Remember, The Time You Fell for Them!

This is actually an interview by Newsen after the online news outlet conducted a poll to choose the couple with the best chemistry in 2015 dramas. Kill Me, Heal Me OTP, Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-eum topped the poll and Newsen went to give the best couple ‘award’ to both of them. The sad thing is they’re not being interviewed together (too bad!!) but at least, we get to see them again! Remember, the time we fell for Ji Sung♡Hwang Jung-eum…the best couple of 2015 (according to netizens)~

The article:

We really went to give the award. Of course, after picking the winners, we have to meet them and give the prize to them. They held the prize in their arms, took commemorative photos, and hugged the reporter tightly in fans’ stead. Hehehe. (That’s the reporter’s real sentence LOL)

Presented by Daum Entertainment, the first part of We’re Giving the Award, “My choice for the couple with the best chemistry in 2015 dramas is…” has been concluded successfully. The poll was conducted over the course of a week, from 2nd Nov-8th Nov on Daum Ent site, and a total of 223,348 netizens took part in the poll. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again!

Ah, these peck addicts(?)! Both seemed to be genuinely liking the doll~

Competing against 9 other couples, Ji Sung & Hwang Jung-eum (Kill Me, Heal Me) pairing led the poll with the most number of votes (57%, 126,909 votes), and we went to present them with the award. As we all know, the couple starred in Kill Me, Heal Me, which wrapped up on the 12th last March. Even with the contenders from the currently airing dramas, they still managed to garner overwhelming support from the netizens. That was enough to show the outrageous effect of their chemistry, right? Both of them were busy with their respective schedules so it was so difficult to set up an appointment with them. Hukhuk~

It has been more than six months since they last saw each other after wrapping up the drama, but no one can beat these two in terms of the praises they had for each other. As expected from the best couple! From spilled thoughts and behind stories to photos bursting with charms, we reveal everything without leaving anything behind!

★★★Ji Sung’s Sweet Thoughts and Hwang Jung-eum’s Sour Feelings★★★

(Sweet and sour???)

Meeting Ji Sung at the office of his agency, Namoo Actors, on 17 November

Q: There were many nominees from the currently airing dramas as well as the dramas which have wrapped up like Kill Me, Heal Me. Despite that, what is the reason for Ji Sung & Hwang Jung-eum couple to be able to win with the overwhelming votes of more than 50%?

A: Firstly, I feel great…to be able to come out as a winner among the nominees made me so happy. Thank you..when I almost forget about the drama. Hahaha. The reason? Hmm…isn’t it because they like the drama? Probably because I told them to remember the drama for a long’s possible to have forgotten about it by now, but for not forgetting and still remembering it, thank you so much. Anyway, the drama was a product of the hard work of the director, writer, actors, so the award belongs to everyone, although it’s me and (Hwang) Jung-eum receiving it.

Q: Would you please brag a bit about your partner in Kill Me, Heal Me, Hwang Jung-eum?

A: First, although she’s a very straightforward and easygoing friend, I think of her as a very warm person. We didn’t only act together in Kill Me, Heal Me but also in the previous drama Secret, so when we met again (for Kill Me, Heal Me), there’s nothing much need to be done (in terms of matching our tune) since we’re already comfortable with each other. Plus the ability to read each other’s thoughts proved to be a big help, in my opinion.

Anyway, although the casting for Kill Me, Heal Me was only confirmed not long before it premiered and there were a number of difficulties, I didn’t let myself to be bothered by it, and the reason why there wasn’t any problem was probably because of me being pared with Hwang Jung-eum. Also, her physical strength is amazing. Hahaha. I’m so thankful towards her for having great mental strength and matching our acting perfectly without falling down until the end.

Q: Then, what kind of project Kill Me, Heal Me is to Ji Sung? 

A: It was a challenge to me. Although I did have the thought of having a character that was different from other characters and there were lots of difficult parts, the actual burden for me was not the character itself but my age. ‘Will it be possible for people to identify and sympathize with my emotions without being affected by age?’,’Will it work?’ Those were my thoughts. That’s why, it’s a challenge and at the same time, a chance for me.

I’m married, right? But regardless of being married, my heart is always youthful…hahaha. I’ve always thought of the drama as a sole project in which I could get connected with my fans, both young and old, so it became a very enjoyable project to me.

Q: How old is your youngest fan?

A: There were elementary school students. Hahaha. And there were grandmas too.

Q: You’re having a concert for your fans in December. How’s the preparation going? 

A: Since I’m not a singer, rather than showing off my singing abilities, it’s my way of connecting with the fans. But I don’t want to have a usual way of doing so. No matter where it will be, I think of the way to make it even more meaningful and how I can show my sincerity.

A concert, frankly speaking, is difficult to me. It’s a big burden to me. I did have a thought, whether I’m doing something useless. But then, it isn’t because I want to put a great performance. I just want to meet the fans openly. Because we’re doing it together, I hope that the fans will be understanding even if I make mistakes or get carried away. I think that will be more interesting. I’m practicing every day and my throat needs some rest, but I can’t seem to fall asleep at all. Hahaha.

But then, I’ve always sung OST while filming dramas and I interacted with my fans through the songs. It is an easy method to convey your emotions and express it your way. It seems to be the case this time. There are no words needed; the songs I’ve chosen will convey all the things I want to say to my fans, the hope I have for them, those are the things I wish to share with and convey to them.

Q: There’s no doubt that the overwhelming support was due to the strong power of Ji Sung’s fans. Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

A: In my 17-year acting career, I am not lonely because there are the fans and their love. Their words, interest, and love are precious to me. I always hold those precious hearts close to my own, and although it’s greedy of me, I wish for the interest in me would last. I wish to have fun together and be happy with them like now. Thank you.



Meeting Hwang Jung-eum during the official interview for She Was Pretty on 12 November

Q: In this poll, you were also nominated along with Park Seo-joon for She Was Pretty for the best couple award, but you won it with Ji Sung for Kill Me, Heal Me. How do you feel?

A: I’m happy to know that two of my projects made it into the list of nominees. That alone is a recognition for me, but winning it makes me feel so blessed.

Q: You’re the only actress nominated with two different actors. It is indeed a proof of your popularity and excellent acting. What is your secret to creating chemistry acknowledged by the fans?

A: It seems that I am lucky when it comes to actors. These days, I’m always asked to choose between Shin Se-gi and Ji Sung-joon, but I can’t choose between them. Ji Sung is the senior I respect and feel thankful to, while Park Seo-joon is a very cool and reliable friend, so it is difficult to make a choice. Both of them share a common feature: they can act very well and they love and treasure the female lead. Receiving those feelings, I can’t help but to fall into happiness. As an actress, I think that a good chemistry with the actors will be expressed when the work makes us feel happy. I am grateful to the two gentlemen for loving Oh Ri-jin ad Kim Hye-jin will all their heart!

Q: Would you please brag a bit about your best partner, Ji Sung? 

People made fun of how much I praised Ji Sung in the interview after Kill Me, Heal Me ended. But then, I really liked it when we filmed Secret back then. He was very attentive and did lots of things for me, and he made me feel how great of a job it was to be able to act alongside an actor you could relate to, and meeting him in Kill Me, Heal Me made me fell for him even more. He’s an amazing senior despite the difficult acting; an extraordinary person. I learned a lot just from watching him acting since it is important for us the actors to convey the emotions, knowing the significance behind the drama. Thus, it felt great to be able to tell the story through the drama. Oppa, you’re amazing! That’s the kind of person Ji Sung is to me.

Q: You’re regarded as a strong contender for the Grand Prize (Daesang) in the year-end ceremony for Kill Me, Heal Me and She Was Pretty. What is the significance of the year 2015 to actress Hwang Jung-eum?

A: As always, I think it is a busy year for me. I always think of taking a break and this time, I was really thinking of taking a long break, but I couldn’t seem to let a good project go away just like that. That’s why, this year, I had two dramas. It’s physically tiring but I feel happy with all the love I received. Those are the two projects I won’t be able to forget. There are many people I’m thankful for, and the desire to act in more projects become the motivation for me this year.

Q: Do you have any actor you would like to act with in the future? Please pick your ideal acting partner. 

A: Ha Jung-woo and Lee Jung-jae. Ha Jung-woo has been my ideal type since a long time ago because of his manliness. I’d like to star in a rom-com alongside Lee Jung-jae. Hahaha.

Q: What is She Was Pretty to Hwang Jung-eum?

To me, She Was Pretty is the happiness of self discovery. Meeting and acting as Hye-jin was a blissful moment of my life and I am thankful for all the love I have received. Be it while filming the drama or after it has ended, my heart fluttered and I was happy. That’s its significance to me.

Poll results:


My choice for the couple with the best chemistry in 2015 dramas is…

Ji Sung ♡ Hwang Jung-eum (Kill Me, Heal Me) : 57% (126,909 votes)

Park Seo-joon ♡ Hwang Jung-eum (She Was Pretty) : 19% (41,468 votes)

Jo Jung-seok ♡ Park Bo-young (Oh My Ghost) : 8% (17,848 votes)

Lee Sang-yoon ♡ Choi Ji-woo (Twenty Again) : 5% (12,207 votes)

Ji Jin-hee ♡ Kim Hyun-joo (I Have A Lover) : 4% (9,041 votes)

Lee Joon ♡ Go Ah-sung (Heard It Through the Grapevine) : 2% (4,028 votes)

Kim Soo-hyun ♡ IU (Producer) : 2% (3,365 votes)

Lee Jin-wook ♡ Ha Ji-won (The Time I Loved You) : 2% (3,357 votes)

Joo Jin-mo ♡ Kim Sa-rang (My Love, Eun-dong) : 1% (3,321 votes)

Yoo Ah-in ♡ Shin Se-kyung (Six Flying Dragons) : 1% (1,804 votes)

(Credit to Newsen via Daum for the original article)

Note: The plush toy is Apeach from Kakao Talk and it’s quite expensive, given its size ^^


8 thoughts on “Remember, The Time You Fell for Them!

  1. As always, these two have amazing chemistry, be it in Secret or Kill Me Heal Me. I really hate how they started with Jisung’s character in Secret though, because I wasn’t able to empathize with him at all, but their chemistry killed it for me. It was an intense and emotionally drowning drama, but they pulled off the story well. On another note, I was extremely upset that Jisung lost drama daesang to Kim Soohyun for Producer, I mean really?! Producer?! I just hope MBC gives Jisung his well-deserved daesang for all his hard works in making this drama happen and a hit.

  2. Thank you for the translation!

    Glad to know HJE isn’t planning to taking long break. I’m accustomed to her active career so I will feel empty if, say, after 4-6 months with no casting news for her.

  3. Thank you very much for the translation! I just hope they’ll be in another project again in another genre. It’s okay for me to wait even two to three years just for them to reunite.
    Ji Sung – Hwang Jung Eum is best of the best in all couples when it comes to electrifying chemistry.

  4. Thank you so much for this translation! Love this couple so much and also missing KMHM a lot. Really enjoyed reading your blog.

  5. I really love this HJE and JS couple. I was really move by there chemistry in Secret as well in Kill Me Heal Me. I was sad because Ji sung is already married man and i was like some crazy rooting for them. Haha lool i hope to see them again in the future. I cant get enough of them. And il never got tired rewatching there drama ;). Jung eum and ji sung i wish u all the best. I pray hard for another drama to come hehe

    1. Today we just got a good news that HJE is getting married in Feb! JS and HJE promised that they would star in a drama together after she gets married, so we might hear from them soon 😛

      I’m just happy to see them happy with their respective spouses but at the same time still delivering top-notch chemistry when they’re acting together 😀

      1. omg yess..same…i thought i have to wait 4years for them to reunite again for any drama or hwang jung eum already married… i hope there’s a ton of project pairing together for ji sung and hwang jung eum..

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