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