Kang Dong Won for High Cut

It’s a season full of treats for Kang Dong-won’s fans following the premiere of his latest movie, The Priests this week. He’s been working diligently under the radar, filming a slew of movies this year, and he also appeared on a variety show after more than ten years. Will this be his first step to make his drama comeback too? We can only hope and wait for it ^^ At least HIGH CUT understands our hearts because they are featuring him not for one, but two consecutive issues of the magazine! He’s their favourite star, after all~

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Kang Dong Won – High Cut Vol 130

Because I want to see this on this blog, here’s Kang Dong-won, the face of HIGH CUT Volume 130. I bet the magazine’s staff really like him since he’s been featured in the magazine several times before, because who doesn’t?

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15 K-Drama Dream Pairings: Secondary Couples That Deserve OTP Status

[Specially written for Soompi’s 15th Anniversary. Thanks a lot, Susan! ;)]

Hello! I am muchadoboutlove, a blogger at the talking cupboard. I’ve been an avid drama watcher since I was young, thanks to my father. Korean drama is my latest obsession and the blog was created to become my drama watching diary. Soompi is one of the earliest sites I frequented when I first got my very own internet connection  and it’s the first forum site I’ve ever registered with under the name kaeruchan (that is my nickname back in secondary school). It’s not too much to say that I got to learn so many things and meet amazing people through the wonderful site that is Soompi. For the 15th anniversary of Soompi, I feel so honoured and flattered to be given this opportunity to write for Soompi.

Have you ever encountered a couple or pairing in a K-drama or a K-movie that wasn’t the OTP (One True Pairing) or the main couple, but you loved this couple as much, or even more than the main couple? I have a few, or indeed, a handful of these pairings that I really wish to see again, paired together in a drama. Since these actors and actresses, who were once second leads, rise to become the main leads nowadays, it can be hard to see them meet again in dramas, but a fan like me can dream…right?

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Kang Dong Won – High Cut Vol 91

It’s already snowing over here at the blog and I’m surprised to receive my first, and probably only Christmas present! It’s quite early, but here’s a little gift from our dearest Kang Dong-Won. He’s featured on High Cut’s Vol 91 Special Edition and…yeah, my life is complete, literally.


He’s back. He’s really BAAAACK into our lives!

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